Ep 6: Let’s start working!

Today is the day I start working, so for the time being I’m at the checkout counter


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Today is the day I start working, so for the time being I’m at the checkout counter waiting for shoppers to come through. But at the moment there aren’t a lot of people, because it seems like its almost time for lunch. I heard from the Old Bakery man that this place gets crowded in the early mornings and closer to the evening.  

「…….this is taking too long」

『You seem to have a lot of free time』

Well, God isn’t wrong there.

『The Hero’s~ Little Adventure~ Trying to Enjoy~ Some Pleasant times~  While Disaster is~ Just Around~ The Corner~』

What the hell was that?….. Rather that’s a pretty messed up song.

『Hm? I thought I’d sing something because you had a lot of free time』

You’re just a screen, how can you sing? You don’t have a voice nor do you make any sound.

「*Sigh* Haaa~………」

Just when I sighed to myself the shops glass door opened.

And a little girl came inside. Could she be 8 years old? Her clothes are like everyone else in the city, but its seems a bit more baggy, like there’s more cloth than it needs to be. Slowly walking around the bakery, she made a lap around the shelves before coming right up to me.

「I want to buy this」

「That’ll be 6 Sigyn」

Taking out 6 Sigyn from a bag which had been hanging on her neck, she placed the money on the counter. This is really cheap. The average bread from this bakery costs 60 Sigyn. Taking out some bread, I wrapped it up in a paper bag and gave it to the little girl.

「Thank you very much」

Having received the bread, the girl turned to the entrance and was about to take a step past the glass doors. All right, time to do this.

Moving quickly, I grabbed the thief by the base of their neck.

「Dear customer, shoplifting is a crime, you know」

「Huh, What!?….」

The young girl raised her head and looked at me with panicked eyes. But right at that moment, I took out four pieces of bread hidden from the girls baggy clothes.

「Now, why don’t we hear your story back in the shop」

Downcast the girl bites her lip in regret. Closing the Bakery’s glass door, I was about to take the young thief to see the old man, but suddenly the shops entrance opened again.

Maybe…… Something is happening.


Three young boys in raggedy clothes had come through the front door. But the moment they came inside and saw me, they froze in place with surprised expressions.


「So you went to steal bread when you walked around the back of our store. And you wanted to use your friends as decoys so you could get away, maybe you should use your head a  little bit more」

「Everyone run away!!」

The girl who had been quiet in my grasp, suddenly cried out in a rough manner. And from the little girls outburst, all the boys fled in a jiffy.

『Aren’t you going to go after them?』

I only have two hands. And right now one of them is preoccupied.

『I see. Well that’s understandable.  I mean that girl was stealing bread』

Well I was always on the lookout while dealing with this type of cashier type of work. It not really an issue if its up to this extent.

『Did this girl want to use her friends as a decoys?』

Well, its only just a hunch.

『 Skill Acquired 《Scan Enemy
Skill Upgrade 《Intuition》 level has increased 』

《Hidden Status》

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  26/29

MP  5970/8900

TA  82/150


EXP 40


(金) Sigyn 0

Additional Information

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・(Authentic) Hero ・The Discarded Hero ・ The Hero with God’s Blessing ・ The Hero who became a Beggar

【Skills】Intuition LV 3  Evasion Lv 1 Scan Enemy Lv 1



Well I guess this is a good thing.

If I continue to use the skills I have, they’ll level up even more.

Holding onto the little girl who had been kicking and screaming not long, I brought her before the Old man, who was in the back of the store.

「I caught a thief」

Stopping his hand from hammering a sword, the old man looked back at us with unbothered expression.

「Oh, you came to steal some bread again?」


Let alone myself, even the young girl was surprised by the Old man’s words.

「I know it’s not right for me to always be in the back of the shop, but I always wondered why my bread kept on decreasing as time went by. There’s this one time I kept a close watch from back here, I witnessed them grab some bread and exit immediately」

「What, you knew all this time?」

No longer putting up a struggle, the girl glanced up with a inquisitive expression. Growing silent from the exchange, I relaxed my grip on the girls nape.

「Then, why did you let it be?」

Standing up from his workbench, the Old man scratches his cheek with embarrassment.

「Ahh, well since these guys are so desperate to survive. I make enough for myself with some to spare, more than that…..」


「I watched these kids indulge themselves with my bread.   It made me happy for moment. But I knew, if this kind of thing kept on happening, it wouldn’t be good for the store or for me….」

Oh, I see now. This Old man, is just too kind.

Looking down at the young girl, I saw her pleading expression towards the Old man. Don’t make that kind of face, asking for mercy.

「…..So, what are we going to do about this?」

「Well, now that she’s already been caught….」

……..What, did I perhaps do something wrong?

『Well when a thief gets caught, they are usually handed over to the castle’s guards. It’s not like they can overlook something like this』

While I was brooding over such things, I heard a small rumble.

「Are you, hungry?」

The girls face turns beet red.

「Hahaha! Ah, let’s see. why don’t we ease that belly of yours」

Laughing heartily the Old Man stroked the small girls head.

「Alright then, come have some lunch」


「It’s almost time for lunch, Yuuto you come along as well」


「I’m going to whip up something with my own hands. So don’t steal anymore bread from my store okay」


I can see the hidden meaning in inviting the girl, but why am I called to follow as well. I pick up the girl who had been pleading on the ground.

But you know, this kind of treatment won’t stop a thief from stealing again. Maybe the Old man knows this too. He’s been living here longer than I have.

Maybe this is his way of dealing with the situation, it’s a kind gesture. Well, its the store owners decision, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. I don’t want to be fired.

Turning towards the kitchen, the Old man walked enthusiastically.   Leading the girl to a nearby table, I had her sit back on one of the chairs. Taking out some cutlery, I prepare the table, placing some of the tableware in front of girl.

Sitting back, the girl looked around with a  perplexed expression. Unable to keep up with the situation.

「It’s the shoes」

I only mentioned something small. The girl looked up and stared at my face, but didn’t say anything towards my words.

These kids are probably part of that vagrant group, whom I’ve had trouble with not too long ago. The young boys all wore rags. While this young girl wore this worlds ordinary clothes It’s possible that they were all prepared for her, so she wouldn’t be seen as suspicious.

But, her shoes were made of rags. And that was why I suspected her.

『Yuuto, you’re too gentle. You’ve already gotten a glimpse of those who have to survive by begging, but you shouldn’t needlessly dwell on these kinds of things either』

It isn’t like that. It’s just, I came to this world with no clue of how this place works, so I wouldn’t be able to distinguish what’s actually right from what’s wrong. That’s why I’m trying not to draw too many conclusions.

It’s like when you enter a town, you should follow the rules of that town. I’m not doing this out of kindness.

『….. Yeah…. I guess so』

Looking at that, its almost like God is making a troubled expression.

「Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for」

While I was caught up thinking about God’s appearance, the finished dish finally arrived. The moment I saw what the Old Man brought out, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

「It’s Croix’s Cheese Soup! Now dig in!」

This is Not a cheese soup!

The soup put out in front of us, had bubbles which popped on its surface *Poco Poco* almost as it was boiling on its own. Even the color of this dish which was tinged with a greenish black hue, left me speechless. Am I seeing things or does this soups liquid look like that face from the movie [Scream]?

What is that strong smell? It doesn’t even smell like cheese, there’s all kinds of smells in here, it’s messing with my nose. Is this some kind of high level cuisine from this world?

When I turn to look at the young girl beside me, her face looked like she wanted to cry.

This is not part of that standard!


It’s worth noting that God screamed as well. But putting aside the issue with God.

Maybe the Old Man never intended to to forgive this girl. Did he secretly plot to kill her instead….. Then why am I involved in all of this!?

「I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… I won’t do it anymore! So please don’t kill me…..」

Trembling heavily, the girls mouth chattered as she spoke. Looking at her slowly edging away, I held her arm out of pure envy. Only one of us can run away from this.

「Huh? What are you saying? I’m usually good at these kinds of things?」

Then why don’t you eat it first!!

But even if we try to speak up, he won’t try some for himself.

I wonder why, I didn’t run away from all of this already. Actually my whole body wants to run away from here, but I can’t…… No, there’s this pressure bearing down on me, unable to let me leave. And it’s quite obvious where this pressure is emanating from.

Screw it, I picked up the spoon and scooped that thing out of the bowl.

『No way, Yuuto don’t do it! If you eat that you’ll die!!』

Looking at me the Old man’s eyes are filled with high expectations.  So I decided to swallow a mouthful of it.

And obviously I fell down


「Hey, Yuuto! Hey! Are you okay!?」

Right now the Old man is panicking.

Does it look like I’m doing okay!?

And right after that point, I passed out completely.

《Hidden Status》

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  1/29

MP  8000/8900

TA  3/150


EXP 40


(金) Sigyn 0

Additional Information

【Sword Arts】 《Imbue Magic》

【Magic】You don’t know any.

【Magical Attributes】Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Void (Dark) and many more.

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・(Authentic) Hero ・The Discarded Hero ・ The Hero with God’s Blessing ・ The Hero who became a Beggar・ The Courageous Hero

【Skills】Intuition LV 3  Evasion Lv 1 Scan Enemy Lv 1


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TL Notes: For this chapter because the dialogue jumps between MC’s words and personal thoughts, I thought I’d box out God’s dialogue. Technically he’s just a floating screen that Yuuto can only see. Also I’ve added in the authors descriptions from the raws for Yuuto’s titles below. The alternate title for this chapter was “The Hero’s plight”

・ 『Traveler from Another World』This title is given to otherworlders or those who’ve been summoned from a different world.

・ 『(Authentic) Hero』 This just signifies the true Hero. It’s just a title that was given.

・ 『The Discarded Hero』 or the Hero who was cast aside. Because the Hero was really thrown away in a different world, now only Hardship awaits him.

・ 『The Hero with God’s Blessing』A title for receiving benefits from God. But for Yuuto, he sees it as just annoying.

・ 『The Hero who became a Beggar』 A title he gained for becoming a beggar even for a little while. This was one of those titles I added.

・ 『The Courageous Hero』 This is a title is because the Hero rose to face any danger. Even if that path would lead straight to his death. This was another one of those titles I added. There is a fine line between being courageous and being reckless