Ep 2: The Unreliable God

I wonder why my life is so miserable right now


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I’m floating. It’s as if my body is floating on air. Like the world’s gravity doesn’t exist. This is me sleeping right now.

I was summoned from Japan a place I call home, and brought to a different world. Now all of a sudden I’m thrown out into this very world that I have no clue about. I was seriously shocked when I found out I have a status screen like a character in those RPGs, so I decided to verify a few things in the forest nearby. I’m not that desperate that I’m going to commit suicide, I’m doing this to try out a few things. In the distance I could see the town, and opposite of it was the castle. I didn’t notice it before, but I checked my status window once more.


Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  23/25

MP  5/5

TA  7/7




() GOLD  0

Additional Information

【Magical Attributes】 None

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・Hero ・The Discarded Hero

Yeah, I didn’t realize it at first but I’m seriously broke.

Well this is just the natural course of things, but why is their a Kanji Character next to Gold? I don’t have the energy to be brooding over something like this.  It’s the reason why going into town would be just a waste. There’s nothing I can do, if I don’t have any money. That’s why I decided to enter the forest, I wanted to look for something useful to sell. But I couldn’t find anything at all.

I have no money, no food, not even a place to stay and I’m hungry. There’s nothing left for me to do, I guess I’ll just take a nap. While thinking over all these things, I leaned next to a tree and closed my eyes.

I wonder why my life is so miserable right now.


「Sure it’s pretty miserable, but you’re a hero」


What’s that? Why am I hearing a weird annoying voice? Aren’t I supposed to be dreaming?


「You aren’t wrong, because you ‘are’ dreaming」


This is a dream? But I’m clearly aware of what’s happening here. By the way, who are you?


「Oh who am I? Well, I’m God, that’s who」

「… … Huh?」


A voice just suddenly entered my consciousness. Am I losing my mind over here?


「Your not going crazy. I really am a God. It’s just that in your dreaming state, you can clearly hear what I have to say」


Stop reading my thoughts!

Hey God, what’s up with that selfish princess? I’ve been thinking about this over and over, but I guess this is what you’d expect from a different world.




I tried to force my eyes to open, but I was unable to do so. Hey what’s going on?


「Oh, ah don’t try to open you eyes just yet. If you see me now, you won’t find me interesting at all」


SO it was because of you!


A small breeze flows across my face. It seems like the guy talking to me is getting quite closer.


「Nngh, well what does God want me to do now?」


I try to open my eyes, plenty of times. But after a while I just gave up.


「Ah well, first things first, there’s something I want talk about. It actually has to deal with your summoning, I was partially involved with that」

「….Wait, what’s that supposed to mean?」

「So that magical summoning ceremony thing, that sort of used a portion of my power」

「THAT WAS YOU! SO your the reason, I was summoned to this kind world?!」

「Hold on for a sec, there’s no need to get angry. The 2nd Princess was the one who summoned you, I just happened to cover the difference of the magical power needed for the ceremony. I sort of thought that the world was indeed facing a crisis, so it couldn’t be helped, but the whole timing for this is kind of thing was bad」



I can’t see that persons face, but I can feel a look of pity directed towards me.


「But with the way things are currently going, it wouldn’t be good. So I decided to intervene a little and make your life’s journey a little easier. Isn’t it great to have a God as your ally? Aren’t you glad?」

Hmmmm…. *annoyed*


「Hey hey hey hey, you don’t have to make that kind of face. The status window was easy to understand right?」

「……Oh, so that was your doing?」


I tried to keep my inner thoughts silent, but I unintentionally responded.


「Uh-huh, Yup. Since this world is filled with fantastical things like swords and magic, kind of like what you would find in a game in your world. I thought it would be easier for you to adapt if I made your journey seem more game like」

「Well.. it is quite easy to understand, but…」

「Really? Then that’s wonderful. Alrighty then, here’s another thing you should know. Let me explain about statuses and some other details. I know the Status window seems like a real game and all, but don’t forget that this is reality」


「What I’m trying to say is that, if you die in this world, then you die for real. And if you die, there is no way you can return back to your original world. Ideally the status window is just a means to quantify the things in this world, so that you can make sense of things, but don’t completely rely on it 」

「Then, does that mean the people of this world can’t see their own statuses?」

「Some people can, but there are only a few that are able to. If you head over to the Guild and get a guild card, that can display statuses as well, but it will only display a limited amount of information.

I believe you’ve already went through this, but there is a crystal ball which can measure the total amount of magical power an individual has. It seems like you’ve got a good grasp on that. Monsters and demons are given a level as a way to quantify their strength, and likewise you can take on monsters or demons whose level are lower than yours.

But levels and status details are only a means of measure, it doesn’t reflect the true power of anything. That’s because things can change depending on ones physical abilities」

「I see, that makes sense. Am I the only one who can see other peoples statuses right now?」

I only asked, because I was wondering if Hijiri could do the same. I mean our situations could’ve been the other way around right?


「It’s just like what your thinking about right now. You are able to see the status of almost anything in this world. And while you’re the exception, Yoichi-kun can also check statuses in a similar way」

「But what if…」

「You aren’t wrong.  One day he will see his own status and realize that he isn’t the hero. He may be bitter about it and may carry some feelings toward you, because he was also part of your Hero summoning」

「……So what you’re saying, is that he got caught up with me?」

「…..well that does seem to be the case. First of all, try to remember what happened before you were summoned to this world」


What, before I got summoned? Well, I was in class sort of dozing off while the teacher was instructing.  And in the middle of it, the teacher suddenly throws a piece of chalk……

Wait, it happened then?


「Yeah you were falling asleep in class and the teacher threw a piece of chalk at you. But here’s the thing both you and Yoichi were in the same classroom when the 2nd Princess started the Hero summoning ceremony. And due to a matter of causality, he became bound and was summoned to this world with you. 

…..But rest assured. He was summoned to this world for other reasons. And you just happened to be caught up into it」


Wait so I did get caught up in the summoning. So I’m not the Hero after all.


「No, you are the genuine Hero. But at this time, the world isn’t going through much adversity, and that makes it hard for a Hero to shine.  Here’s an example…. oh right. So the 2nd Princess Lilia summoned you, a Hero in hopes to defeat the great Demon King」


Well yeah, I was just thinking about that.


「But here’s the thing, that Demon King she claims is coming, hasn’t even been revived yet. He is completely sealed, and right now there is only a Demon lord whose taken over things as a provisional Demon King. And quite frankly this Demon Lord is quite conservative, and has no intentions to conquer the world at all」

「…..Then what was the point, for the 2nd Princess to summon us?」

「Ah, uh, I know how this sounds, and I’d like to explain it some more, but right now isn’t the occasion for it. And by the way I think it’s about time that you wake up」



Suddenly I felt my voice become faint as I began to regain consciousness.

「Oh by the way, whenever your in trouble, your status window should help you…..」

And then God’s voice cut itself off.


What the hell, that’s a half-assed explanation!!


「Bururururu~, Guroro~」

I heard something strange next to my ear.



And suddenly something bites my ear, what the hell is this shit!!

I frantically open my eyes, and right in front of me was a boar.


And not only that…..


「Guro~ Guro~ Ruuuhhhh! Guhieee! 」


Not too far away I saw a large wild red boar in a frenzy, pawing the ground several times right before it rushed towards me.

「…. Isn’t this bad?」

Suddenly a familiar sound rang *Ring Ring* into my head, as a status window appeared before me.


【Wild Boar】


HP 104/110

MP 66/66

The following details are omitted

【Common Wild Boar】


HP 55/55

MP 0/0

The following details are omitted

【Uncommon Wild Boar】


HP 77/77

MP 0/0

【Reckless Wild Boar】


HP 100/100

MP 26/26

【Seasoned Wild Boar】x 8


HP 100/100

MP 22/22

【Boar Piglet】x 4


HP 3/3

MP 2/2

Aw crap, there’s no where I can escape!


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