Vol 4 Chapter 4

I will gamble with these kindhearted people. I should come clean and tell them everything.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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「Alright then…. are you ready to talk?」

Gathering inside the Village Chiefs home to listen to his story, Captain Kirishima had 2 guards posted outside so no one would interfere. Sitting in a chair inside his own home, the Village Chief exuded a burdened expression as Haruto and Suzumiya waited for his answer.

「……. Yes…. I’ll tell you everything」

He was the proud Chief of a small village, but against Haruto’s presence he felt smaller than ever, unsure if he should explain everything.


……These people…. They aren’t like those who came from the Empire, whose men always came to take away our food and even tried to lay their hands on our young girls.

No, I shouldn’t think like that, because these people actually gave their food to our people.

Which is why…. it should be fine…. I will gamble with these kindhearted people.  I should come clean and tell them everything.

….. but once these people know our village’s secret, there’s also a chance their attitude towards us could change.

It would be really distasteful…. but if the worst case scenario were to happen and these people seek to harm us after learning our secret….… We’ll have to leave none alive..

―― Like that one time 9 years ago.


Contemplating deeply, the Village Chief made up his mind and decided to speak.

「……I guess it was impossible to keep hiding until now, so I’ll just tell you our village’s secret. ……Our village…. our people are descendants of a serpent race who lived on this land from long ago!」


Okay, so they’re descendants of an old serpent race…… a tribe of snakes…. Naga….no that’s not right. I mean they are kind of similar to Lamia, where they have human features, but they just look like normal humans.

Well they’re jaws can dislocate and expand widely like a snake, could that be these peoples special trait. They’re body can stretch similar to a snakes as well, I wonder…



Having decided to reveal his tribes secret, the Village Chief’s anxiety grew as he balled his hands into fists and laid it over his knees, looking downwards, expecting a negative reaction from those who he exposed the truth to.

「I see. Was there anything else?」


「Like a said, anything else you want to mention?」

「Oh, uh…… we are a tribe of snakemen…..」

「I know, you told me that already」

「You’re not going to kill us?」

「Why are we going to kill you people?」



What the? Is he misunderstanding something again?


With an awkward silence between them Captain Kirishima realized that the Village Chief had some kind of misunderstanding. To rectify things, unlike the Empire’s way of doing things, he had to explain that their country Parabellum, wouldn’t cause harm to any village of Beastman or Demon-kin without good reason.

「Ahh~…….That’s…..It’s good (that we didn’t kill you guys)…… what a relief… It’s our fault that we had such a misunderstanding. We truly believed the stories merchants would tell us, when they occasionally came by. 

Saying that the Parabellum Military was merciless. We were so convinced by it, that we believed it was only a matter of time before beastmen and demon-kin were next. I’m truly sorry for our misunderstanding of all of this….」

「Ah it’s nothing, you really don’t have to worry about it. The way I see it it was just a common misunderstanding. But for a tribe of Snakemen…. I’m surprised you guys were able to live here while under the rule of the Alsace Empire」

「Ah well, the Coltrane Kingdom was very much like Canary’s Kingdom, where they didn’t persecute beastman or demon-kin, but 10 years ago that all changed when the Alsace Empire took over.

Our lives had changed, we could not live as freely as we once did, out of fear of being killed. But only the Empire’s Tax collectors would come to our remote village, so we managed to keep our beastial traits hidden and keep everything a secret. …… but a year after the Empire’s rule, the tax collectors which came, found out our villages secret, that our people are Snakemen. 

At that time, our village men had given Empire’s tax collector and all his companions rounds of drinks and in their stupor we had engorged them all down, in order to prevent our secret from leaving our village.

Well after that, we were too full to even move and became lethargic for about three months. Hahaha~ what a memory」

…. … Damn, that’s pretty scary!!


Having overheard the Village Chief’s story of how they prevented their secret from getting out, the guards outside felt fear towards the villagers, as the Village Chief laughed off his memory.

「Ah, I see. Your people must’ve hard it hard….. By the way, If protecting your secret was so important, why didn’t you leave this place? Wouldn’t it have been a whole lot easier to move to Canary Kingdom and abandon this area to the Empire?」

From all appearances they’re no different from a normal humans, but at Haruto’s question the Village Chief makes a grievous expression, hesitating to answer.

「…….That…. Even if we wanted to, there’s no way we could leave this place….」

Having joked not long ago, one would be surprised by the Village Chief’s change in demeanor as he exuded an aura that meant the situation was quite complicated. 

「Why, what do you mean?」

「As descendants of a Serpent Race, there is much about this land that we hold dear and protect with our lives」

「Something you hold dear? Protect with your lives? Can you talk about what it is you are trying to protect, with more detail, please?」

「………*Sigh* I understand. The reason we watch over this land, is that for many generations its been the home of our sacred deity, the Hydra」

「……Oh a Hydra?….. You mean the immortal serpent which had nine heads and can breath out flames and spit poison, that Hydra!? 」

「How do you know about our God!? Except for our folk no one else should know about the Hydra!!」

……… Seriously!?…..


While Haruto only brought up his knowledge of myths from the other world, the Village Chief retorted in disbelief. Flabbergast by the fact an outsider knows about their Ancestral God.

「Well about that, don’t overthink it」

「Why, how, but……..」


Having gotten off-track as the Village Chief started asking questionsof his own, Haruto tries to return to the previous topic at hand.


*Cough cough*….. sorry, you were explaining about protecting this place」

「But….Alright… the reason why we stayed….. about 20 years ago something strange happened to our Ancestral God 」

「Something strange?」

「Long ago, our Ancestral God, the Hydra was a loving and intelligent being with plenty of wisdom. But as time grew, its ego degraded most likely from miasmic energies and it began to attack anyone within its field of vision」

「So what your saying is…..it became vicious―― and devolved into a monstrosity? 」

「Unfortunately, that’s what happened. Our ancestral god’s dwelling is not that far away from this village. We’ve managed to seal it within it’s cave and prevent outsiders from venturing within, but if something happens, a terrible disaster would be unleashed upon the land. And that is why we guard these lands, to prevent such an event from happening. That is why, we could never leave this place」

「I see….. I can understand your situation a lot better now」


Damn, what a mess….. Looks like we got ourselves involved in something troublesome.

Were taking about a mythical beast here…..

Maybe I should go report this to Command and request for additional instruction on how to deal with this.


Having listened to the Village Chief’s entire story, Haruto was at a loss for what to do, as these kinds of things were over head.

「Alright, we’ll end our discussion here for now. You can tell the rest of your people not to be wary of us, and reassure them that we mean no harm」

「Yes, I will do that!」


And just as he was about to contact Command back at Ballard city, and request for guidance, their situation began to take another turn for the worst.

「Chief!! Chief!! It’s a disaster!!」

Having been accompanied by one of Haruto’s men, a villager had come barging through the Village Chief’s door as a fully transformed Snakeman. 

「Pruffe!? What’s wrong, why have you transformed!?」

「Chief!! I was out searching for my rascal son, and in my search I found my son’s footprints by our “Ancestor’s Cave”!  I didn’t think he would enter, but he was nowhere in sight…. At this rate my son could die…. so I ran for help!」

「What!? It’s terrible, if the cave’s seal becomes damaged or tampered with, the Hydra will escape!!」

Are you kidding me!?


Cold sweat trickled down from Captain Kirishima’s forehead as he listened to the exchange between a father and the Village Chief.

「Azuma!! Nishiyama!!  Head to that cave right now, follow that man!!」

「Roger that!」

「Sir, Yes Sir!! Alright then, please lead the way!!」

「Ah, ah, ff-follow me!!」


Following Haruto’s commands, the two guards standing by follow the father as they search for his missing boy.

This whole thing is turning into a clusterfuck…..


「Kobayashi, call the rest of the men, tell them to prepare for combat. We’re going to that cave as well」

「Roger that!」

「Lieutenant, take five men with you, I want these people evacuated from the village Get on comms and report the situation to Command back at Ballard City.  Also request for reinforcements」


Understanding the gravity of their predicament Haruto quickly shouted out orders towards his subordinates, making a tactical decision to reach the Hydra’s cave. While the Village Chief began foaming at the mouth, overwhelmed by sudden chain of events. 

「Everyone make sure to grab extra ammo and don’t forget to bring your gas masks!!」

Swiftly passing out orders to his men, Haruto places a 30-round magazine with 5.56 x 45mm bullets into one of the pockets of his bullet-proof vest.

Along with his current armament, Haruto stuck three MK3A2 grenades and two Type 6 rifle grenades.

「I hope this will be enough…… All hands, give me a status on your exo-suits!!」

Once everyone replenished their ammo, Captain Kirishima verifies his men’s electronic equipment. His men wore an advanced computerized exoskeleton, which increased Soldier carry-load and their tactical efficiency.

「All systems green!!」

「Good to go sir!!」

「Looks pretty good for me!!」


Confirming the equipment is operating without deficiencies, the men respond back to their commander.

「……..Preparations complete」


After several minutes and confirming that his men completed their arrangements, Haruto begins issuing out orders.

「Alright, I want two Snipers up on that cliff, take the .50 cal and Sniper Grenades.  Also, I need one Spotter to go with them」

「「「Sir, Yes Sir!!」」」


As the three Soldiers made their way to the cliff top, overlooking the Village and the target’s cave. One of the Snipers carried a Barret M82A1 .50 Cal while the other carried a Barrett XM109 a prototype anti-material rifle which shot 25 x 59mm sniper grenade rounds.

「You guys with the machine guns, if we enter battle, I want you guys to cover the rear. With your equipment, you’ll be too slow and become bulky targets, so don’t get ahead of each other 」

「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


Except for those carrying the FN Minimi, a light machine gun, Haruto tells the rest of his machine gunners their general positions ―― As those utilizing the Iron-man system (an exoskeletal suit which focuses on carrying capacity) used the general purpose machine gun M240. Equipped with a belt feed which connects into their backpack, Haruto’s men were able to carry 300 ~ 500 rounds of ammunition in order to provide cover fire.

In exchange for more firepower, those utilizing the Iron-man exosuit had lost mobility due to the extra amount of weight they carried.

「In the worst case scenario, you guys will be our ace in the hole. When that time comes, I’ll be counting on you guys!」

「That’s one heavy responsibility….」

「Alright, Leave it to me, I’ll take it on, I’ll do it when that time comes!!」


Turning to his heavy weapons team, Haruto pat the shoulders of his men carrying a Carl Gustav M3, a recoilless rifle which can fire flechettes that can pierce tank armor.

「Alright let’s wrap things up!! Group Atten――」

「Caaappptain!! Waaaiiittt!!!」

「Lieutenant, why are you running……what is it? Did you have something to repor――nNnphff!? 」

「Mmm~…….This is for good luck. Sir, you have to make it back here safely. Okay~」


Lieutenant Suzumiya who had come running just to see off Haruto, left her mark on him, calling it a good luck charm. Dazed by the sudden act, his eyes drifted towards his Lieutenants lips before both their faces burned red. Swiftly turning around he tries to still move gallantly.


「Urk!!….. Company, move out, double time!! Hurry up and run dammit!! All of you stop laughing!!」

Realizing his subordinates were giggling and smiling at him all goofy-like, he shouted back at them to start moving.



Haruto’s face was still flushed even while his men laughing, rushing with their heavy armament towards the Hydra’s lair.

Fuuuck, watch when we get back, these guys are definitely gonna have something to laugh about.


Trailing his men, Captain Kirishima swore to himself, he would get back at his men after being embarrassed.

「Captain…..Please come back safely」

Clutching her hands and holding to her chest, Lieutenant Suzumiya prays for Haruto and everyone’s safety as she watches the men run down the mountain path.

Watching them until they were out of sight, Lieutenant Suzumiya turns around, determined to fulfill her role as 5th Company’s Executive Officer.




……..Fuckin’ assholes….


As his subordinates were still running ahead of him, Haruto could see them laughing and turning their heads back every now and then with goofy smiles.

Frustrated by the atmosphere, Haruto tries to increase his pace, catching up with two of his men.

「Hmmm, I think the Captain is a nice guy, but you think he’ll go for it?  Like in this case, think he’ll go after the Lieutenant?」

「Captain Lady-killer should just explode」

One gives a small praise but the other just lets out all his lingering resentment.

「…….I should’ve done this from the start. You guys should shut up and take a look at this」

In an effort to change the awkward atmosphere around him, Captain Kirishima pulls out a piece of paper from his breast pocket.

「Hey, isn’t that!? No way!」

「That’s the famous….. I heard a story that the President had been a target for enslavement, but in a closed room the whole succubus clan fell to him instead. And somehow he’d gotten tickets to go to a luxurious brothel after the incident. But that ticket, how did Captain get a hold of something so secretive, that only the President’s elite bodyguards could rarely obtain? 」

「……I have my connections. As for this, I can give this to all of you, but only if you forget about the previous matter」


Seeing his men take the bait, everyone began to pick up the pace and run at top speed, but not after turning around to give a salute to their womanizing Captain.

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――*Sound of large crumbling rocks* DOGAAANG!!

「Were we too late…..」

The sound of collapsing rocks could be heard all the way to the village, where people were still trying to evacuate on another mountain path. Dust grandly billowed into the sky revealing the general location of the cave’s collapse.

『Aw, what the hell―― that’s just fucking great!! Captain this is Azuma, come in!! We secured the child, but the Serpent God’s seal has been broken!! We’re retreating right now!!』

「This is the Captain. Message received. Hurry back and get the father and his child back towards the village. We’ll cover your retreat.」

『Ha~ah, Rah~ger, Roger that!!』

「Alright boys, you heard the plan. We’ll set up our positions and blockade the enemy until Azuma makes it back to the village, you guys got that!?」

「「「「「Sir, yes sir!!」」」」」


Damn, the Hydra’s seal was lifted…. We sure are being driven in a corner over here.

Do we even have enough firepower to impede that things path? …….I hope reinforcements come real soon.


While Haruto was lost in thought as battle with a Hydra was unavoidable, on a separate radio channel a message came through.

『Captain this is Kurabayashi, our target has exited the cave. ….Holy Shit!! Captain our target is roughly 20-30 meters tall, that things huge!!…..』

Relaying the situation via radio, the Sniper teams Spotter, Kurabayashi informs Haruto about the unbelievable sight.

「Understood. Kurabayashi I want you start firing on my signal」

『Copy that sir』


Lifting his finger off the radio’s (push-to-talk) switch, Haruto changes radio channels to give commands to his other subordinates.

Whilst waiting for his men who were fleeing from the cave, the rest of his subordinates hid within the shadows and brush of the surrounding terrain.

「Ha~ah, ha~ah, Hey I’ll be leaving everything up to you!!」

Fearing they’d be devoured by the Hydra, the retreating men desperately ran. Passing the Captain’s position, one of the retreating Soldiers voices his relief.

「Don’t worry, leave it to me. ―― All units, commence fire」

At the time the Hydra had broke free from its seal, it began to dart it’s nine heads, looking for its prey.

Focusing in on the four individuals which had fled its lair, it began to give chase as they were fleeing towards the village.

Knocking down trees one after another, thrashing with enough fervor, it began to catch up towards the four with shocking speed.

But just as the Hydra was about to devour someone, four of its heads blew up, as the rest of its body became wrapped up in smoke, due to the explosion.


As four of its heads had been blown awayin a single moment, the Hydra roared out in pain amidst the smoke that cleared around it.

「No way―― the target is still active!! It’s still alive!!」

「NO shit it’s still alive, even I can see it!! Just keep firing, don’t stop!!」

Anti-tank rounds from their rocket launcher (Carl Gustav M3), explosive bullets from their anti-material sniper didn’t do much to stop the creature (Barret XM109), leaving the men disheartened and shocked. But Captain Kirishima doesn’t lose motivation as he equips a Type 6 rifle grenade on his assault rifle, getting ready to fire back on the monster.



Concentrating as much firepower upon the enemy as possible, the Soldiers unload their weapons, going fully automatic on some of their weapons.



「I’m almost out of ammo, last magazine!!」

「Whose almost out ammo!?」

「I’m down to just 3 rounds!!」


Repeatedly firing off rockets, the anti-tank projectiles pummel the Hydra’s body and in that gap the men throw their MK3A2 hand grenades further causing the monster to stumble.

But even after all that, the Hydra still maintains its essence, in short if it’s core neck stem isn’t destroyed, it’ll remain immortal. The rest of its heads can regenerate, but if the base of its neck is cauterized, then even after severing the head, it’ll never grow back.

Almost out of ammo, Haruto was racking his brains thinking about how to destroy the Hydra’s main head, all the while, having his men withdraw gradually.

But during the time he was lost in thought, was a moment he became careless.

「Captain watch out!!」

One of Hydra heads spewed out an acidic attack towards the Soldiers, when the concentration of attacks had thinned down.

What the!?


Jumping away from the direct line of the attack, Haruto managed to avoid a severe injury, but his bulletproof armor and his assault rifle started to corrode from the acid, turning into junk.

The sound of hissing from the acid became more prevalent as it ate through his armor, turning it into a clump of viscous jelly.

「Aw shit!! Damn it!!」

「Captain!! You need to to take it off now!! Hurry!!」


One of his subordinates rushed over, to help Haruto take off the bulletproof vest. Melting the armor as he tried to remove it, the ceramic plates were almost eaten through once, he threw the armor to the ground.

「That was close――」



But there was no time to rest as by the time Haruto head the screams of his men, Haruto watched as they were bathed in fire from one of the Hydra’s heads, incinerating them into charcoal.

「Rgh……Fuck!! Everyone Retreat!! Fall back now, that’s an order!!」

As soon as the tables were turned on him, Haruto commands his men to fall back as swiftly as possible.

Having been injured by 5th Company’s attack, the Hydra maintained its pursuit over Captain Kirishima’s men. In a gamble to stop the Hydra they had managed to destroy 3 of its heads and sealed its ability to regenerate by burning the base of the severed head with several explosions.

But the attack was at the cost of 3 more casualties from 5th Company.


「Hey what’re doing!? I said fall back!!」

An injured subordinate who Haruto had been lending his shoulder to, slipped out from his grasp and began heading toward the Hydra, even though Haruto gave the command to withdraw.

「Go! I’ll buy you guys some time!!」

Ignoring Haruto’s pull, the machine gunner moved with the assistance of his exo-suit, moving out of his way and confronting the monster.

「Time to eat some lead, Raaaaaaaaahhh!!」

In a valiant display, the machine gunner held the trigger of his M240 without a care, making the gun barrel burn a bright red color.



Twisting due to the annoying bullet fire, the Hydra’s head makes it’s way towards the attacking soldier.

「Get some, get some, raaaaah!! ――uck….. 」




Cursing at the situation, Captain Kirishima hated the fact one of his subordinates stayed behind, only to be devoured.

At this rate…. We’ll all be killed before we even reach the village.


「Hey, let me borrow this!!」

「Huh!? Captain!? What’re you…Where are you going!?」

「Get out of here!! I’ll just buy some more time!!」


Grabbing the equipment off one of his injured Soldiers, Haruto takes his assault rifle and turns to face the monster which was right on their tail.

「Haha~ ……Damn you’re big…」

This….. fucking ugly monster.


Returning to the battlefield once more, Captain Kirishima started his attack, just to keep himself from trembling out of fear.

But even though the attacks from his assault rifle could never do any real damage, he still maintained his harassment on the large beast.

Determined to impede this magical beast, he managed to dodge a breath attack from one of the heads, but Haruto also ran out of ammo in the process. 

Is this the end…….




Gloating now that its prey has no way to fight back the Hydra begins to take its time before striking.

Lifting its head high, it darts down at Haruto, ready to swallow him whole.

「Get away from my Captain!! RAAaaーー!!」

A voice he’d never expected to hear came, just as two missiles from a Type 79 rocket launcher soared from behind, creating a gaping wound onto the Hydra’s body.


Bowing down to the ground and clutching his face to protect himself from the blast, Haruto looked up to see their Type 89 Infantry Fighting Vehicle charging down the mountain path, forcing itself between trees in its path.

「Captain!! Are you alright!?」

「Hey take it easy!! Slow down will you!!」

*Doh-doh Doh-doh*

The tanks 35mm cannon fires its armor piercing sabot and high explosive round, alternating between the two types of ammunition. Each shot creates a new crimson flower on the Hydra’s body, as its blood dribbles from its wounds.

「Come on, let’s go. Hurry up and get in!!」

Opening up the Type 89’s rear hatch doors, the Lieutenant tries to drag Haruto inside the vehicle.

「No! Suzumiya!! Get out of the way!!」

「Huh!? Kyaaa!!!」


But in the small window where the tanks 3-man crew, was busy reloading, the Hydra spewed its acidic attack. Melting the armored vehicle and the occupants inside, some of the acid had splashed onto the Lieutenant, slightly injuring her right foot.  


「Nghh…..It got me…..」

Haruto pulls onto Suzumiya with a pale face, looking over her injured foot.

――*Sound of acid* Tsssssss

Sweetly taking its time, the Hydra encroaches upon the two people.

「Captain…..It’s okay, I’m fine, leave me here and get away….. please…. 」

Groaning from the pain of her injury, Lieutenant Suzumiya tries to urge Haruto to run away.


Silently brooding to himself, Haruto was unwilling to leave his executive officer behind. Instead he reached for Suzumiya’s 9mm pistol from her holster and decided to protect her.

「I’m not running anymore, there’s no way I’m going to leave a subordinate of mine behind」


Laughing with bravado, Haruto turns to smile towards Suzumiya.

Hissing and sticking out its forked-tongues the six heads of the Hydra rock in a readied manner, while Haruto tries to provoke it. 

「I’m right here!! Come and get me you Fucking Asshole!!」

Towards the end of Haruto’s provocation, the largest head reacts and aims for the Lieutenant and her Captain.

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In a single moment the sound of meat and bone sliding off from a swift cut echoed for all to hear.

「You did well in enduring things this far. Leave the rest to me」

Standing in-between the severed Hydra head and the two officers of 5th company was a lone person.

It was Chiyoda, standing gallantly with 2 glaives in each hand, her long black hair fluttered in the wind, while  in the sky above them hovered a HV-22B Osprey.

Following Chiyoda, were six elite guards equipped with the latest military exosuits.

It appears we made it just in time….


In his mind, Haruto never thought that Chiyoda would save them, but he was glad to see a familiar face.

「Ah, Madam Vice-President…. why are you here!?……And the….. Presidents elite guards!?  」

In the middle of their crisis, Lieutenant Suzumiya cried out, surprised by the sudden appearance of their Vice-President as well as the Presidential Elite Soldiers who wore the latest Type-00 jet black exosuits.

「Mmm~ you are misunderstanding something. Although we share the same face, my sister and I are two different people….. Rather let me fix that, I’m Chiyoda Nagato, not your Vice-President Chitose Nagato. I’m just your average secretary of our President」

「Oh, I see, pardon my rudeness….」

「No, it’s nothing to worry about――」

Amidst Chiyoda’s and Suzumiya’s conversation, the Hydra had finished regenerating its severed head, back to its six-headed state, it began attacking.

「Oh time to wrap up this mess~」

With all six heads attacking, baring their fangs and whipping their necks, Chiyoda gracefully evades like a gymnast .

Unable to grab Chiyoda’s figure one of the heads crashes into the ground boring into the dirt.

「Hmm. A creature deemed immortal, due to it’s regenerative ability……Things have become quite troublesome. But If I defeat it……It would be the perfect souvenir to bring back for Master!!」

Chiyoda’s state of the art eyes were created with high-resolution optical cameras and were able to keep a constant track of the Hydra’s movements. Gripping her glaive once more she severs the Hydra’s 5 heads in a single stroke. 


Roaring in dismay, the Hydra tries to regenerate its lost heads, but found out it couldn’t do so at all.

「Hmph, unlike the previous time I cut off your head, this time I made sure to heat up my blade with ultra-high frequency vibrations」

If one were to look at Chiyoda’s glaive, they would see it emit a red glow, while anyone in the vicinity could smell the Hydra’s burnt flesh.



Retreating slowly while glaring at Chiyoda, the Hydra instinctively became afraid realizing the difference in power between them.

「Well then…. there’s only one head left, right?」

While the Hydra tried to escape, Chiyoda struck one of her glaive’s into the ground, before raising her right hand towards the fleeing creature.

「Did you really think you could escape?…… Collapse!」

The moment it tried to flee, the Hydra became stuck, unable to move because of an invisible force, it sunk deeper into the ground.


Watching such a scene Haruto and Suzumiya were both surprised to see this.

「Oh? Didn’t you know about this already? This is a gravity weapon which utilizes a known gravity spell and combined with a magic furnace. That is what was planted into my right arm. Well, this is only a prototype, so it will only be effective for roughly 30 seconds」

Walking closer towards the immobile deity, Chiyoda finishes her explanation, while lifting up her glaive to cut the Hydra’s remaining head. 

―― TZszszszszszsss *Sound of a blade vibrating*


Dread was all that was reflected in the pupils of the Hydra, as it was unable to escape the gravity spell. Dread for Chiyoda’s figure was the last thing the Hydra would ever see.

「Now then…. Die」

Along with those words, the crimson blade fell―― and just like that, the immortal serpent’s head was severed.

「Immortality…..? It’s nothing but a troublesome ability」

The moment the last remaining head was severed from its body, something strange began to occur. Chiyoda narrows her gaze towards the headless body, as it was unable to regenerate any further, the immortal being slowly dissolved and turned to ash. 

Having its heads severed and the base of its necks cauterized turned its entire regenerative ability into something else.

*Sigh* Such perfect research material going to waste. All of you, retrieve whatever is left」

「「「Yes, Ma’am!!」」」

A group of female soldiers also known as the Valkyrie Corps, following Chiyoda into battle returned a reply in unison.

And this ends the saga of the Serpent Tribes Immortal Deity, having been defeated by Parabellum’s AI, Chiyoda Katayama Nagato.

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 Radio PTT – Push-to-talk

TL Notes: This chapter was kinda cute in my opinion. In this chapter technically Chiyoda was using a Japanese Naginata, I just used the term glaive (polearm weapon) because it was easier to say. And for anyone joining my translations, just know I prefer listening to Japanese as opposed to reading it outright. Phonetically though, glaive seemed more appealing with two syllables, as opposed to the native naginata with its four syllables. It’s just my personal preference.

So after translating, the editing I do usually, goes with sentence structure, grammar and flow. The proofreading part is usually where I catch my spelling errors. Other than that, here’s some of my ramblings over the next chapter.