Ep 4: The Meaning of life is to survive

I didn’t have any money, its not like I could help it.


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「Would ya look at that, that’s  quite a large boar if I say so myself!」

「How much would it cost to separate the meat from its fur?」

「Ah let’s see, fer something this big, it’ll cost ya 36 Sigyn」

「……Uh I don’t have any Sigyn on me right now. Is it alright if I take out a loan? I will pay you back after I sell the fur」

「Ah alright, I’ll see what I can do」

After reaching town I immediately stopped by the butcher’s place, dropping off the boar as it was quite heavy to carry around. Apparently this world’s money is called Sigyn.

I was able to find the butcher’s shop right away, because there was a sign that was right outside. It’s just that before I found the butcher shop, I was sweating bullets unsure if I would be able to read any signs, if things weren’t written in Japanese characters. Thankfully I didn’t have that issue, it must have been thanks to God’s divine blessing.

Oh and it seems God had some work he had to do, his avatar window wasn’t around to bother me. There was just, a bunch of things I wanted to ask God.

According to the Old Man from the Butcher shop, it would take some time to dress a boar, separating the meat from the fur, so I decided to walk around the town. At the moment, I’m still dressed in my High School uniform. But every where I go, I see people walking around town with clothes that you would easily see in those adventure role playing games.

People wearing cloaks, holding swords or magic staves, some of the vendors had baskets and were selling their wares.

In fact, I’m the only one who seems out of place here. Little by little I could feel the stares from people around me, but I try to ignore them.

I didn’t have any money, its not like I could help it.

As I passed various storefronts, there was one in particular that caught my eye. Entering the store, I was met with a line of bottles which held some kind of liquid inside them. And then a familiar sound Ring Ring and pop up window appears.

『Magical Water. This is an elixir which can restore strength, magic and cure wounds. The efficiency rating is rather low 』

I see, that makes sense. So these bottles with liquid inside them are elixirs?

Towards the back of the store I could see all sorts of items, just like the ones you would find in a role playing game. There’s a crystal ball that looks exactly like the one the 2nd Princess used, there were agility potions, defense potions, various pots, lamps, almost anything that you would need to go on an adventure. I became lost in thought, while snooping around the store.

From the looks of things, a lot of what would be considered medicine are elixirs in this world.


Staring at the back wall I caught sight of another line of bottles with another kind of liquid in them.

『Magic Potion. This is an elixir which increases strength, magic and cures wounds and illness. The efficiency rating is high』

Another description window popped up.


Wait, what’s the difference between Magic water and a Magic potion? They’re both elixirs, is there a difference because of how effective they are?  While I was thinking to myself, a grandpa looking shopkeeper comes out, rubbing his hands together with a sales pitch.

「Are you looking to buy a magic potion? They cost 600 Sigyn a bottle.」

「No, um actually there’s something I want to know. How much is the market price for the pelt of a wild boar?」

「Oh a wild boars fur is it? I’d say it depends on the quality of the fur and how much of it, there is, roughly the price is about 47 Sigyn. Are you planning on selling any?」

The shopkeeper readjusts his glasses, while asking.

「AH no, I currently don’t have any with me, but I should have some soon. I was just curious about the market price」

「 I see, was that all you wanted? Then by all means, if you happen to get any, you can sell it straight to me. I’ll also pay a little extra depending on the furs color」

「I will think about it」

After I left the store, I went around to several other vendors and asked the same thing. The average market price for a boars fur really was around 47 Sigyn. After getting the information I needed, I headed straight for the butcher shop.

So the amount I owe the butcher is 36 Sigyn, and selling the fur would net me 47 Sigyn….

「I wonder if 11 Sigyn is enough to survive?」

Whilst thinking and walking down the road, I glance over towards the food shops to my side.

There was a sign, the price of 10 eggs was worth 10 Sigyn. Back in Japan the cost for a pack of 10 eggs was roughly ¥100 (Yen), which means an egg here would be worth ¥10 (Yen). So If I convert Sigyn to Yen it would amount to only this much.

After picking up the boar meat from the butcher, I decide to head back to the forest.  And a familiar sound comes up again. Ring Ring

『You are now entering Sowelu Forest』

「….Oh, so this is called Sowelu Forest?」

I guess this is what happens when you visit a place you haven’t been to.  But by this time my hunger had already reached its limit.

In the woods I began to rely on my instincts as my hunger allowed me to sniff around for water. One cannot live without a water source. I managed to catch the scent of a river close by. Once there, I stuck my index finger to test the waters, smelling  for anything weird and taking a small lick to make sure if it was safe to drink.

「It doesn’t seem to be poisonous」

After being brought to another world, I’ve become quite cautious of things which could harm me. But the water here seems to be okay. Cupping my hands together, I gently scoop some water and bring it to my mouth.

Sigh That’s so good」

It was the first time I had drank some water in about a day. It went down so well, I could feel it rejuvenate my body. After drinking some water, it felt like I regained a bit of some energy.

「Yeah, that hits the spot」

Looking at the boar meat in my hands. It’s important to prepare food for consumption. I’m not that barbaric that I would eat it raw. First I went around looking for twigs and along the way I managed to pick up nuts and fruits.

『This is the Wardell fruit. It has an acetic, bittersweet, milky taste. Good for stomachaches.』

『This is the Renya fruit. It has a bitter, sweet and sour taste. It is effective at handling coughs and inflammation』

『This is the Cucol Fruit. It has a peppery bitter taste. It’s brine, has an abundance of salt. 』

「……Why are all these fruits so bitter?」

Every time I picked up something I thought was edible, a window would pop up each time, telling me what was wrong with the fruit. But at least none of them were poisonous. Maybe I can take away some of the bitterness, If I soak it in water.

Wrapping the gathered fruits in a handkerchief I soaked them in the river. The handkerchief was the only thing that I managed to keep with me from my world. Afterwards I prepared several stones and firewood. With a little bit of kindling, I pondered for a simple method to make fire. Picking up another stick in hand, I planned to rub it onto an indented piece of wood. Using the stick as spindle, I have a primitive bow, to speed up the process, but making fire wasn’t as easy as I thought.

I wonder how much time had passed while I was spinning the stick. The sky around me was already glowing orange, dusk was near. But just in the nick of time, I finally made fire.

「Alright! I did it, I finally did it!!」

Having made fire all by myself, I felt a deep sense of accomplishment. But having rubbed the wood for a while, my hands were a bit raw. I can finally cook something to eat at last, and there’s still the fruits which I had soaking lying around.

「…… I’m pretty sure, this is the one that’s really salty」

Picking up the soaked Cucol fruit, I begin to mash it on a stone with a small depression. Placing the crushed fruit into my handkerchief, I squeeze out its brine juices onto another bowl-shaped stone.

Having been placed near the fire, the liquid evaporates forming a fine grey powder. Tasting the powder, it actually was quite salty.


I poke several pieces of meat with a stick and place it next to the fire.

In the meantime while the food cooked, I went to gather branches and leaves. Making holes in some of the pieces, I built a frame. I tried to weave the branches and leaves together to form a half spherical shelter. Actually, it would be really nice if there was wood similar to young bamboo, nice and flexible. Filling the gaps of the frame with leaves, I managed to make myself a tent.

It looks like the meat was slightly burned. But that’s okay, I’ll just cover it up with some salt.


I didn’t have any words to explain it. But it was really good.

The meat juices spread all around in my mouth, while the saltiness of the Cucol fruit remained. The homemade salt really put a nice flavor, as it stimulated my tongue, carrying a nice salt and peppery taste. Thanks to that, my hunger was satiated.

『I take my eyes off you for just a little while, and it looks like you’ve found a way to survive』

Just as I was dozing off near the fire, I heard Ring Ring and a window had popped up.

「It’s not like I want to die. I need to eat and sleep in order to survive over here」

『 Well of course. You did well in creating a positive outcome, from your poor circumstances』

I had to rack my brain in order to do so. If a strong gale were to blow right now, it be natural for my makeshift tent to be blown away, but if it doesn’t, then this should be able to hold up from a little bit of rain.

『I guess boy’s enjoy practicing their survival skills around the great outdoors』

「Hey, at least I’m doing something important, unlike someone else」

『Oh I didn’t think you would get that reference.』

「So what, did you manage to finish what you were supposed to be doing?」

『Just to let you know, there is no end to the amount of work a God must accomplish』

「I feel like you’re making a real smug expression right now, but I just think you’re full of it」

『What you don’t believe me? In order to maintain the worlds functions and prevent chaos. I have to adjust the flow of magic, manage changes in the worlds atmosphere and more….』

「Oh I have another job for you, how about sending me back to my original world, how about that?」

There wasn’t an immediate response, and it took a while before more words appeared on the window.

『…… That is…. a valid request… But I’m deeply sorry. I can’t fulfill your desire with my current power.』

「…….. I see」

『You don’t seem convinced by my answer』

What’s there to convinced about, you’re just a God that can’t do anything.

『That’s really mean, take that back!! I can do a lot of things, it’s just sending you back home isn’t one of them!! 』

「Whatever. So is there any other way for me to return home? 」

『Yes there is, since you are the Hero. You just need to fulfill your duty and the magic summoning array should activate once more』

「Fulfill my duty as a Hero?」

『Yes, and speaking of roles, you just need to defeat the Demon King!』

「…… Hold on, didn’t you say the Demon King hasn’t been revived yet!? 」


「Don’t screw with me, Dammit! I’m serious!」

『If you have any complaints about the situation, you should be directing them towards the 2nd Princess. You weren’t supposed to be summoned to this world yet』

「…… So everything goes back to having to deal with that princess…」

I’m beginning to get a headache just thinking about that narcissistic girl’s voice.

「….You know what, forget it. I’m just going to go to sleep」

『Right. You truly do deserve some rest. With my divine blessing no monsters shall come to harm you tonight, so enjoy a good nights rest』


I head toward my makeshift tent, laying down, I curl up my body.

『Even though you’re this world’s Hero, trying your hardest to survive….. this world can be quite harsh』

Glancing towards the screen, I closed it before going to sleep.

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