Vol 1 Chapter 1

Kazuya Nagato was your average High School boy, and on his way home from school he took his usual train.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Kazuya Nagato was your average High School boy, and on his way home from school he took his usual train.

…… I wonder what I should do when I get home?


While lost in thought about what he should do, Kazuya suddenly feels a sharp pain in his chest.

「Hugh! Gaugh, rgh………..!」

Kazuya’s expression distorted due to the intense pain he was feeling, losing his consciousness he collapsed on the train.

「Ugghh…. Huh, where is?」

After having lost consciousness, Kazuya woke up once more, but he wasn’t on the train nor was he in a hospital either.  He woke up in small room, surrounded by white walls.

Where am I?


Dumbfounded to by his surroundings, Kazuya looks around the strange room in wonder.  Dropping his gaze towards his feet, he finds a neatly folded sheet paper.

What’s this piece of paper doing here?


Picking up the piece of paper, Kazuya found out it a was a note addressed to him.


『If you are reading this right now, then that means you are already dead. The reason for your death was supposed to be due to an illness, but you were supposed to die 50 years later down the line. Because of this mistake of mine, I’m sending you to a parallel universe, with three abilities of your choosing as my apology.  ~From God 』」

Kazuya was stunned after learning the shocking truth.

「I died, due to a mistake, what!?」

Recovering from his bewildered state, Kazuya roars his displeasure as he crumples and throws the note to the floor.  Stressed out from the situation Kazuya vented his frustration.

Ha~hah~  *Sigh* Whatever dammit, ha~ I’m already dead.


And after controlling his emotions and settling his breathing, he began to ponder more about the future.

I wonder what sort of abilities I should have, since I’ll be living in a different world.


And just when Kazuya finishes thinking about what kind of abilities he’d want, a computer screen with a keyboard appeared right before him, almost like a game.

「What the? Is this where I put the type of abilities I want to have?」

On the screen there were three blank entries.

Finalizing his decision, Kazuya begins to type away on the keyboard, filling in the blanks on the computer screen.

1.『The ability to summon weapons and soldiers to operate them


2.『The ability to operate summoned weapons and manage soldiers


3. The ability to summon military munitions, resources, personnel and facilities for the operation & maintenance

I think this should be fine.


Reading the abilities he chose, Kazuya began to think to himself.

Even If I were able to acquire such weapons, it would be pretty useless if I couldn’t do maintenance or replenish my supplies.

Well the second ability is a bit overkill, it’s like a gun lovers dream…..


And while Kazuya was lost in thought the screen goes dark and during the transition, details suddenly emerge.


Error Detected!!


The scope of the 3 selected abilities exceed, certain parameters.
To compensate, restrictions will be added towards these abilities,
do you accept?

Huh! I guess each ability I thought of, is a combined mix of other abilities. Well, even if there were some restrictions, it should be alright.


Feeling a little optimistic about it, Kazuya never realized the severity of his decision.

Selecting [YES], Kazuya felt pretty confident about the results. The screen changed once more, displaying more content.


Then it’s time to depart for another world. For your information, this world is a place where magic, monsters and demons exist. You’ll be able to acquire many benefits.

Please review your status at your leisure, Also note, that the world in which you are going to, will also have several people, similar to your circumstances. These Otherworlders, can be captured or killed and can provide you with special perks and the abilities of whom you’ve killed

「Oh how lucky is that. So you can get other perks and abilities as a service? ….. But in order to acquire them, you’d have to capture or kill these Otherworlders…. that’s a little messed up 」


While muttering these things under his breath.  All of a sudden a big hole appears under Kazuya’s feet.




「Huh!? AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!」


Having been sucked into the hole, looking down towards his feet, Kazuya began screaming at the top of his lungs.

Several new lines appeared on the screen, right after Kazuya fell into the hole.


[In addition to sending you to another world,
this also doubles as God’s past time.
For this reason, please note that God’s divine intervention,
may occur at any time~ ]

Appearing too late, the warning meant for Kazuya lingered on screen before disappearing.


A hole in space appears, as a young man falls out of it, rolling on the ground until he stops.

「…..I thought I was going to die」

After arriving in another world, relieved nothing bad happened, Kazuya voices his thoughts. 

「Ha~aa….. First things first, I should check on my status and current abilities」

The moment Kazuya tries to verify his status, he is struck with a severe headache without warning.

「RRRRraaaaauuggghhーーーMy headーーー!!!」

Filled with so much pain, Kazuya crumbles to ground gripping his head.  Curled up on the ground for almost 5 minutes, the pain gradually recedes.


Fucking hell, what was the deal with that massive headache?…..


Staggering while getting up, he holds his head.


Huh, what’s all of this!?


Before Kazuya suffered his headache, he had no knowledge of this world, but now skills and information had been crammed into his brain.


……So the reason for that massive headache was part of my ability, and to ingrain this worlds knowledge into me?

They (God) could have at least told me this was going to happen, before I had that headache.


Hazily remembering the pain he went through, Kazuya was slightly disappointed, but eventually forgot about his discontent and decided to think about what to do next.

「Alright, since that’s over, let’s try out one of my abilities」

All of a sudden a menu screen pops up in the air, without Kazuya having to wave any of his hands, or form any specific gesture.

Seeing the options on his menu, Kazuya decided to fiddle around with it, and tried to summon an M4 Carbine.

Huh!? That’s weird…

It won’t allow me to summon an M4 Carbine.


Growing suspicious about being unable to summon what he wants, Kazuya looks at the text below the title.

[Summoned Armaments]

At this time, only weaponry designed, developed and manufactured up until 1945 can be summoned.

「……No way…..」

Manipulating his menu screen some more,  Kazuya sweats in agitation trying to find his desired answer.

Staring at the extra info on screen, he reads the finer details hoping to appease his worries.


[ The weapons and equipment which are available to be summoned are limited to what has been developed up to 1945 Common Era (CE). This ability is restricted to the users current level, increasing levels will in turn raise the summon limit & lessen some restrictions.  At this time the number of soldiers and amount of weapons are limited to a certain degree. ]

What the hell, God!…… I should have checked my abilities when I was still in that room.


Kazuya was now regretting the fact he didn’t verify his status and abilities.

I thought I was going to be cool-headed and think things through, but I ended up making a mess over here. I need to calm down, and think ahead.


Reflecting on his actions Kazuya decided to think and act more carefully from now on.

So I can summon more or even better weapons once I raise my level, huh? I guess even acquiring weapons from 1945 is still pretty over-powered.


And so Kazuya decided to think positively about his situation.


I mean, what’s my level anyway? Alright lets check the menu once again.

Hmmm, navigate through the Menu, select Status, and that should display my info.



Kazuya Nagato




School Uniform and shoes.

Oh wow, that was pretty simple. Hey it even shows items, too.


After reviewing the [Summoned Armaments] and [Status] tabs, Kazuya decided to check the rest of his menu options.


[Summon Limit & Force Composition]

Due to user’s restrictions, the summon limit for summoned equipment and personnel are as follows.


・250 (One Company)







Naval Vessels


In the case for Artillery, Vehicles, Aircraft & Naval Vessel summons, the required amount of operating personnel will be summoned alongside.

Logistical Combat Support personnel  (Combat Engineers・Maintenance/ Mechanics ・Communications Specialists・Supply & Food Specialists・Medical Soldiers・etc.) are not included towards the Infantry summon limit, currently the available summon limit of LCS personnel is equivalent to the size of a brigade element.

There are no restrictions for summoned small caliber weapons or heavy weapons that require 2-3 soldiers operate.


Mental Resilience (Strong)

Physical Strengthening (Medium)

Linguist (Universal language)


・ You are located inside the Canary Kingdom『The Forest of No Return』



・[ Settings for Military Summons (Soldiers) ]

You can modify the characteristics of your summoned Soldiers ( Gender, Age, Personality, Weapons and Equipment). These parameters can be modified in advance.

When parameters are not set, gender, age, and personality of summon individual will be randomized, summoned weapons and equipment for individual will be at the summoners choosing.

Additional information, vacancies from soldiers killed in combat cannot be immediately replaced, a month is required before replacement personnel can be summoned 


・[Important Ability Notes]

It is possible to summon via thought or voice commands, without viewing the menu screen.

Ability to summon Personnel and Equipment can be regulated.

You can not summon weapons, equipment or soldiers during combat.

Reviewing the fields of information from his screen, Kazuya decides to use his power.

Alright then, for my primary weapon I’ll go with German Army’s StG44 Assault Rifle, as for my sidearm, a Walther P38 pistol, some grenades and how about a bayonet?

…… That should complete my German Soldier military set.

Now that I think about it, I should probably change my attire to match the situation. So time to change my school uniform―― into some military clothing. Since I already have the German Army’s weapons, I’ll go with their military uniform as well.

Alright….. let’s see…. the M43 Feldbluse. Oh besides that, I’ll need a helmet, military boots, gloves, portable shovel, a combat vest with pouches, and some medicine and this…..


One after another, Kazuya summoned weapons, gear and anything that came to mind. After finishing up his summons, he took a look at his status screen once more.





Kazuya Nagato




M43 Army Uniform, Helmet, gloves, portable shovel, rucksack, military boots.

Primary Weapon

・ Assault Rifle Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44)

・ x6 Banana shaped 30-round magazine (Fires 7.92 x 33mm bullets)


・ Walther P38

・ x2 8-round magazine (Fires 9 x 19mm bullets )

Extra equipment

・ x2 M24 Grenades (Stielhandgranate)

・ Bayonet attachment

I never thought this could ever happen.  But still, these guns are quite heavy…..


For the first time in his life, Kazuya held a real live gun―― feeling the weight of his assault rifle, he couldn’t help but smile widely.

Okay now, I should summon some Soldiers to scout this area.


And just like that Kazuya summons his Soldiers with just a thought, wearing the same German Military M43 uniforms, they all stand up straight, ready and in perfect order.


Kazuya feels a wave of tension from the group of people who lined up before him.

Lined up in perfect columns and rows, suddenly one Soldier steps forward, positioning themselves in front of the group. Lifting their hand and giving a salute, the Soldier begins to give out commands.

「Company, Attention!  Sir, 250 soldiers reporting for duty, sir!」

Realizing those words were directed towards him, Kazuya comes back to his senses and responds back to the Soldier.

「At-ease, thank you, and um who might you be?」

Kazuya moves towards the soldier who called the Company to order.

Maintaining an upstanding attitude, the soldier maintains their salute, lowering it firmly once Kazuya was directly in front of them, answering Kazuya’s question.


「Reporting sir, Major Chitose Katayama, Company Commander.  You may thank me later, because as of this moment, I will serve as your second in command and military adviser, sir!」

Distracted by the grandeur of the group of Soldiers in front of him, he didn’t notice the Soldier before him until they had introduced themselves.

「Alright Major Katayama, I look forward to working with you from now on」

Due to one of his abilities, Kazuya was able to respond back to Major Katayama in a commander-like tone.

「Yes, Sir. Please leave everything to me.  I’ll be sure to serve with you with my entire body, heart and soul, sir」

Right……. The Major does actually looks kind of sexy right now….


「Umm…yeah…. oh by the way. Major, what is our unit’s male to female ratio?」

Noticing a lot of feminine faces amongst the summoned soldiers, Kazuya asks Chitose the current composition of their troops.

「Maste….Sir, 150 Soldiers out of 250 are female, that includes myself, sir」


…… I didn’t think about setting up the Unit Characteristics before summoning troops, I never imagined there would be more female than male soldiers.


While Kazuya was deep in thought over the current state of his summoned army, Major Katayama speaks her mind.

「You may be cautious about having more female soldiers than men, but worry not because we can fight just as well as our male counterparts. So please don’t overthink it 」

Kazuya became startled as if Major Katayama had read his thoughts, but in reality his worries were just displayed all over his face.


Unable to deal with Major Katayama’s  sincere gaze, he decides to give orders towards his newly summoned unit.


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