Vol 1 Chapter 2

Alright, we’ll need weapons in order to defend this place


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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「Well then, first off, let’s create a command center and a defensive perimeter around it, then we’ll send out reconnaissance teams to our surrounding areas.」


While informing Chitose of his plans, Kazuya operated his menu screen, summoning the facilities and equipment he proposed.

Summoning durable buildings made of concrete, he established the Command Center as well as a communications facility.

Moving around the complex, he summoned up thick defensive walls, barbed wire for trenches and created dug-outs and pillboxes, finalizing with watchtowers.

Kazuya wanted to establish strong defensive points, by creating Weapon emplacements on all sides.

「Alright, we’ll need weapons in order to defend this place」

In terms of defensive capabilities, one tried and true weapon was the M2 Browning, adopted by the United States military in 1933, this .50 caliber machine gun is still being manufactured and used in many places around the world to date.

Along with the M2 Browning, Kazuya summoned the M20 Recoilless Rifle, an anti-tank weapon designed to fire 75mm rounds.  In terms of ranged bombardment, Kazuya summoned the M1938 Mortar, five units of BM-13 Katusha Multiple Rocket Launcher, ten units of T34 Calliope (A modified M4 Sherman tank with a MRLS), five M115 Howitzers, five Type 96 15cm Howitzers and all kinds of weapons in varying degrees.

Alright, now that we have a good defensive force, next is trying to recon the area around us.

「Company, fall in!!」

Finalizing their bases defenses with assistance from their engineers; Soldiers and support personnel assemble at Kazuya’s command.

Once everyone came together, the Soldiers all stomp their feet, standing tall and ready.  Observing that everyone is present, Kazuya begins to deliver his address.

「Now here’s your task, we’ll be sending people out to Recon the area. According to our knowledge, we are situated within the territory of the Canary Kingdom, inside 『The Forest of No Return』to be precise. It’s a place were monsters lurk and breed.

Not much is known besides the fact that this place is full of monsters ―― you could also ask why did we build our base in such a place, what is the purpose. And to that, my answer is that this, this is the best place to build an outpost.

I’ll have 12 squads composed of 10 Soldiers each, you will explore the geography and environment surrounding this location like a clock. Following the cardinal directions of each clock number, you will embark from this point and extend your search 5 kilometers out.

Approximately 3 kilometers to the east of us, is the sea. The squad that reaches that point, I want you to extend your survey into the sea as well. If you come across anything, humans artifacts, structures during your reconnaissance, report them immediately to the Command Center and standby for further instructions. In the event of emergency, I want all of you to act within your discretion.」

「「「「Sir, Yes, sir!」」」」

「The remaining personnel will continue building and maintaining our perimeter defenses as well as provide for my guard. Even if you aren’t participating in the Recon operation, you will still receive weapons and necessary equipment. And for the members going out for reconnaissance, several medical support personnel will be attached to your squad, that is all. Company, Dismissed!」

「「「「Oora (Understood)」」」」

After receiving their instructions, the troops do a final salute before leaving the formation.

Alright, I’ll need to ramp up summoning additional weapons and gear for my men.

Even though our assault rifles are the StG44, our firepower is slightly lacking…. I should summon a machine gun like the MG42, a sniper rifle such as the Type 99 Arisaka, and a rocket launcher, the Panzerfaust would be a boon for the men.

If it’s just this, we should be able to handle most situations.

As the 12 squads left to go scout the area with their respective members, both support and medical troops. The artillery support around their outpost was finalized, as they could provide artillery cover to any squad in the vicinity.

*Big Sigh * This should be good for now, maybe I should take a breather.

「Is there something wrong, Master?」

Chitose called out to Kazuya right when the burden on his shoulders lightened for a bit.

Ah, that’s right recently Chitose has been calling me master, instead of Sir for some time…..

I forgot when she began referring to me like that, but I should probably change that. It feels weird to be called Master.

「Hey, you don’t have to keep calling me master every time you know?」

「NO, Master is Master. You are the only one true lord, who has the power to command us, that is a fact. Therefore I won’t change the way I call you. But with that, you don’t need to call me by my title, you can also call me by my first name. Actually I would like you to call me by Chitose from now on, please.」

「……..Alright then, I’ll call you Chitose from now on」

Though Kazuya tried to change the way Chitose called him, he was taken aback by her reason and lost the timing to actually do so and gave in to the pressure.

But her telling me that I’m “the one true lord,” that’s quite delusional, it’s something a crazy woman might say…..

Hmmm, I wonder if I can see Chitose’s Status?

Going over to his “Menu” screen once more, Kazuya found the Status option to see his subordinates.



Chitose Katayama




M43 Army Uniform, Helmet, rucksack, military boots

Primary Weapon

・Assault Rifle Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44)

・x6 Banana shaped 30-round magazine (Fires 7.92 x 33mm bullets)


Walther P38

・x2 8-round magazine (Fires 9 x 19mm bullets )

Extra equipment

・x2 M24 Grenades (Stielhandgranate)



………………..Her personality…..is scary….

My second in command seems really dangerous.

Fear swept Kazuya as he stared at the Status screen, lightly lifting his eyes towards Chitose’s direction.

Her long Black hair extending to her waist, shone with luster as she removed her helmet. Even through her military uniform, Chitose exemplified what and ideal woman looked like in every manner and form.

But even with all that marvelous beauty, her personality could become deadly.

While looking over towards Chitose, Kazuya couldn’t help but smile awkwardly to himself. Locking eyes with his gaze, Chitose could only tilt her head slightly, confused by Kazuya’s smiling expression, before smiling in return.

Seeing Chitose’s smile, Kazuya decided to forget about everything, and made up his mind not to get on her bad side.

During this time, Kazuya went to deepen his relationship with the troops and support personnel who stayed behind on base.

As time whittled away, reports started to come in from the scouting troops.

『Command, this is 6th Squad, we’ve reached the sea, no signs of humans or wildlife activity.  * break* As there’s nothing else to report, requesting to return to base, over』

「Copy that 6th Recon, you may return back to base, over」

Not long after 6th Recons transmission, the 4th and 8th Recon squads reported similar findings.

Waiting for the other squads to finish their report, the 9th squad follows up with an interesting discovery.

『Command, this is 9th Recon, over』

「This is Command, standing by」

『At approximately 3 kilometers from the outpost we came across an ancient ruin, requesting guidance, over 』

「Understood, 9th Recon stand by for reinforcements. we’ll get in touch with 10th Recon and send them to your location to support you, over」

『Roger Command, we’ll stand-by to link up with 10th Recon and explore the ruin. 9th Recon, out』

Just as 9th Recon ended their radio transmission, the Command Center went to hail 10th Recon.

「10th Recon, this is Command, come in 10th Recon, over」

『This is 10th Recon, over』

「10th Recon, We need you to link up with the 9th and explore an ancient ruin, over」

『Copy that Command, 10th Recon will link up with 9th Recon to explore some ruins, over』

Just as 10th Recon finished acknowledging their orders from Command, something unexpected occured.

―― BaBOOOM!!

All of a sudden, a great explosion rocked the forest, causing birds to fly away from its shockwave.

「What was that!?」

「We don’t know sir! We’re verifying it right now!!」

The sudden explosion could be heard all the way to Kazuya’s Outpost.

Right at that time, one of the Soldiers patrolling the perimeter bursts into the Command Center.

「General!  We can see black smoke rising, from the west!!」

Shouting out what they’ve seen while on patrol, the Command Center fell into slight disarray, trying to verify the situation.

「Got it!! Give me a report on which units are directly west of us!」

「Copy that. Sir, contact from 11th & 12th Recon, they’re in the vicinity where the explosion occurred, both units are rushing to where the smoke is rising 」

Calling out to the affected squads, the communications soldier relays information they received to Kazuya.

「Thank you for the report! Chitose!!」

「Yes Master?」

「Just in case, I want you to organize a group of soldiers, weapons ready, and send them to support our Reconnaissance Squads.」

「Understood. I will assemble a quick reaction force and have them depart immediately!!」

Jumping to attention and receiving her orders, Chitose salutes before carrying them out.

Following the exchange, 12th Recon sends another radio transmission.

「General, incoming transmission from 12th Recon」

「Alright, patch it through」

Receiving the microphone from one of the of the communications soldiers, Kazuya responds to 12th Recons, Squad leader.

「This is the General, what’s the situation, over」

『Sir, this is the 12th reporting, we rushed over to the point of where the blast occur-ed and came upon two individuals fighting each other, one appeared to be a blonde haired fellow in his late teens while the other was a black haired man approximately in his thirties.   * break*

At this time were maintaining surveillance, 11th Recon is also observing these two from a reasonable distance, so as not to get involved with their fight. Standing by for your orders, over』

Could it be that those two are Otherworlders, and are in a similar situation like me? But why are they fighting…..

Is there now way to befriend them….. or make them an ally?

No, it can’t be that easy, there’s now way I can trust a stranger. If I let my guard down, they most certainly will try to kill me or enslave me for my abilities or for their benefit.

Should I get rid of them now, while they haven’t noticed me yet?

We have the element of surprise, so why don’t we gain something out of this.

Apathetic towards those two unknown individuals, Kazuya decides to issue out a kill order.

「12th Recon, maintain your observation, analyze their movements and take out those two individuals if at all possible. We have platoon full of reinforcements en-route to your location. Be sure to engage the enemy without revealing your position. After neutralizing the target, return to base with their corpses. The strategy for this mission, I leave it up to you. But if you fail in neutralizing the target, withdraw and return to base immediately.  That is all, over」

『Understood, sir. We’ll take action as soon as we link up with reinforcements――!? General!! The battle between the two men is over, it appears like the man with the black hair won.  Our targets on the move, we’ll keep surveillance until reinforcements get here, over』

「Understood 12th Recon, Nagato out」

Ending his radio transmission with the 12th Reconnaissance squad, Kazuya orders the communication soldiers to transmit on all open channels.

「This is the General, I want all units out on reconnaissance to return back to base immediately」


After sending out a recall order to the rest of the units out on reconnaissance, one after another Kazuya waits for a response.

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Chapter Technical References

Infantry Weapons

 M2 Browning
M20 Recoilless Rifle
Type 99 Arisaka
MG42 Maschinengewehr

Various Military Vehicles

 M1938 Mortar
BM-13 Katyusha MRL
T34 Calliope Rocket Launcher
M115 Howitzer 
Type 96 15cm Howitzer

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