A Letter to My Audience

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Aloha everyone,

First I want to thank all the readership I’ve had all these years, from when I first started in 2018. To all my readers and people who lurk my page and see the content I host for others.  After reflecting on this past year (2020) and these past several months of 2021.

I was naïve to think I could hold things together, amidst everything that happened in my life. I had some time to grieve for my grandmothers who passed away, roughly a month a part in 2020. But in January of this year a friend of mine passed a way from a heart attack and just last month in April another friend had passed due to cancer. Truthfully, it’s still hard, to put what I feel in words.

I’ll be retiring from translations, I know my presence wasn’t around in the past year or so. But after this post though, the site will be stagnant for a long time. My blogsite, HIscension will be up with no ads as far as I can help it.  As I will no longer be translating or actively managing this blogsite, Narko will be given full admin privileges. Whether he wants to continue to be an editor or plans on modifying the place, it will be at his discretion.

So why am I bringing this up now, especially to the public…..

Frankly I thought not to, but the longer I put this off, it would be running away from my problems again. If I didn’t face the music and give a proper response, to an audience I’ve grown over the years, I believe I would regret that choice. 

Managing this site originally as my hobby, and trying to place a schedule to keep myself motivated, really fell apart, for me. And at some point without me realizing, translating wasn’t a hobby anymore.  With the loss of close family and friends, my views on life also changed, so my priorities went through an overhaul.

In the time I was away from my hobby of translating, I gained more responsibilities from my family members and ultimately became the head of the household, whether I liked it or not. For context, anyone that lives in a multi-generational household, this is a big responsibility. Honestly this was life-changing, taking on responsibilities, I would otherwise turn a blind eye to or have others deal with.

That is the most simple explanation I can give of where I currently am in life. I’ve shared a lot more than I think I should, but experiencing the loss of those close to me on consecutive occasions. A part of me wanted to vent my sorrows & frustrations. As if I were to scream into a proverbial abyss, reflective questions, regrets, blank thoughts pop up from time to time, and overcoming adversity is easier said than living through it. Now I don’t want to burden my audience with an expectation of deliverance, so I hope this provides closure for some people & passers-by.     

So Dear Reader, I appreciate that you stopped by my site, I do thank you for your time spent here, and for the journey that you travelled with me. One could say it was just a short few years and my impact on this digital space is minimal, but in a way it was like a lifetimes worth of effort. 

I also have to thank everyone who contributed towards translating and the overall blogsite. I am really grateful for all your work. 

Though we will separate here, a fork in life’s journey, our paths may cross again one day in the future, and may that future be better for us all. 

Aloha ahui hou e malama pono
~ Kuro_Oni