Ep 5: Looking for a Job from a Newspapers Classifieds

*Sigh* I need to make money


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『Good Morning! Did you sleep well?』

「….ugh, my body aches」


Rising out of my makeshift tent, I wash my face in the river while soaking up the sun.

『Your little shelter was able to take on the rain, but sleeping on the ground must have been rough on you 』

I nod my head towards God’s words on screen, rubbing my eyes while yawning.

Just like God mentioned, I didn’t have anything to lay on when I went to sleep. And because I slept in an awkward position, my body aches all over. I chew on the grilled meat I made yesterday before falling asleep, while rubbing the back of my neck.

I’ve turned the rest of the meat into jerky, it would be a waste to let it rot, especially since it’s my only source of food for now.

「……Sigh I need to make money」


Staring at the screen in front of me I declare my gripes.

「I said, I need to make some money!!」

Thinking over the things God spoke of, I won’t be able to return to my home world unless the demon king has been defeated.  But right now, the demon king is still sealed.

Which means, that right now, I need to figure out a way to survive in this world.  Even if the demon king were to be resurrected right now, I would still need funds in order to go about my business.

The Heroes in RPGs need to have money, in order to get recovery potions, boost items and better weapons. But for right now, I just need enough money for food and some daily items. If things are going to drag on longer, and I have to face constant battles, then I want a house. I also need a change of clothes too.

Frankly, I grew up pretty well back in Japan, I don’t think I can continue to live surviving out in the wild like a vagrant. I really miss taking long warm baths. Even now, I’m just putting up with this situation.

I really do hope there are hot springs somewhere in this world.

『Hmmm, I see….. Well there certainly are hot spring like places here, but what are you going to do now?』

「For now, I’ll just head into town」

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If there is anyone, who was brought to this world and cast away like me, here’s a bit of some advice. Never go up to others and beg for money, no matter how desperate you end up, don’t do it.

「Haah, Haah, Heh….」

『Skill acquired 《Evasion》』

Looking at the words that floated on the screen, I realized the situation couldn’t have been avoided. For now, I try to focus on catching my breath. Now back to the situation I was talking about earlier, I tried begging people for money.

And results were disastrous.

Overall, the public order within a country like Enerlia isn’t bad. But since I’m an Otherworlder, I’m much more used to Japan’s sense of public order, which is several times better than here. But even then in a country like Japan, we still had homeless people around the place.

And similar to other places, vagrants and wayward youths in this country had formed gangs and an underworld network.

And to make things short, the gangs of this town have already marked their territories. So before anyone tries to go out and beg for money, it is necessary to speak with the gang leader in order to be a beggar in their territory. I was oblivious to all of this.

When I tried to beg for money all on my own, a group of kids in rags grabbed me and dragged me to their gang leader.

After leaning all this, I tried asking permission to beg for money, but their leader demanded 40% compensation from whatever I had made. Also as requirement, if I wanted to beg for his group, they would have to cut off one of my arms.

There’s no way in hell I’d accept those conditions.

But with the way they were talking, they were totally serious. Their eyes were serious as they began to try to cut one of my arms, hey that hurts.

I was able to see their status That was how I could gauge their abilities. Their strongest person was Lvl 8 and I managed to get away, but against 20 people, right now that’s impossible for me to handle.  My current level is so low.

Which is why I ran away with my life on the line.

『….Are you okay?』

Does it look like I’m doing okay?

While it’s a good thing that I acquired another skill. I’m definitely going to put it to use right now. That’s what I thought while trying to catch my breath.

Apparently, no one else can see this window screen besides myself. But every now and then, when I talk to God aloud, I always draw strange looks and get looked at as a weirdo.

So because I’m in town, I can’t really talk to god out in the open. And since my second plan to make a living didn’t work out, I need to come up with a new idea.

My first plan was to find a job, earn a decent amount of money to buy clothes, but that didn’t seem to work out either.  I’m gathering the stares from my surroundings again, I need to keep moving.

But it’s not like I can help it, my school uniform just stands out from the rest of the public. I didn’t think my simple black and white school uniform would draw attention, but in this world it’s so different that it draws people’s gazes. I don’t know if its because of the way my clothes were designed or how the color scheme is, but one way or another it always draws the eyes of my surroundings.

It’s because my clothes were so different, that I assumed I could go out begging for money. Even before I started begging, I tried asking several shops, to see if they were hiring, but none of them were. That’s when I decided maybe I was better off begging. Because every time I would enter a shop and ask for work, the owners would look at me and my clothes with disgusted expressions and turn me away.

That’s why first impressions are always important. And it’s especially important when your job hunting. That seems to be the case, true to the saying.

Well where I work and the conditions of work also go hand in hand.

I mean for the meantime.  I could hunt boars for to get by, but it’s not like I want to keep on hunting them all the time.

But that line of work is absolutely rejected. It’s also dangerous for my health. Because I’ll have to use my stamina, I will have to eat all the time to replenish my energy. That’s not a lifestyle I want to live.

But I’m currently struggling, looking all over the place just to find work. It’s not like I can naturally find a place based on a hunch or something.

It would really be great if there were a paper advertising for jobs, somewhere.


Sighing to myself, I lost count of how many times I went around looking work. But while I was spacing out, a gust of wind blew. All of a sudden something flew towards me and directly hit my face.

Bleugh What the….?」

It was a newspaper flyer. Written on the papers header  [Job Classifieds]

『Would you look at that?』

……Is this one of those miracles from god?


Thank! You! God!!

I immediately open the pamphlet.

『Wow, that’s the first time you praised me Yuuto-kun….! What could this be, there’s this overflowing feeling coursing through my heart…..』

Ignoring God’s disgustingly creepy comments, I began looking over the job ads within the paper. The first thing I’m going to use my money on is a place to stay. But in order to do that I need to find a job as soon as possible.

This Chapter was translated by Kuro_0ni
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I was standing outside in front of a bakery. It’s name was [Croix’s] Maybe they should’ve called it the croissant.

I couldn’t resist making a light joke as I pushed open the shops glass doors.

And that’s when.

「Leave! You’re giving me a headache already!」


I was blocked at the entrance

The moment I tried to enter the bakery, I was knocked back by the arm of a man dressed in an adventurer like outfit. Due to how the shop was arranged, bread from the bakery shelves had also fallen to the ground as a result. Is this man fuming and burning red because of me? No, that can’t be, there must have been  a mistake. Yup, just a mistake.

「But I came all this way!! I can’t turn back now that I’ve made it this far…… 」

「With the way you are, you’ll never be able to handle my swords!! You’re not going to get any from me!!」

Looking up I could see the Baker crossing his arms in an irritated manner.  But then my eyes look down towards the bread which had fallen to the floor. Stepping on the bread which had fallen, without a care.

A person who wastes food deserves death.

「You dare waste, good food」


Suddenly the Baker’s and adventurer’s eyes  looked toward me.

「This bread are products of this shop, am I right!? And these products which have fallen to the ground are not fit for sale anymore!! So what’re you going to do about it, huh!? The way it is now, it’s just too pitiful!!」


It seems due to my outburst, the old man baker realized the current state his shop was in.

「Oooooo! What are you going to do with this!?」

「That’s not my prob…..」

Closing in towards the adventurer I pointed to all the wasted bread.

「You wasted all this food dammit! Why!? Did you want to turn out like this as well?」


Glaring with a infuriated expression, the frightened adventurer ran away. After such an exchange, I realized my position and felt embarrassed. And not only that.

Something familiar popped up, but I really didn’t feel like looking. I was afraid of what it might say. Ring Ring

Level Up ▲』


My eyes grow wide from the sudden change, and the appearance of my status window.

《Hidden Status》

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  26/29

MP  8900/8900

TA  82/150


EXP 40


(金) Sigyn 0

Additional Information

【Sword Arts】 《Imbue Magic》

【Magic】You don’t know any.

【Magical Attributes】Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Void (Dark) and many more.

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・(Authentic) Hero ・The Discarded Hero ・ The Hero with God’s Blessing ・ The Hero who became a beggar

【Skills】Intuition LV 1  Evasion Lv 1


Wait I didn’t do anything, How did my level go up?

『Hmmm, well you did get angry and it’s probably related to one of your abilities. Maybe a part of your power was released as killing intent. You can see the change with the increase in your magic power…. It seems your magical power is also influenced by your emotional state』

Can there be such thing!?

『That’s why I mentioned it, but did you know your face really was super scary. It was super ugly too. Yeah, well it didn’t seem like the Adventurer left because of your face, but he seemed genuinely afraid of you….』

The way I was raised, my home was really strict when it comes to food. And when anyone disrespects food at the table, we would receive punishment.

Looking towards the ground, I decided to pick up the bread, hopefully there’s a chance. If possible hopefully this bread can be sold again.

「……did you come in, to purchase some bread?」

I totally forgot about the baker who was arguing with adventurer. Oh, he seems like an interesting old man.

「No, uh, actually, I came here because I was looking for a job, and I thought….」

「You came here for a job?」

Wait, didn’t you want to hire someone? I decided to speak more politely. But it didn’t go the way I thought, as I just rephrased my words around.

「Didn’t you put out an advertisement in a paper? Help wanted, wages will provided along with lodging?」

「Hmmm… Oh! That thing, but I made that job advertisement one year ago?」


I look at the job ad in the paper. The publishing date was from a year ago.


I glare at the avatar screen that floated near me.


Do you want me to strangle you death?

This Chapter was translated by Kuro_0ni @ Hiscension.com

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