Fair Use & Translated Content


In regards to Fair Use, the goal of my Translations hosted here are for commentary, educational, reviewing, critique purposes & to promote the story and author’s original content. With hopes it can receive an official publication under revision.

Content explored under text data mining (TDM), utilizes both machine learning and human input to correct linguistic patterns of target language to recipient language. The goal is conveyance of the authors intent, rather than a literal word by word translation structure. Past experience, learned knowledge via classes, interaction with peers, subsequent learning of origin language & target language of Translator does not correlate to a perfect translation, but accuracy is improved. Due to this method, translation accuracy can be subjective and is at the creative interpretation of translator.

The goal is to provide knowledge for peer community review, commentary & dialogue. Ranging from various perspectives, culture, clarity of reading, character models & tropes, the efficacy of writing styles, narration, pacing, etc.

Content is subject to individual interpretation of translator and carries a bias, sole to translators opinions and understanding or lack thereof.

Machine Translated content

The Raw MTLs Index section is compendium of works not native to the English language, but made into a format for an audience to review and for entertainment purposes. 

Critiques, comments, feedback is welcome in relation to the content which is provided. Off-topic responses are subject to moderation.  

This section is not in use.

Removal of Translations

In the event where a translated title/project receives and Official English release. The translated content, will be removed from public view.  A notice of removal will be made in a public announcement regarding removals.  The procedure and other actions will be further made upon such event.

If you are the copyright holder of content which has been translated & hosted on this site. And wish to have certain content removed please contact Site Moderator at hiscension@gmail.com. Please make all requests in English, for a better correspondence.

We are not here to make a profit off translated projects, just trying to promote works from various cultures, not native to English readers. 

For inquiries and other correspondence, please contact Site Moderator at hiscension@gmail.com.

Please send correspondence in English, with a proper subject title/question.
Please wait for a response in 2-7 business days, as Site moderator, reviews this site once a week.

Thank you for your understanding.