The Discarded Hero wants to Return Home

The Abandoned Hero is going home

~ Running through another world with hidden skills ~

(Formerly titled「So I’m the Hero, but I’m not THE Hero, But then aren’t I still a Hero….!」)

Written by Naname44° ななめ44° 

Manga Illustrations are by Kikuyarou  菊野郎 Pixiv

Character design is by  Shizuki Hitomi 雫綺一生 Pixiv

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Web Novel Summary

I, Ogata Yuuto was just your normal everyday high school student who happened to get summoned to another world, along with my classmate Hijiri Yoichi. 

Lilia, the girl who summoned us said her world was in danger, and so she summoned a Hero from another world. But incidentally there’s only supposed to be one Hero, and it seems the person with the most magical power is the Hero. After examining Yoichi, he was deemed to be the true Hero.

And just when I was thinking about what I was going to do, Lilia throws me out into a world I have no clue about.  I wasn’t the Hero, so I get treated just like dirt.

But when I take a look at my status screen, there’s Hero written in the title section.  That’s strange.   I thought my magic power was supposed to be crappy.  What’s this?  When I looked at my status carefully, there was a hidden section right there!

But since I’m the actual Hero, can I really go back home?

Illustration is from Light Novel

Book 1: The Hero’s Tiny Garden

Episode 1: The Selfish Princess
Episode 2: The Unreliable God
Episode 3: The Very First Battle
Episode 4: The Meaning of life is to survive
Episode 5: Looking for a Job from a Newspapers Classifieds
Episode 6: Let’s start working!
Episode 7: All I need is a Guild Card
Episode 8: