Ep 3: The Very First Battle

alright, now what do I do from here?


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『 A Wild Boar appeared』


 I didn’t have time to read the words on the status screen because right now the wild boar was rushing towards me.

「Oh Shit! Aahh~」


 Even though there’s only one boar trying to attack me, I can’t run away because I’m surrounded by other wild boars. Fuck, I don’t know how to beat this thing!

 Oh yeah, I should check the status window. But because I have to focus on dodging the charging boar I can’t operate the screen at the moment.

 I look around frantically while trying to run. Trying to find something to use as a weapon, I see a fallen branch right next to a tree.  Just as the wild boar lunges at me I tuck and roll grabbing hold of the branch.  

 ….alright, now what do I do from here?

 I tried getting into a stance with the tree branch, but it seems this stick would probably break easily.


「Damn it, how did things end up like this?」


 At that moment, I remembered God’s words.

『Oh by the way, whenever your in trouble, your status window should help you…..』


I need to concentrate….  Okay, I’m going to try this…….[Status]

 Speaking of which, the more I concentrate, more details keep popping up.  I can start to see my MP on the status window right next to me.

 And just like that.


Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP 23/25

MP 6000/6000

【Magic】 You don’t know any.

「I don’t know any magic? What the hell!」


 But while I’m moving around I notice that the screen arbitrarily follows me around. What’s more even though I’m not touching it directly, I can still manage some functions…

While I was lost in thought, suddenly the screen itself changed without me realizing. And then several words were displayed.


『Apply your magic into that branch that your holding』

「Huh? What does that even mean?」

『You should already know how to do it. Its because you are a Hero ~ From God ~』

Jeez, there’s a lot about that comment, that really annoys me.


「Wait you can communicate with me even though I’m not dreaming?」


  Sensing something different about myself, I focus on grasping that certain thing flowing through my body. Is this what magic feels like…?

 I imagine strengthening the branch that was in my hands, as I felt a sensation of something flowing into it.


「If it’s like that, then…..」


 I glare back at the wild boar, which began charging at me again.




 Charging directly at me once more, I land a strike directly on its head. As the wild boar stopped, it collapsed with a thud, as I exhaled somewhat fatigued. The scarlet wild boar lay dead, its skull cracked from the exchange.





 Some of the piglets try to run over to the fallen wild boar, but were stopped by several of the Seasoned Wild boars. Ah, is that the mother of those piglets? This group of boars, might be just one big family.



「Crap I can’t let my guard down. But I don’t want to attack them」


 Other than this Scarlet Wild Boar, the rest of the group appears to be ordinary. I wonder if they think they they can beat me, even though I defeated the strongest Boar in their group. I’m not sure if they would understand my words, but the boars still stood around not willing to move towards me.


「Go! Get out of here!」


 Making sure I stood my ground, little by little the wild boars turned away and headed back into the forest. Towards the end, only one of the seasoned wild boars stayed, just watching.




Facing that Seasoned Wild boar, I stare back at it, until it eventually turned, following after the rest of the group.


Then I hear a familiar *Ring Ring* and a pop up window appears.


『  Level Up
You have learned skills
《Sword Arts》 Imbue Magic, 
and 《Intuition》   』


《Hidden Status》

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  22/25

MP  5970/7000

TA  95/101

LVL  3

EXP  20

NEXT  10

(金) Gold 0

Additional Information

【Sword Arts】 《Imbue Magic》

【Magic】You don’t know any.

【Magical Attributes】Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Void (Dark) and many more.

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・(Authentic) Hero ・The Discarded Hero ・ The Hero with God’s Blessing

【Skills】 Intuition LVL 1

【Occupation】 《Hero》

 Hey, it looks like several more descriptions popped up…

『Congratulations on Leveling up!! The amount of experience gained wasn’t that much, but everything was set up so you can progress at a normal pace』



 I involuntarily face palm after seeing God’s remark.


「There’s a handful of things I want to know about my new status. First of all, even though I leveled up, I don’t feel very much different from before, my physique didn’t change at all」

『Here’s the thing, your actual strength is just reflected on your overall level. The more you train your body, the higher your level can increase.』

「Alright, second question. I get that my physical abilities didn’t change, but why did my MP increase, isn’t that something that’s difficult to raise?」

『Well that’s because your magical powers were great from the very start.   There’s an enormous reservoir of power dwelling within you, and whats more you posses really strong magic』

「…… Third question, what does TA stand for?」

『Oh that. That’s just for your skills』


 What skills are you talking about?


Then all of a sudden a description popped up on the window screen.


『TA stands for Technical Arts, you consume TA points whenever you use certain techniques. Think about it as, a number value that quantifies how many times you can use your skills or techniques』

「I see, that makes sense. Its just…..」


 The more I looked at my screen, I began to worry if someone would be able to see my hidden status. And just like that, a window appeared with another description.


『Your Hidden Status is safeguarded through divine protection, an ability through God’s Blessing. Your Status displayed to others, will be one without additional information. As a result, this fake status will conceal your magic power, attributes and skills』


 And that was the Regular Status screen that I saw earlier.


『In regards to your “Hidden Status”, no one else will be able to see it. Not even your classmate Yoichi. Likewise, even if your magic were to be measured, it would only be from your “Regular Status” and not the “Hidden Status.” Just like how the 2nd Princess Lilia, couldn’t detect your true power with her crystal ball』

「I see……」

『The reason for the concealment magic, is because your magical ability is too high, it will only increase the amount of danger you will face』

「What do you mean by the amount of danger will increase?」

『Individuals with great magical power are very versatile. More so, since not that many individuals have multiple magical attributes. But these people sometimes become targeted and kidnapped. This also has something to do with the 2nd Princess’s agenda and the Summoning Ceremony… Uhhhh~, I’ll probably explain more about these things in detail, after you learn more about this world』

「What the hell, then what was point of that last part……」


 Irritated by the description, I let my emotions take over. It was probably because I was really hungry, and haven’t had anything to eat yet. And now my eyes begin to stare at the wild boar, I had just killed.


「Anyway, is it safe to eat monster meat?」

『Well it certainly can be eaten. That’s because monsters were originally regular animals, they just mutated a bit with magic, sometimes from the wild and sometimes not. You’re basically fine so long as they aren’t poisonous.  Oh and by the way, if your planning on eating that boar, you should take it into town.』

「And why should I do that?」

『You can earn some money you know? Just take it to a butcher, you’ll see』


 Well I certainly do need money in order to get some tools and supplies. Might as well follow God’s advice.


「Who said I don’t know how to make money?」


 And yet right now, I’m penniless.  It seems, so long as you have money, you can do anything you want.


『Well obviously you need the money, you can keep the meat, but sell the leftover fur it should fetch for a good price 』

「Oh so its like that」


 I then picked up the body of the wild boar and put it on my back.


『….Wow, the Wild Boar covers your whole body, its a bit hard to see you, are you ok? 』

「Mind your own damn business, OK!」


 I’m not small, its just this Boar is too damn big!!


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