About Section

Why is your site called HIscension?

It’s a play on words that I combined together, and I wanted to make a unique name. So I combined the place I grew up which is Hawaii. And a game map I played a lot on as a kid.  Halo 2’s Ascension map.  So Hawaii = HI and Ascension becomes HIscension.

So what was your pages purpose?

Originally this started out as a blog, then I wanted to try write some web novels on my own, but now I just changed my focus towards translating.

So what are you translating and what language is it from?

I’m translating “Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World” and its a Japanese web novel from Tomahawk.

Any plans to pick up other projects?

At this time (2018), no. I’m planning on just translating MWFW for the time being, if I want to pick up another project I’ll announce it in my ramblings.