Site Changes

Welcome to the site, now I’ll get straight to the point.


The contents that are hosted here will remain, unless requested to be removed, or until I decide it can be.

Translations will be released on a translators recognizance. Whether I edit them or someone else does.

With that being said, Modern Weapons Cheat will not be actively worked on after Volume 5 Chapter 1. The 2 chapters being release this month (May) will just be V4ch21 & V5ch1. Another thing to note, the author Tomahawk-Sensei has also dropped the series and is working on a new project. The quick and dirty reason, another Japanese author had poached and plagiarized his work, and he decided to focus on something else. there’s more to the story, but I am not going to dig for answers.

Now as for Sex & Dungeon, Kaimana is slowing down translating as he’s been more busy this year. It has literally been about a chapter a month. But forward looking, the Manga is technically more ahead than the novel, and it doesn’t deviate a lot from the base work, so you are not missing much. Ultimately I’ve decided to stick all works under the projects tab.

As for the nature of this blogsite. It will be dead for the next several months. As I don’t have anything planned, but since my buddy is paying for this wordpress subscription. I may think of another transformative route for this.

Any further news or changes, I’ll put it in the next blog post. But don’t be surprised if the site has an appearance change or new theme going.

Narko out~