Ep 1: The Selfish Princess

It was a success…. I finally did it!


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It happened before I could realize it, but I was assaulted with a feeling of weightlessness, as though I was falling.  After that, it was followed by this floating sensation. Abruptly ending all of a sudden, I was met with a bunch of people staring in my direction.


Who the heck are those guys?


Looking around, I found my classmate standing right beside me. It looks like Hijiri was just as lost as I was. Looking back towards the people in front of me, I could see their eyes staring at us with excitement. 


「Yes! The summoning was successful!!」

「A Hero. The Hero truly appeared!!」



Hey stop that, at least tell me what’s going on before you guys hug each other.


There were seven people in this circular room, who are hugging each other, while their faces were streaming with tears. Plus all these people were wearing robes that you wouldn’t normally see anyone wear in Japan, but something out a common game. And here I was in the middle of the room, laying on the ground, around me was a formation of circles and written symbols.


What the heck are all of these things?…..


「Hey, um do you know what’s going on?」


Hijiri spoke all of a sudden.


「There’s now way, I know what’s happening… I don’t even know what to call this…」


I reflexively tensed up while responding. Hijiri is just a classmate of mine, it’s not like we were friends or something. I mean, in general I hardly even talk with the rest of my classmates, let alone Hijiri. It’s one of the reasons why I have a hard time just talking properly to this guy. But there’s something I don’t get. Is this person really Hijiri Yoichi?


「Um, are you really Hijiri Yoichi?」

「Huh? Yeah….why are you asking?」


Hijiri tilted his head in confusion. And his sleek blond hair just swayed. That’s, wait, why is it blonde hair? Wait, Hijiri isn’t half-Japanese. He should be pure Japanese, born and bred, through and through. He should be…. pure right?


「Hey Hijiri, your ancestors, your grandparents, were they foreigners or something?」

「Huh?! Ogata what are talking about? Um, as far as I can remember none of my ancestors or family members where foreigners, so….」


But if that’s the case, then why…..


「Then how come your hair is blonde?」



He may not have even realized it himself if no one else pointed it out. Touching his hair, Hijiri brought it in front of his eyes.


「Huh, I’m really…..?」

「Hey while your at it. Aren’t your eyes a different color as well?」


They’re blue.



Hijiri cups his hand to one of his eyes. But unfortunately, there’s no mirror around for him to check. It was just at this time, a lone girl entered the circular room.


「It was a success…. I finally did it!」



All of the robed men in our surroundings shouted aloud. But the girl called Lilia began to stare towards Hijiri with moistened eyes. Wearing a pink frilly dress, it was something not commonly worn in Japan.


「Um, are you talking about me?」


Following the girls gaze, Hijiri pointed towards himself confused by the situation. After a little while, that girl looked in my direction and her eyes grew wide with shock.


「Wait….Who are you!?」



And just like that, all the robed men looked at me as if it was their first time seeing me. For some reason they didn’t seem to be very happy about it.


「There are…. two Heroes?」

「How in the world did this happen? The Hero wasn’t alone?」


The men in the surrounding express their dismay.


「….Um for the mean time, could someone explain what’s going on?」

「Oh right, I’m so sorry. I will explain it right now」


But Lilia only smiled towards Hijiri.


「I am the 2nd Imperial Princess Lilia of the Enerlia Empire.  Our goal was to summon a hero from another world, and so we performed the Hero Summoning Ceremony」

「A Hero summon?」

「That’s right. Our world is currently in turmoil. There’s been movement among the demon race, and we fear that the resurrection of their Demon King is at hand」

「What’s that!?」

「With the demon race becoming more active, there have been a large wave of monster attacks, and they’re also becoming much more violent, their destruction is growing as we speak」

「Wait, hold on! Monsters, Demons, a Demon King, none of these things make any sense.  Can you please explain what exactly are these things?」


This woman, I’m right here, and she’s completely ignoring me!


「Well you see. We come from a different kind of world, and what your telling me, about monsters, demons and a demon king, are things we would see straight out of a video game. Could you tell us more about these things in detail? Or can you teach us things about this world?」


「Oh, ah your exactly right. I’m so sorry for being thoughtless over such things. Well as its just like you mentioned, we summoned you from another world.  In our world there are a few remaining legends. The stars will align and the summoning array will be active, when the rebirth of a demon king  comes, and his will to dominate the entire world. In order to save the world, one will need to activate the array. And from the magic circle formations, our messiah would appear」


What a load of crap! This sounds like the setting of a worn out story!  The moment I thought these things, Lilia immediately glared at me.


WHAT!? It’s not like you acknowledged my existence until now.


「I see, so the Demon Kings purpose is to conquer this world」

「That is exactly right」


Hijiri’s eyes begin to sparkle with excitement. What the heck is he thinking?


「The demon race have superior physical traits & abilities, surpassing humans, and they also worship the Demon King. Monsters on the other hand have a tendency to become violent, they usually evolve from the natural wildlife with magical power in their environment 」

「Oh I get it now. So then, the two of us are those summoned Heroes?」




Hijiri, its different from what you think.


「Well you see, the Hero is like a Holy individual. Only one person can be the Hero, the other would be just someone caught up by the summoning process」

「Okay…If that’s the case. Then do you know which one of us, could it be?」


Both our gazes turned towards the 2nd Princess.

I wonder if they actually have a method to tell us who is the Hero?


「There is a way to determine, which one of you could be the hero. Lloyd!!」

「Yes, my lady!」


Suddenly one of the robed men, pulls out a crystal ball from his person.


「Its been said from the legends that the summoned Hero is someone who possess great magical power. If we gauge who has the greatest amount of magical power between the both of you, we will know which one is the hero!」




Both Hijiri and myself observe the crystal ball in front of us. When the crystal ball was in front of Hijiri, it changed colors from violet to green. But when the crystal ball was placed in front of me… Why does it look like that? Its color turns dull and became much more darker. The moment when the results came out, Lilia exuded a relieved expression. I could tell what the results were from just that. That was when Lilia approached Hijiri directly.


「You, are our Hero!」



Lilia fully grasps Hijiri’s hand, wrapping his hand between hers.


「Please, save our world」

「No wait, um I……」



Just wait a minute, why are these seven robed men prostrating themselves, aww that’s just gross, come on.


「Could you please tell me your name?」

「Ah, its um… Yoichi. My name is Hijiri Yoichi」

「Yo~I~chi~!  It’s such a nice name!」

「Ah um…」


I tried to get the Hero Yoichi’s attention, but I was ignored completely. And the more I try to get in between the two, it just gets much more harder.


「Since I’m the Hero, um… what about Ogata…..?」

「Him? He is just someone who got caught up in the summoning」

「For something like that……. I’m so sorry Ogata」

「Why are you, you don’t have to apologize」


Rather than you, I think Lilia is the one who should be apologizing.


「Anyway, let’s leave this place and move towards the castle」

「Ah, okay」


Both Hijiri and I were then guided out of the circular room.

It appears that the summoning array was atop the highest floor on this tower. It took some time going down the towers spiral staircase, but we finally came outside.  We just took a few steps, exiting the tower, before seeing a huge castle in front of us. It would seem that the summoning ceremony was in a tower right behind the castle. Who would ever think that it was such a short distance.


「Alright then, Hero Soichi, please go on ahead towards the castle」


Hey isn’t his name wrong.


「My name is Yoichi, but what about…..」

「Ah, oh dear, I’m so sorry!」

「It’s fine, its easy to make mistakes like that」

「For such things, you really are kind!」

「Anyway, why is it just me going on ahead?」

「It’s just, from this moment on, as the Hero you’ll have to go on an arduous journey. But worry not,  because we will prepare an elite troop of escorts. But since this one here, has been summoned by mistake. I plan on taking responsibility by hearing what it has to say, and if it wants to stay in the castle or live in this town」

「Oh okay, I get it now. It would be bad if Ogata had to follow me…..」


Hijiri, did you really agree to save this world? Are you serious? We are just ordinary highschool students you know. This whole situation reminds me about what happens in an RPG right now. I mean, well its not like I’m worried about Hijiri’s situation. It’s just that, when I look at the 2nd Princesses attitude, I’m not really sure if she’d do something so admirable.


「I understand, Alright then, I’ll go do my very best. Take care Ogata, I’ll pass by to see you again!」


An so Hijiri waves back, before heading towards the castle with the robed men. It was just when Hijiri was far enough away, that Lilia decided to let the cat out of the bag, dropping the charade.


「Well now, how am I going to deal with you……」

「Um, what are you…..」

「Ah-ha that’s right. Your fate has already been determined」



Quickly snapping her fingers together with a mischievous smile, a knight in full armor suddenly appears grabbing and picking me up altogether.


「Hey! Let go of me, damn it!」

「Now then, you guys know what needs to be done, throw this little twerp into town!」

「What the hell? I’m not some little twerp!」

「I didn’t say anything wrong. YOU are smaller than me」

「That’s a stupid joke!! I still have time to grow some more!!」


You don’t have to tease me, just because I’m 156cm (5’ 1.5”)


「Oh, that’s a pity then. How old are you?」

「I’m 17」

「You’re not much older than me. Anyway at that age, your not going to grow any taller」

「A man’s growth period is a lot slower than a girls! I still have some time to grow some more. And YOU, you should respect your elders!」

「I don’t have to respect small things. Take him away boys, do it quickly!」

「You little, Hey, Let go!!」


Holding me tightly, the knights drag me towards the castle gate, lifting me up before throwing me out.




Did they really have to throw me into town? It was right in front of the castle gates, isn’t that too harsh! While I was in pain, the knights disappeared just as the gates closed shut.


「*Sigh*, Well what am I supposed to do now?……」


I get up aching, while patting down my hair I look up towards the castle.  I guess that’s how it is, I was cast away because I was deemed useless. My hunch about things not going well for me came true.


「…..But to decide whose the Hero based on the total amount of magical power we have in us. How much magic power did Hijiri have?」


All of a sudden I can see a Status screen, just like an RPG. That was what I thought, when it appeared.


「Woah! What is this!?」


Right in front of me, floating before my eyes was a semi-transparent board. But It seems like my name is written on here somehow.

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  23/25

MP  5/5

TA  7/7

LV 1



Additional Information

【Magical Attributes】 None

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・Hero ・The Discarded Hero


My name is being displayed twice. So this is what my status looks like. But aren’t the titles a little wrong?


「I’m….. the Hero?」


Why is there the ‘abandoned hero’ over here? Unless its supposed to mean something else. Isn’t the Hero supposed to have an outrageous amount of magical power and stuff? Just looking at my MP, its really kind of low and……..


Nervously tapping the window, all of a sudden a list appeared. Listing names like Lilia and Hijiri. I press on their name, and their statuses just pop out.


Hijiri Yoichi ヒジリヨウイチ

HP  36/36

MP  600/600

TA  12/12

LV 1



Additional Information

【Magical Attributes】Earth, Wind, Water & Fire

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・Stray Person ・One who is mistaken for being a Hero



These titles are just too funny, no matter how many times I look at it. So Hijiri was mistaken for being a hero? Does this mean I’m actually the hero? But, the more I look at it, Yoichi’s MP is way more than mine. Our statuses are different by a decent amount. The way I can see these statuses, really makes it feel like a Role Playing Game.


While lost in thought about all these things, I found an upside down triangle ▼ at the corner of my status window. I’m so glad for having a familiarity with RPGs, this one of those things where I’ll be able to see more information by pressing on this.  And so I tried pressing it.


And that’s when.


《Hidden Status》

Ogata Yuuto オガタユウト

HP  23/25

MP  6000/6000

TA  101/101

LV 1



Additional Information

【Magical Attributes】Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Void (Dark) and many more.

【Titles】 Traveler from Another World・(Authentic) Hero ・The Discarded Hero

「………. Wha~a~a~a~a~a~a~at’s with this hidden status? !」


So I am a Hero, but I’m not the hero, but then aren’t I still a Hero…..!


But I don’t want to save the world!

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