Vol 4 Chapter 21

Hold on, listen to us!!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Successfully defeating the Ziz, Leviathan & Behemoth, but at the cost of many sacrifices. Due to the magnitude of losses, Parabellum’s military leaders decided to delay Operation Vermilion.

Force replenishment was a top priority in order to bring the military to its former size, as the operation itself could not move forward with a diminished force.

Without the necessary units, Parabellum had to cease its offensive on the Alsace Empire. Leading to a lull on the battlefields or stalemate on several fronts of the war with these two countries.


A few days after the carnage of battle.


「So the Empire’s jewel has fallen, Gloria was it?」

「Reporting, Our Expeditionary fleet also suffered losses, battleships engaged with the Leviathan received extensive damage. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Marine Corps Divisions had stormed Gloria’s shores, with fire support from aircraft and vessels like the Ise, Hyuga, LSM(R)-401 Class, etc.    Linking up with the 75th Ranger Regiment, who had been cut off from our forces, they conquered Gloria completely」


Sitting on his chair in his office, Kazuya listens to the report Chitose was reading from her hand.


While Kazuya had been preoccupied dealing with the Behemoth, what remained of the Expeditionary Fleet which had engaged the Leviathan returned to reclaim Gloria.

When the Expeditionary Fleet reached their designated positions, the floating docks began to flood their bays allowing for dozens upon dozens of amphibious assault craft like the AAV7A1 and LCAC-1 to move towards Gloria’s shores.

Gliding over the sea, the landing ships held roughly three M1A2 Abrams tanks along with their respective Infantry units. Landing on the coast which was secured by the 75th Ranger Regiment, their goal was to expand the beachhead past the remnant city walls, the natural defenses of the coral reefs and Gloria’s port hub.

In the middle of all this, Fire support for the landing ships were drawing down as ships were being reassigned to support the special fleet to confront the latest threat, which was the oncoming Leviathan. Independent from the ships called to face the Leviathan, the Ise & Hyuga maintained fire support for the landing ships as their armament wasn’t suited to assist the special fleet’s task. The battleships not included to face the Leviathan fired their Mk. 105 twin launcher rockets as aircraft flew from aircraft carriers which were separate from the main force.

Reports from the 75th Ranger Regiment, mentioned civilian militias within the city during their battles during the first day’s landing, so the Fleet’s Command ship allowed for the indiscriminate shelling of the city, as a result.

The shelling of Gloria was historically reminiscent of the iron storms the United States did towards their adversaries, like during the Battle of Okinawa―― rather than similar, in truth this was more spectacular and grand.


The three Marine Divisions, which braved through the intense shelling expanded their footprint in Gloria, securing more of the beachhead and pushed through Gloria with their armored units consisting of the M1A2 Abrams and M2 Bradley pushing the front lines even more.

Parabellum forces were issued special expanding ammunition which were effective in taking out drugged and zombied soldiers one after the other. Silencing enemy soldiers and militia, who repeatedly used guerrilla tactics in the urban sprawl with overwhelming firepower.

In just under 8 hours, the 3 Marine Divisions were able to capture the city, which made the  struggles of the Operation’s 1st day seem like a lie.


「What is the extent of damage to the Expeditionary Fleet ?」

「 Sir, 18 ships have substantial damaged, 19 ships are salvageable, 22 ships are beyond repair and 28 ships have been sunk. As a result the ships which have been sunk were mostly the destroyers and light cruisers. While the heavy cruisers and battleships did take critical damage, but not to the point of being sunk, it will take some time for repairs, before they can return to the front. Also, out of the the three Submarines from the 7th Squadron that had come into contact with the Leviathan. We were able to rescue the crew of the Virginia as their vessel was found 230 meters on the seabed. All hands were successfully saved with the Deep-Sea Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) and Personnel Transport Capsule (PTC)」

「Well, that’s good to hear. But with things as they are now, it’ll will be a problem for us as we prepare for another engagement with the Empire…….」

「About that sir. ――Currently all damaged ships are receiving emergency repairs, but ships like the “Kirishima” which have severe damage, need to be repaired at a fully equipped drydock. ――As things stand, from the reports we’ve received, it will be impossible to return to the frontlines, without drydocking for full-repairs back at our homeland」

「I see. If we have them all return to the mainland for repairs, it will delay the operation even further. Instead, I’ll go over to Gloria to summon the adequate drydocks and facilities. That should save us the trouble and time of repairing our ships, as well as keeping up our momentum」

「….. Master, while I agree that, that’s a good idea, the security in Gloria has not been secured. I advise you to wait until, things within Gloria have calmed down」


Chitose chimes in with regards to Kazuya’s safety, but Kazuya still heads over to Gloria to summon the appropriate facilities, drydocks and supplies for his force.

Within several hours after arriving in Gloria, he manages to repair the military port they have captured, summoning the required facilities, and immediately set repairs for ships so they could be returned to the frontlines. 


Returning to the mainland after having taken a trip to Gloria, Kazuya verifies his abilities.


[Summoned Armaments]

It is now possible to summon weaponry designed, developed and manufactured before the year 2015.


[Summon Limit & Force Composition]

Your present level is 72.










Naval Vessels



In the case for Artillery, Vehicles, Aircraft & Naval Vessel summons, the required amount of operating personnel will be summoned alongside.


※ Logistical Combat Support personnel  (Combat Engineers・Maintenance/ Mechanics ・Communications Specialists・Supply & Food Specialists・Medical Soldiers・etc.) are not included towards the Infantry summon limit, currently the available summons of LCS personnel  can reach a scale needed to support『Theater of War』operations.


※ There are no restrictions for the extent of summoned small caliber arms or heavy weapons that soldiers can operate.



・[Important Ability Notes]

It is possible to summon via thought or voice commands, without viewing the menu screen.


Military supplies, resources and facilities which are summoned can be recalled or dismissed, but personnel (Soldiers) cannot be unsummoned.

(It is impossible to unsummon the dead body of a deceased Soldier. Furthermore, it is impossible to summon the same deceased Soldier again.)

The ability to summon is restricted. 『In the middle of combat』

Self defense for logistical combat support personnel will be enabled.



Gained one ability from killing Otherworlder Ota Shoichi.



Mental Resilience (Strong)

Physical Strengthening (Strong)

Linguist (Universal language)

Good luck (Medium)



Perfect Healing

・Able to cure & heal any injury, disease or illness so long as the recipient isn’t dead.

※ This ability can not be used on oneself.


Peerless Stamina

・Vigor immediately increases 10x.

(You are now able to dominate partners you embrace)


Appraisal Eyes

・You are able to see the value and specific details of things.


We’ve defeated quite a significant amount of enemies……  but its seems leveling up has slowed down a bit.

But that shouldn’t be an issue, as the limit for summoning infantry & weapons has increased considerably.

But what was that about killing Ota Shoichi?

……Oh, he was that Otherworlder who was exiled and wanted asylum from us.

I’m sure there was a report about it….. where was it?


[Report concerning HVT#3]

The following information is intel gathered by the operative who was in contact with the target, overhearing the individuals wish to defect from the Empire.

His name is Ota Shoichi.


A former friend of High Value Target #1 Renya Mutaguchi, the both of them were summoned at the same time, due to the Alsace Empire’s ritual summoning.

After being summoned, he agreed to be a subordinate of the Empire after being offered benefits.

Ota had a creative ability and was responsible for the development of new weapons within the Empire. This includes the development of the Machina and Automata.

But with the war taking a turn for the worse, being harassed and betrayed by Renya’s change in character, Ota decided to leave the Empire.

Ota wanted to defect to Parabellum, but ended up dying in his exile. Ota Shoichi’s remains were cremated, his ashes mixed in with concrete and was deposed at sea.


……That guy, he must have had a miserable time over there.


――  *Knock knock*


「Pardon the intrusion, Master are you there? It’s almost time for the conference, I’ve come to pick you up」

「Huh, ah, oh, right, got, it. I’m……. coming」


Startled by the sound of Chitose’s voice, just outside his office door, Kazuya abruptly scattered some of the reports as he got up from his desk. Immediately receiving his jacket from Reina and Reina, who stood behind him.

Putting on the coat handed to him, he sneakily pats Elle’s head, who was wiping her mouth underneath his desk. Before making his way to meet Chitose, who was waiting in the hallway.


The meeting was already winding down, as the officers and staff had gone on to discuss Parabellum’s current situation. The damage incurred, weapon production, as well as the replenishment & augmentation of forces and supplies. As things were coming to a close, everyone had gotten ready to leave their seats.


「Oh, just a minute, everyone shouldn’t leave just yet」


Sternly composed in his seat, Kazuya waited.

The officers who had just gotten up from their seats, hovered for a bit from Kazuya’s words, before lowering their butts back to their chairs, wondering what else was going on.

Observing the faces of those who had just sat back down, with deep authority Kazuya spoke towards everyone.


「Now that the discussion over replenishment & deployment of military forces is over, we should also take this time to discuss the fracturing within our ranks」






Out of everyone within the conference room, the person who was the most affected by Kazuya’s words was Chitose, who also floated an uncomfortable expression.


「You see, about that. From what I’ve heard, we still have reoccurring problems within our forces, with regards to the differences in race, religion, nationality, beliefs, etc….. Chitose, can you elaborate on this?」

「Reporting…… Master, per your orders we are dealing with each case as best as possible. While there are differences in our military force itself due to diversity, there is also an issue in regards to factions forming as well」

「I see…… From the very beginning, I had already anticipated something like this occurring. I knew that by incorporating the demons and beastmen along with the residents of this world in our military force, would eventually lead to something like this. But at the same time, I’ve heard that many problems are arising, so I can’t just leave things as they are now」




Receiving a stern look from Kazuya, Chitose’s forehead starts to sweat a little. Kazuya’s words just then, seemed to resonate within Chitose’s body

In truth the point of bringing up something like this was to suppress the individual factions, whose goal was to overtake the Vice President in regards to Kazuya’s time.


In a way, with the internal strife in Parabellum (due to conflicts of love) Kazuya didn’t want that to interfere with their day to day operations.


「At this point in time we will continue to monitor the situation, but if problems continue to arise past this point, steps will be taken to deal with the matter. All of you should keep this in mind」

「「「「Sir, yes, sir」」」」


With that final announcement, the meeting was adjourned, everyone stood up to salute before departing from the conference room.


Will this be enough to quell the infighting between them?

……Come to think of it, there’s that issue with Celicia?

The prisoners on Alcatraz―― the captive nuns from the Empire have formed a cult, and are growing in size.


While having such thoughts Kazuya made an awkward expression as he began to move to a certain place with Chiyoda and Chitose at his sides.



In a room where the ambiance was somewhat tense, only the Judge’s voice resounded.

This was the place where the Military Tribunal was being held.


「Lieutenant Haruto Kirishima, you are accused for disobeying multiple direct orders, inciting a revolt at FOB Sprut with ones subordinates, actively participating in the event, commandeering a transport plane for personal uses & private gain. Do you have anything to say for yourself?」

「I have nothing to say, sir」


The former Captain (Colonel) Haruto, who was sitting on the defendants side of the courtroom had been demoted at Chitose’s behest.


「Is that really all that you are going to say?」

「Actually, there is one thing」


Firmly looking towards the judge who was presiding over him, Haruto answers resolutely.


「Since the very beginning, and my disregard for the orders above me. I find it fitting for me to take responsibility for any and all charges against Lieutenant Colonel Isuzu Furutaka and Lieutenant Akari Suzumiya. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that all actions of the subordinates under me were done out of duty to my orders and they are not responsible for said actions.」

「…… You do realize, the weight of the words, that you have just said, right?」

「I have said everything, that needs to be said」


Looking down from his platform, the Judge’s eyes narrow, before announcing a heavy sentencing, as Haruto was resolute in the defendants chair.


「 That will be. Then it has come to my understanding, that Lieutenant Haruto Kirishima will bear the full weight of acts and allegations made against Lieutenant Colonel Isuzu Furutaka and Lieutenant Akari Suzumiya」

「Hold on, listen to us!!」

「Please!! Wait a minute!!」


Barging into the courtroom where the tribunal was held, two individuals try to turnover the Judges words. Appearing from the waiting room next door, Isuzu and Akari shout their dismay.


「Captain!! What are you saying, without us!?」

「That’s right, Haruto!! We don’t want this!!」

「Both of you, be silent…..HEY!!」

「Stop resisting….just stop!!  Get back here!!」

「Let go!! CAPTAIN!!」

「Get off me!! Don’t touch me!! HARUTOoo!!」


As Isuzu and Akari shouted desperately at Haruto, both girls had been caught by MPs and were taken back to the courts waiting room.


But even after all that screaming, Haruto didn’t look back towards them.


「…….Is this alright?」

「Please continue」


With the actions of those two disrupting the trial, Haruto hesitated for a bit before shaking it off and telling the Judge to continue.


「Understood. ….In that case, this is my judgment. Haruto Kirishima will be sentenced to death for the crimes committed. This court is now adjourned!!」


Right as the Judge announced Haruto’s death penalty, the small mallet struck the gavel to end the tribunal.


「Time to leave」


Escorted by the Military Police, Haruto left the courtroom through another exit, separate from the waiting room. 


「Stick out your hands」



Not long after leaving the courtroom, Haruto was stopped in the long corridor and had his handcuffs removed by the MP escorting him.


「Keep walking in this direction until you reach a corner, there will be a guard waiting to pick you up」

「……Got it」


Doubting what he heard, Haruto followed the MP’s instructions, quelling his desire to question it, since he knew he wouldn’t get an answer back.

It took some time, but he kept walking down the long corridor and turned the corner as directed.


「……So it was something like this」

「It’s been awhile, since we’ve seen each other in person」

「Yes, its been awhile. Mr. President」


It was at this corner bend, that Haruto realized the intention behind the MP’s words and mysterious actions from earlier. Hidden at this peculiar corner of a long corridor, was Kazuya sitting on a bench in full view.


「You almost died….. Had we left a lot sooner, maybe we could have saved more men」


Despite the lingering tension in the air, Kazuya had spoken first, while expressing a bit of regret.


「No, I don’t think that’s something Mr. President should be concerned about. It would have been better if I had conducted myself with more consideration to my surroundings」


Seeing the guilt and remorse on Haruto’s face after losing many subordinates under his command, Kazuya tries to lighten the conversation.


「…..Did you know, It was actually thanks to your Lieutenant」

「What was that?」

「If she hadn’t seized control of the bases’ comms and sent a distress call at all frequencies, we may not have made it in time. There wouldn’t have been anyone left to appeal for your case. Actually many of the soldiers pleaded & corroborated to share your sentence. And yet you decided to carry the entire punishment yourself, removing all charges against them」


Had everything gone according to that scenario, he’d have just been demoted, as an offset to his achievements. Kazuya muttered that last part to himself under his breath.


「Ah so that was the reason….. Was Mr. President the one who sent Chiyoda over to save us?」


Realizing the sequence of events, Haruto lifts his head in affirmation, pestering Kazuya for an answer.

Dodging the question, Kazuya brought up small talk about Reminas Coltrane Gerias the last Royal of her Kingdom & her engagement with Haruto, before checking the time. 

「―― Whoops, would you look at the time.

Sorry about this, but there’s no more time left」


「No sir, it was truly an honor to have a word with you, during my final moments」

「Well, leaving that aside. We’ll take good care of the Serpent-tribe」

「Thank you for that, sir」


Rather than give a standing salute, Haruto bowed deeply towards Kazuya’s words.


「Since this is it, I’ve already prepared somewhat of a parting gift. ….. Try not to make a mistake this time, okay?」

「Sir? Yes, understood……」


Puzzled by Kazuya’s meaningful words, Haruto nodded slightly towards him.


「Alright then, this is farewell. Oh but before that, Lieutenant Colonel Furutaka & Lieutenant Suzumiya will be imprisoned for two months as punishment for this matter」

「……………………………..What? But Mr. President, that’s…..」


「Huh? What’s going through your head, it will only be for two months. I had to pull a quite a handful of strings to make this happen so, don’t regret this. ……. I can’t be the only one tasting my own blood〜♪  While others are savoring honey 〜〜♪」


「Huh,wha? Mr. President? Sir? Why–!?」


Exiting the hallway which had led from the courtroom, Kazuya sang a pleasant tune in passing. Outside the door Haruto saw two familiar individuals, one was a former superior, while the other was a former subordinate.

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