Vol 4 Chapter 1

At this time, Commence “Operation Vermillion”!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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On this day within Parabellum’s Mainland Headquarters, it’s Command Center was dispatching troops in succession, inside a dimly lit room operators focus on their consoles monitoring the statuses of these sent units.

「The deployment of the Strategic Bomber Wing and assault ground forces are complete」

「The Keranos (Divine Staff) is in low orbit, it’s final launch sequence is complete」

「…….Master, what are your orders?」


After confirming that all the necessary preparations for commencing their counter-offensive were in perfect order, Chitose approaches Kazuya.


「…….At this time, Commence “Operation Vermillion”!!」


Sitting in his chair Kazuya crosses his arms with closed eyes, instantly opening his eyes he issues his decree, and more than a hundred thousand soldiers begin to move en masse.  


「Notify the entire army, begin the mobilization. I repeat ‘commence the operation’,  all units initiate military operations」

「Opening all gates & initiating primary launch sequence. Short Range Ballistic Missiles launched! Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles launched! Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles launched! 」


Coinciding with the start of the operation, hundreds of ballistic missiles with conventional and non-conventional warheads spring from Parabellum’s underground silos, and are launched into the sky.


「The launch of all ballistic missiles has been confirmed. They will reach their targets in approximately 10 minutes」


Like a scene out of Armageddon (the end of days) countless ballistic missiles soared into the sky simultaneously, plumes of smoke billowed from the underground silos.


「Confirmed separation of kinetic projectile from Keranos, rocket boosters have ignited」

「Correcting deviation, 0.2 degrees to the right」

「Vectors and velocity check, no anomalies detected 」

「Reaching the target in approximately 20 minutes」


Following the launch of ballistic missiles, hovering in low orbit, Parabellum’s kinetic projectile, a 10 meter long metallic rod with a diameter of 50 centimeters made of tungsten & titanium, weighing at 500 kg with rocket boosters separates from the Keranos.

Falling with increased momentum, its target was one of the Empire’s weapons manufacture strongholds.

Upon entry into the world’s atmosphere, the kinetic projectile glows a fierce red, a result of the friction from the atmospheric pressure. Rather than melting into a gob of metal, its tip was shielded with the same heat-resistant tiles used on a space-shuttle. The rod continues towards its target unimpeded.


「Huh? … … What is that?」

「What’s what? How are those――」


Coincidentally the lookouts guarding the fortress turn their gazes to the sky, an object falling from the heavens was coming towards them as though it were in slow motion.

The metallic rod, propelled by its rocket boosters as well as the planets gravitational force reached speeds close to mach 10, as it soared into Imperial territory.

Just before it struck, it pierces a constant magical barrier protecting the Aerial Fortress as though it were nothing. A tremendous shockwave expanded as it generated an explosion that could rival a nuclear detonation.  Obliterating the Aerial Fortresses superstructure in an instant.

The Kinetic Projectile pierces through the Aerial Superstructure embedding itself within the ground directly below it. Striking the ground once more a secondary shockwave permeates the world as it transforms the landscape into a wasteland.

Struck by the kinetic projectile the Aerial Fortress lost all control once its superstructure was destroyed, about 30 seconds from the attack the floating island began to fall apart. Breaking away due to its own mass, the floating island crumbles from its center crashing onto the ground below. Small explosions littered the falling Aerial Fortress until it crashed, and thus triggering its magical furnace’s core.

Decimating everything within its vicinity, the thousands of souls aboard the fortress disappeared in the grand explosion, leaving no trace of their existence.


「The Rod from God has struck its mark. Target has been eliminated 」

「Launching the next kinetic projectile from Keranos, igniting rocket boosters」

「15 seconds remaining until contact」


With the confirmation that the first kinetic projectile destroyed its mark, another rod is immediately launched, falling towards a new target.

One after another the kinetic projectiles ruthlessly strike the Empire’s Fortresses with incredible accuracy.


「Warhead separation confirmed, multiple independent reentry vehicles (MIRV) are reentering the planetary atmosphere」


While the Orbital platform Keranos was steadily making progress, the launched ballistic missiles with conventional and nonconventional warheads begin their atmospheric re-entry scattering and falling towards the Empire’s Military facilities.


「Hitting targest in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0. All weapons have struck their objectives」


The scene of the missiles re-entry as they pour down from the sky, their tails streaking with a white glow, giving off a feeling of majesty, embodying a sense of godly awe.


「Oh my God!!」

「Wh-what the hell is that!? What are they!? Those are!?」

「You know what!! Get away from it!! If you don’t want to die, escape from it!!」

「Even if we run away, where do ――」


The Imperial Soldiers try to escape in every direction possible, but as the warheads reach their marks. They become caught in between the endless explosions which come raining from above, claiming everything in its wake.

This would become a familiar scene all across the Empire as Parabellum’s Ballistic missiles engulfed their targets.


「Verifying the detonation of magically modified warheads. No anomalies have been detected.」


Conventional warheads mounted on ballistic missiles would only explode once they’ve reached their target. As Parabellum’s researchers theorized a way to apply magic to enhance their weapons. A new type of bomb was born, capable of disintegrating matter. Referred to as the MA-bomb, it creates a black flare on detonation, a pitch black fireball engulfs the target as anything within its range disintegrates into dust.

The effective range of the pitch black fireball was approximately 50 meters. Disintegrating everything in its center, it would create a vacuum the moment it disappeared. The resulting vacuum would cause a contraction of the surrounding space, creating an implosion and a secondary explosion towards its environment.


「That’s the effect of the MA-bomb!?!?」

「60% of the enemies defense fortifications have been eliminated」

「Continue the offensive」


With the success of their newly developed warhead, the Empire’s weapons manufacturing Strongholds, Fortresses and Defenses were destroyed within a day.



「Orders for “Operation Vermilion” confirmed. Commence bombardment of the Alsace Magical Empire」

『『『Roger that』』』


Proceeding with Operation Vermillion, the Strategic Bomber Wing entered Imperial airspace. Planes like the B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer, B-2 Spirit, C-130J Super Hercules, C-17 Globemaster III, C-5 Galaxy, Tu-22M Backfire, Tu-95 Bear, Tu-160 Blackjack, An-124-100 Ruslan, An-225 Mriya “Cossack”, and more like these soared over Imperial territory, following the ballistic missile strikes and kinetic bombardment from Orbital platform “Keranos”.

Having acquired the locations of the Empire’s Weapons caches, from spies disguising as adventurers, merchants and wayward travelers. Parabellum’s strategic bombers commence their bombing run, targeting those warehouses. Opening bay doors and releasing their payload or releasing bombs from their wings pylons.

In a matter of seconds the seeds of death, blossom on the ground below, flowering in a crimson fashion.

Those who went about their usual daily routines all fell, consumed by the fiery flowers, the Empires soldiers died instantly. The death tally rose as scarlet flowers sprouted en masse.

Within the blink of an eye, military facilities and garrisons were razed and quickly destroyed. As guided (with the assistance of a reconnaissance unit), unguided and napalm bombs carpeted the area.

In addition to the Strategic Bomber Wings payload, conventional large scale explosive ordinance like the BLU-82/B Daisy Cutter and the GBU-43 B MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast) which were considered to have the greatest destructive power during its time in history. A Russian thermobaric bomb, the ATBIP (Father of All Bombs) which carries four times the destructive power of a MOAB, annihilates an Empire facility in one go.


「Ensure total destruction of all enemy facilities. Return to base at the completion of this objective」

『Copy that HQ』

「*Sigh*….that ended safely. But even though we have more than several hundred bombers and transport aircraft within the Strategic Bomber Wing it could take as much as two weeks, for us to raid the Empire’s expansive territory」


Completing a bombing run, on one of the Empire’s facilities, the pilot mutters under his breath pitying the Empire for the looming future.



Inside one of the Imperial Fortresses closest to the border nearing Canary Kingdom’s Fortress City, Nashist. The Empire was steadily progressing their preparations for their next invasion, stockpiling weapons their war horses proceed to enter the Fortress.


「Hey, do you know anything about the upcoming campaign…. what did you hear?」

「Uumm, well I did hear something. In regards to the Emperor’s favorite Otherworlder…… It seems like Renya will be in charge of coming up with our strategy」

「Well, that does seem to be the case. ……But the plan that he came up with…. Spouting how we will win through sheer determination of will, I almost thought it was a joke. What’s more, all our essential needs and supplies, will be scavenged from our enemies. Isn’t this a bad idea?」

「……I see your point, but isn’t it natural on the battlefield to plunder for resources.  It’s not like it can cover the whole army…. Isn’t this a little…. Is this even a battle plan we can pull off with just our willpower alone?」



At a time when the Empire’s Soldiers were in the middle of a conversation within their fortress.

One of the Soldiers from a guard tower notices something.


「Hey!! There’s something flying towards us!!」

「Huh, What!?」

「What’s that, say that again!?」


From that one Soldiers report, the rest of the men in the fortress look towards the sky.


「What is that?…….」


But as the men tried to figure out what the were seeing, the small object became larger the closer it flew towards their fortress.


「He,hey….. Wouldn’t it be bad if that thing came over here!?….」

「R,r,run, RUN AWAYーー!!」


But by the time the Soldiers realized their crisis, it was already too late, as the large flying object tore a path straight towards the fortress.

Tearing through the heavens the projectile, instantly strikes the fortress.

With a deafening roar, the stored weapons within the fortress explode with an intensity that sends everything into air. Turning all the fortresses inhabitants into smithereens.

And once the wind blew away the cloud of dust, all that was left was a gigantic crater, as all traces of the fortress disappeared.


「We have visual confirmation via aerial reconnaissance.  The first round hit its mark.  The shell struck the fortress dead center and there doesn’t appear to be any trace of it left」

「Alright then, we’re off to a good start. Don’t injure yourself alright, but hurry up and load that next round!」

「Roger that!! 」


With railroad tracks built around the Fortress City Nashist. The cluster of railway guns create a thunderous boom as they fire away. With dreadful ferocity, the railway guns projectile pulverizes another stronghold reducing it to nothing.

Created during the second World War in Germany’s Third Reich, the largest railway gun made in the world was the 800mm “Dora”.

Built like its predecessor the Schwerer Gustav, “Dora” was a Paris Gun (long-range siege gun). Not too far away from the railway gun, there was the Landkreuzer P1500 Monster, super heavy tank


「Hurry up! Load the next round!」

「Where’s the next target and what type of round!?」

「Our next target is a fortress about 70 Kilometers away. Use our guided munition」


As the 800mm railway gun had been modified to suit Parabellum’s goals, the amount of Soldiers needed to operate such a weapon was approximately 1,400 with an additional 4000 logistical personnel as a reserve. But thanks to the exoskeleton power suits as well as the modified automata, the amount of personnel needed to operate the weapon was only a 1000.

In addition to Parabellum’s standard weapons, the Research & Development department developed munitions with rocket boosters and a global positioning system, which enhances the shell’s range up to 250 kilometers.

The 800mm “Dora” used three types of shells. The newly developed guided artillery shell, the standard explosive artillery shells and armour-piercing shells.

The high explosive shell weighs at 4800 kg, has a maximum firing range of 48 kilometers, and an explosive load of 700kg, it creates a blast crater that’s approximately 10 meters wide and 10 meters deep.  Capable of blasting through a defensive structure in one go.

As for the Armour-piercing shell, it’s main body is made of chrome-nickel steel, fitted with an aluminium alloy ballistic nose cone. It carries a 250kg explosive payload, has a maximum firing range of 38 kilometers, and can penetrate as far as 7 meters of concrete with a special charge.

An older generation weapon, it was advanced for its time, Parabellum’s modified railway gun would fire shell after shell upon the Empire’s border strongholds and fortifications.

Mobilizing three of these immensely large caliber cannons, the three 800mm railway guns fire upon the Empire’s forts and fortresses blowing them away one after another.


「HQ this is the Tactical Command Post. Half our units have already crossed the Canary-Alsation border, and the other half are en-route as planned, over」

「Come on, keep going, don’t slow down!! Hurry up!! We need to make it to our designated checkpoint by nightfall!!」


Advancing 20 kilometers beyond the railway guns, Parabellum’s forces head into the Empire’s territory. Moving forward with self-propelled artillery units like the M110 Howitzer with its 203mm cannon, 2S5 Giatsint-S with its 152mm cannon, 2A3 Kondensator 2P and its 406mm cannon, 2S7 Pion with a 203mm cannon, and the Mörser Karl with its 600mm siege mortar. One after another these tracked vehicles make their way towards the Empire alongside other ground and aviation units. Flying overhead in formation Attack helicopters provide escort while logistical support helicopters transport supplies and personnel.

Parabellum’s ground forces carve out a path as 12000 military vehicles advance; light armor, heavy armor, artillery and many more (this includes vehicles produced without relying on Kazuya’s abilities), their total military might was 300,000 strong. In addition to Parabellum’s Army of 300,000, Soldiers and Knights of the Annexed Canary Kingdom amounted to 30,000 strong.  


「Deguh~deguh~deguh….*Sound of engine*…」

「Skweee…..*vehicle brakes*. 」


As scores of troops advance by marching, a grandiose military vehicle progress at a steady pace.


「Hey, retards!! Get out the way!! Ya guys gotta death wish, you’re gonna get crushed!!」

「Ah Y,yes sir!!」

「Sorry sir, I’m moving!!」


Gathering the looks and stares of all the soldiers in the vicinity, weighing at 900 tons, spanning 40 meters in length, 15 meters in width and a height of 14 meters, it was nicknamed the 『Land Battleship』. It’s primary weapons was a 280mm twin turret cannon, as its two Bofors 57mm L/70 Naval Artillery guns were its secondary weapons. This modified Landkreuzer had three Mk-15 mod.31 SeaRAM’s, which used the RIM-116 rolling airframe missiles as a close anti-air defense system.

This was the Command Center for the armies counteroffensive. Utilizing the same type of composite armor as the M1 Abrams Tank, it covered the modified Landkreuzer all along its frame.

The front and sides armor plating were about 300mm thick, while its top plating was about 170mm thick.

Due to having such a thick armor the exquisite craftsmanship of the modified Landkreuzer could withstand a direct shot from air strikes and heavy artillery, and was praised to have the strongest defense.

The only demerit with the Landkreuzer was the speed of its advance, due to the assault armours immense size and weight, without logistical support it wouldn’t be able to move properly.

The Soldiers morale rose as they gazed at the reliable weapon that was responsible for leading them towards the battlefield.



「Master, here is the completed report of our military assault」

「Alright, show it to me」


Receiving the full battle report from Chitose, Kazuya strokes his chest in relief that Operation Vermillion was successful and accomplished safely on its first day.


Hmmm… well we received no damage on our end… … How big are the enemies losses?

Well this first day has become our total victory.


Lowering his gaze to the bottom of the battle report, Kazuya’s face breaks out into an overflowing smile.

Across the entire Magical Empire, the Alsation Imperial forces suffered incredible damage in a single day due to Parabellum’s preemptive strike.

The Empire’s Aerial Fortresses, and several other strongholds which were their cornerstones to invade had been destroyed from Parabellum’s kinetic weapons.  Bombarded by ICBMs and strategic bombing raids, approximately 60% of their production facilities for their Machina, Automata & other weapons had been decimated.

Alsation fortresses and encampments built near the countries border (of the former Canary Kingdom) had been rendered useless by Parabellum’s railway guns & artillery. The accumulated supplies & weapons caches within their bases, either vanished in the destruction or became useless garbage.

The recorded estimation of the Empires casualties exceed 100,000 dead, 300,000 injured and 300,000 still missing.    

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Miscellaneous Info

 Keranos lore 
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 Air force organization – Wings, Squadron, Flight, Detail. 

Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV)

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