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I’m on Spring break for college, but me being more of an introvert. I’d rather spend my days doing something I feel is productive for me.

Whether its watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Crunchyroll, etc. or reading all kinds of works ranging from an actual book to different web series.

Long Story short for school, I’m passing and I’m happy with that.  As for my full-time job, I’m happy not to get hurt, because you know metalworking is very laborious & can be dangerous.

As for the this site, I’ve added in a teaser project section. 

Mainly because, I sort of need a break from the current translation style. I’ve mentioned it a while back and several times, that Modern Weapons in a Fantasy World, uses a lot of terms and non-descriptive things. 

If you’re not familiar with the weapon or vehicle that Tomahawk-Sensei uses in his work, then you’re pretty much lost. The translating process can be fast, if the story doesn’t get too technical. But in a lot of chapters, he gets pretty technical.

So I kinda want to reset my mind a little bit, and translate something that isn’t very technical. Where I don’t do extra research in order to explain the story.

And that’s what the Teaser Projects are for. I have no schedule for any of these things I pick up. I’ll release a chapter when I finish it. I mean, I could’ve just translated it and kept it to myself. Because I’m practicing and stuff, but I think its a waste if I just do it and leave it buried in some folder in my computer. 

So what am I translating? It’s “The Abandoned Hero is going Home”

But understanding the premise and stuff, I call it “The Discarded Hero wants to go Home”

Me personally, abandon is like giving something up because of reasons. Discarding is like casting something away because of reasons. That’s why I’m using the former, even though these are synonyms of each other.

Alright I know, too long you don’t want my explanation, just the content, so just click below, I’ll make a link. I appreciate all your guys support thus far and I hope you check my future work. Thank you and cheers, enjoy your week!

The Discarded Hero wants to go Home

LZRD ft. Jake Miller – Anything Anymore [Lyric Video]