The Lighthouse at the World’s Edge

How much time has passed from whence my fore bearer left? An existence transcending time and space. Existential no less, or rather coming into existence under just the right conditions.

My world only goes as far as these walls. Such a sight sometimes, I feel nostalgic of the tales that many travelers express, as well as the momentos that they leave behind.

Equivalent exchange, is what I provide. People may view their experiences as poor and worthless and others may exaggerate their own perspectives. But with shelter or aid, whichever I provide. A payment is received in turn. Although not uncommon, there have been individuals and groups that have wished to fool the balance. Their virtues and lifestyles are the just a consequence of their actions.

“Tower of Haven” “The God’s respite” “Oasis of world’s” many names have come to my humble abode. None of which I created. Even my fore bearer spoke of his fantastical times. I missed that, the company of others.

Is it a blessing or a curse? A paradise or prison? This abode with machinations and countless wills. And I who govern over it all.

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