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Volume 3 Chapter 30

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Yes with Volume 3 Chapter 30 complete. I’ve made a decision to keep progressing with the next volume. I’ll be working on Vol 4 Ch 1 for the most part.  Below is the Character analysis for it.

It seems to be a decent run, 6373 Japanese characters making up approximately 5983 words, I presume this will be an action type of chapter.

As for my other plans, I do want to go back eventually to translate some earlier content, but since I’m already vested in this direction, I may as well see this through, Volume 4, I mean.

Also in the future I do plan on making teasers for other translations, just to try something different. I’m not going to make a commitment to a teaser project, just yet. It’s just me trying to translate a different writing style.

So Cheers, I’ll be on college break starting Saturday for about a week. And in that time I’ll be working on translating some more content for you guys. Enjoy!!

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