About Section

I’m working two jobs, one is part-time military and the other is my day job as a laborer. But all I do is resurface floors like, strip and waxing and buffing floors…

As for school, I’m taking a class Tuesdays and Thursdays, to improve my academic literacy.

My free time is used for a gazillion different hobbies. Like reading books, articles, web novels and listening to music.

If I need a change of pace or scenery I practice art, in the form of photography, sketching, coloring books, or combative arts.

On the side I like to write, short stories here and there, but they are mostly one-shots or just a descriptive event. I’m challenging myself to write a full-length story with character development and a bunch of other stuff.

Release Schedule 

My Timezone is -10 UTC

I am writing 1 chapter a week. So I ask for your patience. I do my own editing and such. And I’m trying to draw my own art for the story as well.

Wednesdays are my personal Deadline. You can expect content either as a chapter or illustrative art.

With more free time and maybe sleepless nights, I can post extra chapters.

[21 July 2016 update] ^ ^ ^ That was the original idea, I’d rather keep it up than delete it. Because it guilt trips me in order to stay on track. Just nowadays, my releases are random. Just warning you guys, just saying…