Ramblings 2.1 (Next Chappy News)

I’ll be doing a little re-translations for a bit.


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Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to my Anniversary Month.
Feel free to read my translations below.

MWFW Volume 4 Chapter 4

TAHGH Episode 5 : Looking For a Job from a Newspapers Classifieds

MWFW Volume 1 Chapter 1

MWFW Volume 1 Chapter 2

MWFW Volume 1 Chapter 3

Now to address the route I’ll be translating in the near future. At the moment I’ll be focusing on Re-translating Volume 1. If you wondering why, it’s because the Author, Tomahawk-Sensei, made revisions to those chapters. Volume 1 posted back in 2013 version have been redacted and updated. More so since Chapters 5 – 6 are entirely different from Chronon’s current translations.

Realistically Volume 4 Chapter 5 will be out next month June, as I will prioritize Volume 1 for the time being. But here is the next chapter analysis

Now I want to thank everyone for the support they’ve given me all year. May 21, 2018 is when I posted my first translation of “Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World”. At that time I thought about doing a one time translation of just Volume 3 chapters 6 & 7. But after a little encouragement, and also some negative feedback (can’t forget those moments) I continued on and the rest is history.

Here we are now with 30 translated chapters and 6 side stories. Not including my teaser project, which is like an extra 5 chapters. I’m surprised I pulled that off with my busy lifestyle.

But the fact is this, I wouldn’t have made the effort if it weren’t for you guys, my audience, and truthfully there were moments were people helped me out in the comments, either with grammar, or information. And with all that you have my Thanks.

I look forward to bringing you guys more content in the future, Enjoy your weekend and I wish you guys all the best.

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4 comments on “Ramblings 2.1 (Next Chappy News)”

  1. For persevering with your translations, you are awesome.

    With your 2 chapters a month schedule you could’ve just stocked up or held back releases. But instead you just post as you go.

    Your dedication shows, especially when you make up for late releases.

    So good on you, Mr. Humble Translator.

    With 41 translated releases, thank you for sharing your hobby with us readers.

  2. Well most of us would rarely find anything wrong with the quality of your translatiom being so good.
    Thanks for the hard work and have a great day.
    See you next chapter

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