Ep 7: All I need is a Guild Card

Well Yuuto is good at cooking


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It’s been five days since the Cheese Soup Murder incident. Well its not actually murder, since I technically didn’t die, but I recall touring a field of flowers as I was about to cross the Sanzu river. If that actually happened, then it would really be a murder case.

Well its good to be back at work. Right now I’m resting my head on my hands on the checkout counter.

As for the young girl, she’s all safe and sound. Apparently she disappeared during the time Crowald was giving me some magic water to recover. The Old man panicked the moment I collapsed after taking a bite out of his dish.  Well its a good thing she escaped,I think it was a wise decision.  She didn’t show back up at the store ever since that time.

After I woke up from such an experience, I gave the Old man a big piece of my mind, he could only hang his head dejectedly.

We can’t have him continue to make dangerous poisonous things any more.  So from that day on, It was decided that I would be making the meals. In addition to that arrangement, I also got permission to keep any leftover bread, that couldn’t be sold. I’m finally content with my part-time job.

But why is it that only the Old Man’s bread is delicious, everything else he cooks up turns out disastrous. I can never forget the shock from having eaten both creations.

The bread he makes has crisp exterior while the inside is all puffy and soft, it’s reminiscent of the bread I’ve had back home, the old man makes his bread in a similar way. It has an exquisite taste, the more you chew on it the better it gets, it’s no wonder why his bread sells so well.

I get to eat it for free at the moment, but customers buy his bread in the early morning and more towards the evening. Well, if his bread always sold out, there would be nothing left for me to take home and that would be regretful, so the Old man secretly baked a little more for me to take home.  Even when we sell out, he would claim these were leftover bread, while giving me freshly baked ones.

Since it’s like that, I couldn’t make up my mind if all of this was okay. Me being able to enjoy fresh delicious bread, while customers buy the regular ones, I guess this is fine.     So while I was lost in thought, the glass doors of the bakery opened.

「Welcome to Croix’s Bakery」

「Hi, uh, is Mr. Crowald in today?」

「Really, again?…..」

It’s that adventurer from when I first entered Croix’s Bakery, the one who had been thrown out by the Old Man.

『He doesn’t appear to be discouraged today either』

The adventurer came in here everyday, but didn’t buy any bread, always coming to see the Old man.

「Yup, that’s why I’m here. Today, I came to get a sword made by Mr. Crowald」

「…..Well I can’t have you always coming in, but even if I chase you away, you always return」

「Then, can’t you do something for me!?」

The adventurer leaned on the counter pleading. I don’t think this is will work out. This man comes to this Croix’s bakery everyday, just to see the Old man.

His goal is to buy a sword which the Old man has made. Coming everyday just to try and leave with  But isn’t the old man’s main job a Baker?

「….. I think it’s impossible no matter how many times you ask. Even if I act as a middleman, that won’t change」

「…..I’m begging you」

The adventurers head droops as his tears fall on the counter table. sigh I’m getting really tired of this kind of situation. If it keeps going, I’ll get depressed by it everyday. But, I can’t make the ultimate decision, I’m just managing the storefront for the Old man.

If this guy contributed to this stores sales, I might have given his request a second thought.  But, this bakery always sells out of bread, so even if he contributed, it wouldn’t amount to much.

「…..Do you really want a sword made by the Old man, Mr. Crowald?」

「Of course! I’ve already set my mind to it! I must have it, a sword made by the most renowned blacksmith Mr. Crowald」

「……I see」

「There isn’t any adventurer who hasn’t heard of the greatest blacksmith of all time, every adventurer wishes to have sword crafted by Mr. Crowald. The demand for his works are sky high, but since they don’t appear on the market, their price is also through the roof」

Isn’t this a bakery, it’s a bit hard to see a baker forging a really amazing sword.  But is the old man really such a famous blacksmith?

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After chasing away the adventurer, I make my way to the back, the Old man was hammering away at iron like usual.

「He came here today again」

「Hm? Looks like he’ll never learn…」

Without looking away, the Old man responded while striking the lump of iron.

He really is focused. I had stopped speaking to him in a formal way and always spoke to him in a casual manner.

『Oh, I see now. I wonder how long it took him, to have such a good striking arm?』

Huh, do you know something?

『What’re you hiding? Examine Status』

Looking at the screen God displayed, that’s when I realized…


Crowald Eder

HP    3100/3176

MP   300/324

TA    520/600

LV       53

EXP    153460

NEXT 12798

Additional Information

【Magical Attributes】 Earth & Fire

【 Title 】 An Old Baker・One of the Five Greatest Blacksmiths ・Renowned Blacksmith ・Scion of Toxic meals (Refer to skills)

【Skills】Blacksmithing Lv92  Cooking LV89 (Applies only to bread)

【Job】《Blacksmith》 《Baker》 《Master》 《Adventurer》

But “that” skill level….

『I know right』

I look at the old man’s hands once more. The lump of iron which had been beaten countless times over and over, was heated and shaped. Looking up towards me all of a sudden the old man stood up.

「That’s right! I forgot. Hey Yuuto, tomorrow you should go get yourself an ID card」


「I had to go to the castle in order to verify your status and have you work as clerk for my shop. You’ll need some kind of identification to prove your status, so make sure to prepare yourself tomorrow」

Turning around the old man looks at the lump of metal in his hands. Is that really a problem!? But I don’t have anything to prove my identity.

『Sooooo, Yuuto what do you want to do? Don’t you need something to prove your identity…..Like a Resident Voter ID? Or a Family Register ID? Or like a student ID?!』

I don’t have any of those things with me at all!

『….Oh, wait a Guild Card』

A Guild Card?

『That’s right. If you go over to the Adventurers Guild, they can issue you a Guild Card. It also doubles as your identification card. It’s free and all they would need is your name to register, I highly recommended getting one』

Really, is that all there is to it?

「Sorry Old man, but I’ll be leaving the shop early today. I need to run some errands」

「I see. Well, I can manage the shop on my own」

Looking at the Old man’s gaze, there’s irony in his words, hes staring at the piece metal….. No, it looks like a rudimentary shape of a sword now.

「….Sorry about this」

「Don’t worry too much about that. You have something to take care of, right?」


「Well then, get going. Oh but its a shame that I can’t eat your food today」

『Well Yuuto is good at cooking』

「…..I’ll go make something」

And so I made my way to the kitchen.

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「So this is the Adventurer’s Guild」

Hanging on a wooden two-story building, was a sign written with Adventurer Guild. Entering from the front, I could see a reception counter further back, I guess that’s where business is conducted. Off to the side their is a bulletin board filled with requests. Opposite to that, near the receptionist counter are tables and chairs, looks like a small diner of sorts.

…….There seems to be a lot of scary looking men over there.

I mean there, are women mixed among them, but wow, there are so many people, its a bit overwhelming.

『This branch here is the Adventurer Guild of the Enerlia Kingdom. The Adventurer Guild Headquarters is actually in a different country』

Is that so?

Making my way to the counter, I stood in front of one receptionist.

「Hi, how may I help you today?」

The guild receptionist spoke with a smile on her face.

「I would like to register with the guild」

「Ok, I understand. Please fill out this form, fill your name and gender in these boxes」

Taking the paper that was given to me, I could see the blocks with name and gender. Trying to fill out the form, I suddenly realized. I could read this worlds alphabet, but I couldn’t actually write it.

『Oh is that right? Hmm let’s see how about… ah, that should do it』

Looking at God’s remarks, suddenly this worlds alphabet was displayed on screen.

『Just write what you see on the sheet』

Awesome, thanks God!


I copy the words God prepared for me onto the sheet of paper. The last block of the form was for an emergency contact, in case of death.

We’ll if that is the case, then I should write the address for someone, just to let them know I’m dead.

Family maybe, a friend, a lover, or it could be the address of someone I’m acquainted with.

Thinking about it, I just left it blank.

「Alright Mr. Yuuto, that should complete your provisional registration. This will be you temporary guild card」

「…..It’s just a provisional registration?」

「Correct, the whole registration will be complete after you’ve completed a request from the Guild.  As per our policy, if you are unable to complete the minimum requirements, such as a small request. Then we won’t be able to make you an official member of our Adventurer Guild」

「Well, that makes sense」

What she said, is pretty reasonable. The receptionist gently smiled toward me once more.

「Please rest assured. You’ll only be doing a simple request, so you should be able to complete it without any problems」

「Ah I understand. So, what kind of request should I do?」

「Please collect “Radiant Glowing Mushrooms” which grows within the Krantial caverns, located in the Soel Forest If you can bring one back here, that will finish the request and complete your registration」

Huh, what should I do with this thing? Wait this is a provisional Guild Card? Isn’t this a smartphone?

This Chapter was translated by Kuro_0ni @ Hiscension.com

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