S&D 26: – A Spring Date in the Dungeon Part 4

For Mature Audiences Only


Web Novel Written by Minkansukii ミンカンスキー

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「I guess you don’t run into opponents that often… …. 」

「Yeah… right…..」

 After the perilous battle with the Electric Sheep. Sensei and I continued on with our exploration, but things had become awkward again.

 The best analogy for this situation, is like a couple who messed up during their first date. Pretending not to mind or care for each other, but we in reality we really do care. And not knowing how to fix the mistake between us and the other side knowing that I don’t know what to do.

 To be frank, the general mood isn’t going too well.

But really? What am I suppose to do?…….

 Making my way down the aisle, I wrack my brains for some idea. Sensei is a skilled Staff user, and I’m proficient with a torch and my knife. Both are close quarters combat fighting styles and we would get in each others way if we fought in tight spaces.

 If it were in those treasure chest rooms it wouldn’t be so bad, since we can adjust our positions. But that won’t always be the case when we fight in the corridors that are what, 3 to 4 meters wide?  It would be dangerous to flank enemies on the sides every time we would fight.

*Sigh*……..It’s just a matter of weapons….. Is it be better if I just gave Sensei my combat knife? Would that improve our situation?…….

 I tried simulating a battle in which Sensei is using a knife instead of her staff.  So we both approach an enemy, we attack it while trying not to get in each others way, and then the enemy will…….

.…..Nope, not a good idea. I’m sure it’ll be better if I fought alone, man this is tough.

 I’m having a hard time coming up with something good.  Sensei’s strong points, are being able to accurately swing her staff and strike vital spots in quick succession.  I’m not sure about her unarmed combat abilities, but even if I give my knife there’s no guarantee her attacks would be effective.

 Furthermore, it will actually be more difficult using blades if we fought side by side.  No matter how I thought about it, the different strategy match ups didn’t seem to work, in some way we would be getting in each others way.



 Both Sensei and I had been exploring the passage ways without saying a word to one another. I couldn’t really think up a solution to our issue, but so far we’ve mapped the area quite well. About half of the 2nd floor has been laid out thus far.

 And so we continued our search――



 While watching the passage before us, there was a brief moment where we tried to speak to each other.  It was roughly 10 minutes from when we fought that high level electric sheep.  We finally found the last treasure room for this floor.

That looks like…… a “Laughing Jack-O-Lantern” It’s level 7. It will be tough catching it off guard.

 I silently poked my head to catch a glimpse of what was inside.  Like always there’s a treasure chest in the middle of the room.  And beside it is the Laughing Jack-O-Lantern

「Sensei, we’ll do just like we planned」

「Mm-hm, I know」

「…. Alright then, I’ll go in first. I’ll leave the rest up to you」

 Unsheathing my combat knife I took a deep breath.  How we would take on the Laughing Jack-O-Lantern was decided beforehand.  It would be a pincer-attack with me as the catalyst, having it’s attention directed at me.

 Sensei grips her 6-Shaku long staff tighter nodding towards me as our eyes connected.  Exhaling deeply, I dove into the small room.  Following up and breaking into a run.


 Noticing our presence, just like it’s name suggest, the Jack-O-Lantern begins to laugh heartily.  Rotating it’s large body to aim it range attack at us.  But it’s primary target seems to be Harumachi-Sensei.



 Raising her voice in reply to my shout, Sensei moves urgently to escape from it’s direct line of fire.  Once she was out of the way, I sidestepped and lunged at the Jack-O-Lantern.  And that was when――



 In a split second.

 Unleashing a heavy blow with all my might, causing the Jack-O-Lantern to croak a miserly sound.  When you take a closer look, there is a deep gash on its surface.  That’s a whole lot different from the amount of damage I dealt to the Lv10 monster from last time.  Obviously, levels make a difference in the actual amount of damage done.

「Hey pumpkin face, what’s wrong!? Can’t shoot me can you!!」


「Missed! Is that all you’ve got!!」

 I could hear Sensei jeering from behind the Jack-O-Lantern.  I heard a dull bang, that was probably the Jack-O-Lantern’s attack hitting the wall.  Sensei seems to be fulfilling her role splendidly.



 I strike it once more.  Thanks to Sensei’s diversion, I’m able to completely make my mark.  Attacking with all my strength with peace of mind.  Creating another deep wound on the monster’s shell, while twisting in my blade.  Digging into it further.


 In a single moment the Jack-O-Lantern wails and stops moving.  And that was when――


 Breathing its last, it broke into particles of light. And in mere seconds, its figure completely disappears.


 Exhaling in relief, I sheath my blade.  It was a complete victory.

 In a room of this size it was quite easy making a combat strategy and our enemy wasn’t a high level, so we had a lot of leeway during our fight.  The number of strikes this time was just three.  And from this experience, it seems I dealt more damage to this monster than that Lv10 Jack-O-Lantern from last time.

Well for now, I’m glad we won smoothly. Sense’s expression has become a lot brighter as well.

 I was filled with a sense of relief while, Sensei bowed quietly towards where the monster disappeared.  Sensei’s mood was quite heavy after we struggled fighting the Electric Sheep.

 But now her condition seems a lot better, most likely because our cooperation this time was much more efficient.  But, if we were to encounter another enemy, would our results still be the same?…….

For now, why don’t we focus on the treasure chest

 Removing my gaze from Sensei’s figure, I head towards the room’s center.  Crouching over the treasure chest, I slowly lift the lid.  And before me was――


 I took a slight gasp of air.  The item within the treasure chest……. it was exactly what I needed the most, in our situation.  Immediately scanning the box, I pick out the instructions from inside.

Repeating Crossbow of Intimacy

A crossbow with a high-attack power. Entering the dungeon will automatically deposit 5 arrows in the weapons magazine. As an additional effect, when the arrow pierces an individual who has strong romantic feeling towards the user, that person’s intimacy will grow stronger than before. Unable to be used outside the Labyrinth.

Effective range is 30 meters. Number of uses: ∞

Awesome! The perfect weapon for long-ranged attacks!…..

 Placing my hand on the item itself, I lift it out of the treasure chest.  The Repeating Crossbow of Intimacy.  This looks more like a bowgun than an actual crossbow, like a gun with a bow attached to it.

 The way its fashioned, it has a magazine that sits above the barrel groove, and a lever which reloads arrows and primes the string so it can fire. It feels like it weighs about 2 kilograms. It would be hard to hold it with one hand, but if I use two, then it feels quite light.

 If you carry it properly with both hands, even a feeble person would be able to steady aim.

「Saino, isn’t that…….」

「It is, and we can properly use it as a weapon…… Sensei, I need you to do hit-and-run attacks, and if possible, please keep it in my line of sight. Can you do it?」

「!!……. Of course I can!!」

 Sensei shouts back in response to my request. She looks a really pumped to do this. It looks like Sensei also knew the value of this treasure item.

 Sensei and I both left the small room and went on with our exploration. Our goal this time wasn’t to look for the entrance of the next floor or look for a treasure item, but another monster. Both of us were curious of how effective the Repeating Crossbow of Intimacy would be against Monsters of various levels.

 It was roughly 10 minutes after we left the room. The map was almost entirely filled, so it was quite obvious were the path to the 3rd floor would be, but――

「Uh, Sensei!…..」

「Hm? what is it?……」

 In the long passageway about 20 meters from a corner. There was a yellow-haired creature in the middle. Which fit the description of an Electric Sheep.

 This would be the third time we encountered one in our exploration. It’s back is currently turned on us, and I don’t think it has noticed us either. Taking a closer look at it…. It’s a Lv9, the same level as the other Electric Sheep that we struggled with.

「…… I will take the lead and try to sneak attack it. And Sensei will――」

「Mm-hm. After which, I will thrust out my weapon and bring it to a halt, while vigilant for your second shot. So for now, I’ll be focusing on defense. Saino should assess the situation and pass on your instructions」

「Got it, I’ll do just that」

 After having a quick strategy meeting with Sensei, I prepare myself and the Repeating Crossbow of Intimacy. Is this considered the weapons iron sights or something? The weapon itself doesn’t have a scope, but there is a small raised ring on the foresight and a slight dimple at the base, but if you line it up with the center of the ring, it looks fairly in line, this can be used for aiming.

「……..I’m starting」

 Calling out to Sensei, I begin to aim, placing my finger on the trigger. Targeting my opponent, I pulling with enough pressure to engage. And as swiftly as it left the bow――



 An arrow bolt fired from the crossbow at high speeds. Soaring in a straight line, it digs deep into the Electric Sheep’s behind.

 Naturally the creature jerks in response to the impact and shrieks out a puzzled reply.  By the looks of it, that seems to have done a lot of damage there.

「………I’m going in!」

 Sensei braced herself and charged forth, meeting head on with the Electric Sheep.  Having noticed, the monster turned to face our direction, and in that moment Sensei struck out.

「Ha! Hyaa!」


 It was a quick double thrust, that made me wonder if she was moving at the speed of sound. Both attacks struck their mark, causing the Electric Sheep to shake its head. But from its shaking appearance, her attack didn’t seem to cause a lot of damage. It looks like her attacks are only good for holding it back.

 While moving towards Sensei and the monster, I pull the lever on the crossbow. *Ka-shing* It was the sound of the weapon reloading. Glancing at the weapon itself, the next arrow bolt was properly loaded and ready to fire.

「2nd shot, is ready!!」


 At the sound of my voice, Sensei moves diagonally while causing the Electric sheep to lower its head. And in that gap, I raised my weapon and pulled the trigger.



 That 2nd arrow struck perfectly. Deeply embedding itself in the Electric Sheep’s left eye, it was super effective.


 Raising its head upwards and crying out, its body suddenly falls down. And the moment it hit the floor, it burst into a particles of light.

 It was our victory.



 Putting down the Repeating Crossbow of Intimacy, I approach Sensei. Sensei had also stopped bowing and looked towards me.

 And that was when――

「……Sensei! We did it!」

「Haha! If it’s this kind of fighting, I think we can do this!……」

 After a moment of silence, our faces lit up with joy as we began to talk about the recent fight. The battle with the crossbow was much better than I envisioned. Our attack combination worked perfectly and we were in sync. Both the vanguard and rearguard were able to completely fulfill their roles.

 Sensei and I smile at each other and praise each others accomplishments. The Lv9 Electric sheep that we fought not long ago, was the total opposite of the one we struggled with before.

 By taking this one down without issues, we were able to remove the lingering distasteful feeling from before, as we were both, in high spirits.

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