Day by day

I’m so exhausted and fatigued lately. Been working various shifts and my sleep changes on a day to day.

For my past weeks that I’ve been MIA, my sleep schedule is so inconsistent. Ranging between 1-7 hours of sleep.

Like there been a few times where I’ve been up for more than 24 hours.

*sigh* but I’m just doing what I can to make a living.

In my locale, the average person has at least 2 jobs, just to get by. And amongst my buddies & peers I know people who have 3 to 4 of them.

It’s not much for disappearing, but I thought I better post something.

Even after having a break from school, the work just doesn’t slow down. But so long as I am alive, there are things I must do.

Take care everyone!

I’m doing midterms

So for the brunt of my real life issues. I am doing my midterms and all that shenanigans.

As for chapters and all. Your assumptions aren’t wrong, in the fact my concentration was actually directed towards my studies.

Once all my classes are okay. I will use a couple of days during spring break to work on my projects.

That’s the short and simple. I wish everyone the best and I look forward to giving more content, after some edits.