Sex and Dungeon

~ My basement became a Dungeon, and the number of times I do *H* equals my level… what!?~

Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー
Manga Illustrations are by Sahara Gensei 佐原玄清 | Pixiv
Character design is by Osanai 小山内 | Pixiv

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Manga Serialized by ComicWalker (KADOKAWA)
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Serialized LN:(Kill Time Communication)

Web Novel Summary

Originally supposed to be a storeroom, one day Saino Sōhei’s basement suddenly becomes a grand labyrinth. But this wasn’t your average dungeon, rather it was where one could raise their (Love) Level by engaging in lewd acts with girls.

Whenever Sōhei acquires a special item from his quests in the labyrinth, he in turn uses them upon girls he likes. But as he further delves deeper into the dungeon, will his relationships with girls change as well……?

This is the story of a boy exploring dungeons, girls and sex!

【This novel is intended for mature (+18) male audiences】
Chapters marked 【※】 contain adult content

Main Characters春町 葉白
はるまち はしら
Harumachi Hashira
夏野 姫依
なつの ひより
Natsuno Hiyori
斎野 創平
さいの そうへい
Saino Sohei
秋津 摩耶
あきつ まや
Akitsu Maya
冬島 縁糸
ふゆしま えにし
Fuyushima Enishi

Episode 1: Dungeon Discovery
Episode 2: My first exploration
Episode 3: Who should be the first target?
Episode 4: Graduation 【※】
Episode 5: Loving each other 【※】
Episode 6: My second exploration
Episode 7: A Surprise Attack
Episode 8: Will I get to use this Umbrella?
Episode 9: Beginning of a Budding Romance
Episode 10: Getting the Last Item on the 1st Floor
Episode 11: Who to give the essence to?
Episode 12: A Cool Winter’s Breeze 【※】
Episode 13: A Sensual Invitation 【※】
Episode 14: An Unexpected Visitor
Episode 15: Swaying Spring
Episode 16: Compelled to Act
Episode 17: Concocting a Dream 【※】
Episode 18: A Springtime Proposal
Episode 19: A Test and Summertime Angst
Episode 20: It’s Miffy-Chan【※】
Episode 21: Peep and Show【※】
Episode 22: A Mysterious Staff
Episode 23: A Spring Date in the Dungeon Part 1
Episode 24: A Spring Date in the Dungeon Part 2
Episode 25: A Spring Date in the Dungeon Part 3

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