Blog will be part of my Rant-dom series, full of randomness and query.

What a hiatus, I never realized how balancing all my desires literally made me drop some of my dreams. Real life sure is amazing to an extent. I guess when it came to surviving and having a place to live. I made that a priority over my dreams of writing and drawing to an extent.

My social life was unimportant to me, as finding a significant other, really was the last thing on my mind. But now I’ve managed to find a better paying job, its still hard labor overall. But it beats working 2 or even 3 jobs to just get by.

Now I’ve also managed to get some free time. And this time overall I really wish to pursue all the forgotten and disregarded stories, I left notes for.

My main premise will still be on hiatus, Science is my passion. Because all my notes for this story are jumbled up during my vagrancy days.

I was living intermittently, sometimes almost living at my job than at a home. And then it became why am I paying rent when I don’t even stay here. I literally was a workaholic, spending around 18 hours a day to get by. Usually getting barely 4 hours of sleep, 8 hours of sleep was always a luxury. I rarely took sick days off of my job, because I wasn’t a regular employee.

*sigh* Looking back on my broken promises, to my family, friends, strangers and to myself. I just really find it laughable, because I underestimated my reality. Or maybe I knew but, didn’t feel like accepting my lifestyle. It doesn’t help that the world is full of fear-mongering, I was a victim of that and learned to accept news with a grain of salt. That unless it directly affects me, like the situation is in my face, I should otherwise do what I can to live a happier life.

Anyway I’m bored of my depression into my past. I will type away as much as my time permits and I will majority of the time just post my raw unedited stories.

~Another day gone and I must move on.


I am such a failure right now, that all the while I was away. I have been trying to look for a new higher paying job. Living in the real world is such a hassle. I want to just live in all the fictional stories that pass through my mind.

Or all the web novels about being transported with awesome scenarios, would be nice. I’m trying to get back into storytelling, so here’s to another year of me trying not to fail.