Vol 1 Chapter 5

How many monsters are still out there?


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Mortar shells roared through the night sky, screaming as they landed on their targets. Countless monsters were instantly blown to smithereens from the explosions.  Scattering like fallen leaves, blood and debris flew everywhere as monsters who survived the initial blast eventually gave their last breath.


「Ratelo!! Contact Command, tell them we need indirect fire on these coordinates 2-7-0, 3200 meters from their location!! We need an immediate suppression surrounding this fort 」

「Roger!! Command this is 9th Recon. We need indirect fire on coordinates 2-7-0, 3200 meters from your origin. Immediate suppression of the area. I say again, We need indirect fire on coordinates 2-7-0, 3200 meters from you origin, immediate suppression of the area, over」


The battle had begun long ago, but the monster advance doesn’t relent one bit. Soldiers within the ruined fort fire desperately killing the approaching monster horde.

No matter how much we kill, it doesn’t seem like their numbers are getting any lower.


Manning an M2 heavy machine gun mounted near the front gate, Kazuya sprayed bullets creating countless of red flowers on the oncoming horde.


「Sir, their approaching from the right!!」

「Roger!! I got this!!」


A single shot by the large caliber high power 12.7mm bullet, was enough to make monsters hit by such a round, turn unrecognizable.


「Shit, there’s too many of them!!」

「Quit yer whining!! Look we’re launching everything we’ve got from our mortars, it’ll be okay!! We’ll manage somehow!!」


A nearby Soldier scolds his fellow buddy and encourages him to keep on fighting, despite the overwhelming number of monsters.


Blown away without hesitation by Command’s M4A3 Calliope & BM-13 Katyusha rockets, salvo’s from M115 203mm & Type 96 15cm Howitzers, no monster could withstand such firepower.

Coupled with the Soldiers attacking from the ruined fort, with their M2 heavy machine guns & MG42 general purpose machine guns, their sniper & assault rifles, as well as their Type 2 12cm Mortar & Type 89 Grenade Dischargers, monsters were slaughtered before they could reach the ruined forts walls.


「What the!? The rate of the bombardment is decreasing!!」


Watching the number of rockets and shells which fell around the fort decrease, Kazuya called out to one of the Radio Operators, while firing his assault rifle towards the enemy.


「General, Command is currently in the middle of reloading the M4A Calliope & BM-13 Katyusha’s rockets!! Our M115 and Type 96 howitzers had to slow down their barrels and systems are overheating!!」


Fuck, the situation isn’t looking too well!! While Command is busy reloading we’ll have to make do with our Type 2 Mortars and Type 89 Grenade Dischargers.

But both weapons only have a small amount of rounds left. 


Hearing the radio operators report, Kazuya thought over the information, before speaking up.


「Captain Aoba, How long till sunrise?」

「Roughly about an hour sir!!」


While sniping a large troll with her Type 97 Automatic Cannon, Ibuki replied back to Kazuya with a yell.


There’s still an hour left….. How do we hold them back?


In the middle of Kazuya racking his brains for some kind of plan, their mortarmen ran out of ammunition. Without fire support, the monsters momentum increased.

And all of a sudden, one Soldier shouted out in an alarming manner.


「Huh!? I’m out!! Someone, somebody I need a magazine!!」


Shit, we’re also almost out of bullets too.


Kazuya felt like he was struck by a double-punch, since Command’s artillery support had come to a halt, furthermore several of his men had begun running out of ammunition, pushing him into a corner.


How many monsters are still out there?


Thinking this Kazuya hurriedly opens his menu screen.


[The First Trial from God]

Survive the Monster Horde


Total amount of enemies

・ 2350 Monsters

We killed a huge amount…. but there are still this many left?


「I’m out of ammo!!」

「Me too!!」

「Same here!!」


While Kazuya was looking at his menu screen, Soldiers one after another began running out of ammunition.


「God dammit, even over there too!!」

「Prepare to throw, THROW!!」


Soldiers who had run out of ammo for their assault rifles switched to their pistols, a Walther P38 and began using their remaining M24 hand grenades.


A distance away from the men throwing the grenades, Kazuya suddenly hears a Soldier scream.




Turning to face the direction of the shouting Soldier, Kazuya saw a large troll dragging a large club, the ground rumbled as it approached.


Fuck, it can’t be helped at this point! We only have one panzerfaust left!


Blocking the Soldiers gunfire with its large club, the troll began to pick up speed will heading towards the forts wall, in desperation Kazuya had the men fire their last panzerfaust.


*Kaboom!* As soon as it was fired the rocket flew straight towards the troll as it raised its club to block the incoming projectile. Suddenly blowing away the club and taking out the trolls head with it.

Having lost its head in the explosion, the trolls body falls, crushing nearby kobolds and goblins by its side.




Relieved of their immediate crisis, as far as what could be seen, that was the last troll in sight, but Kazuya’s men couldn’t rest just yet. 

They were severely running low on ammunition, what’s more, the monsters have reached the ruined fort and have started breaking down the front gate.


………The gate is about to fall real soon.


「All Soldiers, redistribute the remaining ammo!!」


Watching the gate chip away from the horde at their entrance, Kazuya orders his men to consolidate and equally distribute what little ammunition they have left.


「Redistribution, complete sir!」

「Got it. All Soldiers!! Follow me, get in position behind the front gate!!」


Ordering his men via radio, the Soldiers got off the forts walls and created a formation surrounding the front gate.



「Everyone, make ready!!」


As everyone left their defensive positions from the walls, the formation in front of the gate grew until everyone was present.

Stained from the dirt and grime from battle, everyone’s faces were black, but their eyes carried a ferocious shine, like beasts ready to be set loose.


「We’ll be engaging in close quarter combat, this will be our final stand!! And by all means SURVIVE!!」

「「「「SIR YES SIR!!!」」」」


Placing the M2 Heavy machine directly aimed at the front gate, the soldiers waited for the monsters to rush in.

Damaged in several places, the silhouettes and ugly appearances of goblins and orcs could be seen as they chipped at the gate even more.


「Soldiers, fix bayonets!!」


Under Kazuya’s command, the bayonets which were hanging on Soldiers waists were attached onto their assault riffles.

And right at the same time, was the arrival of daybreak, rays of light began to streak into the ruined fort.

And as if that was the signal, fire support from Command resumed, having finished reloading their weapons.


Alright, just a little bit more, Chitose should be on her way. We can still make it, as long as we hold on, we can win!


Just as hope filled Kazuya’s spirits, the sound of the gate breaking began to grow, until it had finally collapsed.

The monsters roared as they streamed in the fort, only to be greeted with a barrage of heavy machine guns.


「Greetings and Goodbye!!! *pah-pah-pah-pah-pah* 」


The 12.7mm bullets pierce through the monsters streaming from the gate, mincing those in front as well as behind.

But in seconds the belt of ammunition for the machine gun disappears, as a Soldier counts down his rounds by the tens.


「50 ….. 40 …… 30 …… 20 ….. 10 ……..0!! We’re out of ammo!!」


The moment the Soldiers firing the heavy machine gun counted down to zero, said they’re out, Kazuya gave the order to charge.


「Everybody Chaaarge!!!」


Right when Kazuya shouted out the order, everyone with bayonets on their assault rifles ran, moving towards the oncoming monsters, duking it out in close quarter combat.

The bombardment outside the fort had reduced the amount of monsters down to almost 200, but inside screams, howls, shrieks and roars raged as the melee between Soldiers and monsters ensued.

Several of the men who had lost their assault rifles, fought back with their portable shovels, chopping at the heads of some kobolds, while another soldier had straddled a goblin and began stabbing it over and over again with his bayonet, searching for its vital points.


「Behind you!!」

「Wha!? This!!! Thanks, you saved me!!」


Under such circumstances, Kazuya fired at the oncoming assailant, with his pistol helping out several of his men who were about to be overwhelmed.

Running out of bullets, Kazuya was in the middle of a magazine change, when a goblin brandished its rusty sword and had came almost right beside him.


Shit!! I’m gonna get killed!!


With his pistol empty and his right hand reaching for his spare magazine from his side, Kazuya was currently defenseless, freezing in that moment he expected he’d die.

But right when the goblin’s knife was about to pierce Kazuya, a barrage of bullets flew over, shredding and sweeping the goblin aside, turning its corpse into something like a honeycomb.

Turning in the direction of where the bullets were fired from, Kazuya saw Chitose running towards him, slightly out of breath and shouldering her assault rifle.

Smoke still rose from the recently fired muzzle as it drifted with the passing wind.


.….I’ve been saved. Chitose, seems to have made it in time.

And our reinforcements arrived at the very last minute.


With that, the remaining monsters were being swept up by the fresh platoon of Soldiers Chitose brought with her.


「Ahh~~~ crap, I can’t stand anymore….」


After seeing Chitose’s figure, all the built up stress and fatigue from battle causes Kazuya to fall on his bottom.

Running immediately to Kazuya, Chitose pats Kazuya’s sweaty and icky body, feeling for an injury of some kind.


「Master!! Are you okay, are you hurt anywhere!?」

「Ah no…. I’m fine, I just. I feel better now that Chitose’s here」

「That’s not it. Master!! In the first place, protecting you is my only reason for existing!!」


Outstretching her hand, Chitose grips Kazuya’s hand with a relieved expression, with a gentle smile she decided to take care of his post-battle treatment.


「Ah this is….」


The area surrounding the ruined fort had been scorched, turning into a battlefield, the meadow had gouges due to the continuous bombardment.

Both inside and outside the fort large mountains of monster corpses were stacked, as the smell of death and gunpowder wafted in the air.


「Master, let’s leave the post-battle clean up to the Soldiers I brought as reinforcements and return back to the Command outpost. You can take care of any injured Soldiers of there as well」

「……Alright, I understand」


Listening to Chitose’s guidance, Kazuya had the fresh platoon of Soldiers handle the clean up of monster bodies lying around the ruined fort. After all the fighting which had gone on, he took his fatigued forces back with him to their Command outpost.


After returning to their headquarters, Kazuya ordered his men to rest for the next two days, before dismissing them.

But after listening to the casualty report from Chitose, Kazuya felt like he couldn’t take a break himself.


「There were 35 Soldiers with minor injuries, 10 soldiers with serious injuries…. but since I’ve healed them all, our actual wounded is now at 0. ――and yet 5 Soldiers were killed. After having experienced that battle it’s a miracle that only 5 people were killed…… Still after all that, losing one’s men isn’t the best feeling」



Standing next to Chitose, Kazuya muttered to himself as he saw the body bags of his dead Soldiers being carried out of the field hospital.


「…..Should I refill our ammo stores, before resting or?…..」

「Master! You’re exhausted, this is the first time you’ve experienced combat, please get some rest!!」


Unable to calm his unsettled emotions, Kazuya thought he should replenish their stock of weapons and ammunition, even though Chitose pleaded for him to get some rest after an intense battle.


「No I can’t, after going through all that, I don’t think I can go to sleep, I need to calm my nerves」

「But still, you should…… Understood. But Master, once you’ve replenished our ammunition & weapons, please retire to bed」

「Yeah, yeah, I got it」


Nodding towards Chitose’s reply, Kazuya moves to replenish their weapons supply and ammunition cache.




Anxiously staring at Kazuya’s back disappear from view, suddenly Chitose’s face changed into a sinister smile, thinking that now is the perfect chance.


Chitose moves towards the nearby female officers, whispering something nice.


「Hey, you girls」

「Huh, oh what is it?」

「Come closer, I have something to say…..*Whisper* *Whisper* 」

「――!? That’s a great idea!!」


Listening to Chitose’s plan, the surrounding women’s expressions were initially full of surprise, but having decided to follow along their expressions warped into a mischievous grin.


If Kazuya had seen the faces of Chitose and these female officers, maybe he could’ve avoided the events which would happen next…..

But there was no way he could have known.

If only…..


「Huh, where did Chitose go to?」


Having calmed down his nerves, and completed replenishing their stock of ammunition, Kazuya had decided to look for Chitose, before heading to his room to rest.


「Ah there you are. Hey, Chitose」


Catching sight of Chitose speaking to a bunch of female officers with a serious expression, Kazuya approached the group slowly from the shadows, before announcing himself.



「Ha!? Ah Master!?  What’re you doing here?」


Immediately straightening their postures, Chitose and the other female officers froze slightly.


Huh? Why are they surprised too?


Passing off Chitose and the girls suspicious behavior, Kazuya spoke up amidst the tense atmosphere.


「It’s nothing, there was something I wanted to ask you, before going to rest」

「I-is that soo? Okay, then please take it easy and get some rest.  No one will bother you while your resting」

「Well, that was exactly what I was going to request, thank you」


Feeling a little light having gotten something off his chest, Kazuya left the girls before going directly to his personal quarters.

But as soon as Kazuya left.


「Fuck it…… No matter what happens, do not let anyone get close to Master’s room….that’s an order」


Kazuya didn’t know about the cuisine Chitose had planned just for him.


.….Hm? Did…. someone….. enter?


Laying down on his bed within his personal quarters, Kazuya noticed the presence of someone entering his room.

Did something happen again?

Trying to get up from the bed, Kazuya realized he couldn’t move his body for some reason.




Surprised by his inability to move, Kazuya opened his eyes to find himself tied down to his bed.

And standing around his bed were five female officers, including Chitose and Ibuki.


……Huh!? What’s the meaning of all this?

I can’t understand why I’m all tied up, but thankfully its just Chitose, Ibuki and these women, I’ll just ask Chitose to help me out.


「Um… Chitose? Why am I all tied up?」

「Well Master, you see there’s this thing…..」

「What thing?…….」

「I realized Master wasn’t feeling so good, so I thought about gathering some of the girls to better your mood」


「I couldn’t help but notice that Master’s precious son was in serous pain, let us help ease your suffering with our bodies」


Although Chitose spoke profoundly, her words were all false as her facial expression was wrapped with sexual desire.


「Stop, it’s okay, I can take care of it myself…..」

「No, Master it’s not okay, there’s no reason to hold yourself back.    Please use (ravage) our bodies as you wish」

「No, that kind of thing is…..」

「In that case, I will make sure to serve Master with my entirety. Master will definitely be pleased」


Chitose draws closer to the bed with a bewitching smile.


「Just wait!! Let’s calm down!! Don’t, stop, listen to me!!」

「I’ll listen to your story later….so for now…. let’s have our instincts take over….」


Approaching Kazuya’s bed Chitose drops her one piece nightgown, sensually, as the rest of the girls do the same.

Realizing that there’s no way his words would reach Chitose and the rest of the girls, Kazuya calls out for help from outside.



「That’s quite futile, Master. I’ve told everyone, not to bother you while your resting, so no one is actually nearby」



A lot of sweat begins to stream from Kazuya’s forehead when Chitose explains that no one will come save him.

Climbing on top of his bed, Chitose mounts herself onto Kazuya’s frantic frame, telling him she couldn’t bear it any longer.


「Since that’s the case…… Please enjoy our bodies to your full content~」

「No, don’t, wait, nooooooooo!!」


Tearing away Kazuya’s sleep-wear in one quick motion, Kazuya screamed like a girl being devoured.

As the cry for help echoed in vain, soon after the voices within that isolated room, turned into gasps and pants, interloping as they blended together in the end.




Two days later, Kazuya exited his personal quarters looking fairly thinner than before.

After having been squeezed dry.


When all the other women in the company started appearing, I thought I was really gonna die…..

If it weren’t for that ability I received from god, which strengthens my body, I’m pretty sure I would’ve died.

It’s already been two days, since I was attacked.


Holding such thoughts Kazuya looked back towards his room, through a gap in the door he could see Chitose’s figure sleeping with an indescribable expression as she was covered in a large amount of slimy liquid.




Sighing to himself, Kazuya turned to face away from Chitose and the rest of the girls, closing the door before he made his way to the Command room.




The moment Kazuya entered the Command room, all the male Soldiers immediately lined up into a single row.




――*Snapping to attention & saluting*


……Huh, what’s all this?


Suddenly his subordinates all saluted him in unison with dignified expressions, as if proud of his military achievements.


…..I don’t get it, why is everyone…..


Not understanding the meaning of his subordinates actions, Kazuya returned a salute back towards his men, before going about his business.

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