Vol 3 Chapter 30

I can not lose, I will fulfill this mission entrusted to me, from Master.


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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The evening was nigh, as everything was covered in darkness.

Training for these moments, the veterans of stealth combat blended in with the environment as they idled, patiently waiting for that moment.

Wielding H&K XM8’s, adaptable into several variants (an assault rifle, sniper rifle, and a light machine gun) its rail mounts allowed for interchangeable accessories, which can benefit it’s operator in low light conditions.


「(3… 2… 1… 0… Go, start the mission )」


As one of Parabellum’s Special Forces units, Black Arrow began to move at the signal of their designated start time. Wearing specialty equipment as well as gas masks, their uniforms were dyed in pure black.

They approached one of their targets residences without making a sound. (A target for elimination)

「(All units, spread out, surround the residence, how copy)」


The target’s luxurious mansion which was a reasonable distance from the Kingdom’s Capital, was atop a mountain, hidden away from view.


『(This is 2nd squad, we’re in position, over)』

『(This is 3rd squad, we’re also in position, over)』


Though the mansion had been cut into a mountain, it displayed a grandiose courtyard built to entertain guests.


「(All units this is 1st Squad, prepare to enter on my count. At the countdown of three we’ll all engage at the, huh――hold on… … a maid appeared」


Avoiding detection by staying low to the height of their surroundings, they fared through the courtyards large garden, whilst staying away from notable fencing and flowerbeds. The squads, having assembled in their designated spots eagerly waited to rush their target’s residence.

Coincidentally, a beastwoman maid appeared surveying the immense courtyard, the men noted her wearing a slavery collar.


「(What do we do?)」

「(…… Put her to sleep)」

「(Roger that)」


To prevent the maid from raising an alarm due to their presence, one of the squad members approaches from behind, aiming to put the maid to sleep.


Just a little closer…….


Holding a cloth soaked with a special chemical to put individuals to sleep, the Black Arrow soldier neared the maid silently, moving one step at a time.


「―― Oh shit!!」



The moment the special force soldier was about to grasp the maid, without warning, a sheen of metal appeared from the Maid. And in the next instant, a handle was reflected for all to see, protruding from the soldier of Black Arrow. 



…..Damn… I …. should’ve… known….. I…fucked…up…..


Even though he was trained never to underestimate the enemy, it was a miscalculation to believe that the servants weren’t trained to defend against intruders.  Holding his neck, where the knife had struck him, the Black Arrow soldier crumbled to the ground.


「INTRUD ――urk!!」


Using 5.56mm NATO rounds and a suppressor to prevent detection they fired one round to the head and another to chest, silencing the Maid who had knifed one of their members.

In mid-alarm the maid was silenced, unable to move ever again.


『Hey, what’s that sound!?』

『I don’t know!? It was from outside!!』


Crap, we’ve been found out!


They were too late in silencing the maid, as security within the residence began to bolster.


「All units, Rush now!!」


Having lost their covert advantage, each squad begins to move in a boisterous manner.


「HQ this is Black Arrow 1, we’ve lost the element of surprise!! We’re rushing towards the target right now, over!!」

『Acknowledged Black Arrow 1, be advised eliminate the target, no survivors, how copy』

「Don’t you think, I don’t know that, even if you repeat it a hundred times!!  *Click*……..*Click* my bad HQ, we have….  one man down, over.   ―― All units proceed, you heard the lady」


「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


Whilst reporting the situation over to HQ, the Captain had his men place C4 explosives on the Mansion’s exterior, creating their own entrance. And one after another, tear gas was shot through the mansion’s openings.

Towards the end of the radio transmission, the Captain ordered one of his men to recover their fallen member, as the rest of the platoon storm the residence. 


*Cough* *Cough* Rrraugh, What is this――*Cough*!!」

「Guagh!! *Cough* MY EEYESS….!? Can’t see anythin―― *Coughing*!! 」


Unable to deal with the tear gas, the guards, butlers and maids began to struggle as more cannisters were shot through the windows and entrances.


「No mercy, no survivors, even if they are servants!! Otherwise, you may end up dead by their hands!!」



Putting down their would be adversaries, the men of Black Arrow gunned down security guards and attendants who were unable to react due to the affects of the tear gas.


「Is this the room?」


Arriving outside the room of their primary target, 1st squad prepares to storm the place.





Placing his ear to wall, trying to listen to what’s on the other side, the Captain signals one of his men. Using an M26 shotgun attached to his assault rifle (XM8), the Soldier chambers a slug round, then begins firing upon the doors hinges.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

「GO, GO, GO!!」


The men kicked down the door after, destroying the hinges with their masterkey. Entering the Prime Ministers quarters they were greeted by the sight of its owner; the old man was rummaging through his safe trying to take all that he could, gold coins, secret documents and things of value.


「Who―? Dogs of Parabellum!? You bastards!! I AM THE PRIME MINIS――!! Wha!? This, Augh, Ah~ aaAARRRRGGGHHH!!」


In the midst of Prime Minister Raven’s outburst, a member of Black Arrow tosses an incendiary grenade (AN-M14 TH3).

Receiving the grenade without its safety pin, it explodes within the Prime Minister’s grasp, engulfing him in flames that burned at 4000 °F.


「….. just following orders, courtesy of our Vice-President. Just making sure you die a miserable and agonizing death.  Oh and I have a message for you tooYour greatest sin, was for ridiculing Master. Go to hell and repent for all the crimes you’ve committed. Fucking Old Man」 


Suffering severe burns all over his body the Prime Minister struggled to maintain breathing as his entire residence turned from chaos in to silence. Black Arrows leader notified HQ of a mission complete, right after he put a bullet into the Prime Ministers skull. Wrapping things up for extraction, the group of soldiers set fire to the residence.

Raising up his power within his lifetime, the Prime Minister along with the corrupt aristocracy were all exterminated in a massive scale operation, marking the end of those controlling the Canary Kingdom from behind the scenes.



The Canary Kingdom held a festive atmosphere as balance had been restored to its people.

With the declaration of the countries annexation to Parabellum, the people were in a celebratory mood due to the marriage between Parabellum’s Ruler and two women; Canary’s 2nd Princess, Iris Velhelm and the Duchess, Karen Lautrec. Their wedding had been scheduled for this day.

Originally, when word of annexation circulated within the Canary Kingdom, the aristocrats with strong nationalistic beliefs and patriotic citizens resented the notion. Fearing they would lose their rights and privileges afforded to them, once their country merged with Parabellum. But after an announcement that taxes would be reduced by a third, a great majority of these people welcomed the annexation with open arms.

As for the nobles who held reasons to oppose Parabellum, Chitose conducted an investigation on these aristocrats for a certain period of time. With the collection of irrefutable evidence, proving wrongdoing, subterfuge & corruption amongst themselves. The ‘Pus’ of Canary Kingdom along with Prime Minister Raven were swept up in a cleansing storm. Once the storm subsided, the Kingdom became peaceful and still.

With the forces opposing the country’s annexation almost eradicated, the time for Kazuya’s marriage ceremony with 2nd Princess and Duchess came to pass. This solidified the Canary Kingdom’s annexation to the island nation Parabellum. 

Incidentally as part of the annexation, Kazuya planned to keep a portion of the current political ruling system intact and eventually introduce Parabellum’s political ideology. It was fortunate for Parabellum, since having control over Canary Kingdom’s economy, trade hubs and routes, confusion amongst the populace was almost nonexistent.


……*Sigh*, I’m so exhausted


Due to having two brides, Kazuya had to go through two wedding ceremonies (Each bride had their own extravagant wedding ceremony). As both ceremonies finally ended, Kazuya laid himself in a chair within the waiting room, trying rest from the built up fatigue. 


「Thank you for all your hard work, Master」


Having recovered from giving birth to Kazuya’s first child, their daughter Asuka Nagato―― And also having wed Kazuya not long ago, Chitose Nagato purposely wears her wedding ring on such a day as a reminder to the new wives (that she was first). 


「*Sigh* Yeah, I’m feeling quite tired…….. Oh, how’s the situation with Amira’s people going?

「Reporting, at this time there are no major issues, I’ve sent Chiyoda to go handle it」


After Chitose was discharged from the hospital, Parabellum was full in uproar the moment Chitose was confronted with Chiyoda’s existence. Immediately sending Colonel Klotz and his R&D department ceremonial clothes and a sword, ordering them to atone for their mistakes. But since that incident, Chitose and Chiyoda have gotten along quite well and appear to be working together, as Chitose shows Kazuya, Chiyoda’s status from a tablet in her hand.


I see….. I guess it’s fine then, if we leave things over to Chiyoda, Amira shouldn’t have any problems. *Big sigh* Haaa~aaa!!


Listening to how Chiyoda was sent to assist the Monster Kingdom along with their military subjugation force. To suppress any rebellious groups, in regards to the Monster Kingdoms annexation and his marriage with Amira and her daughters. Kazuya readjusted his posture, stretching up from his seat. 


「Um…. Did you want to go check on Iris and Karen?」


Having risen from his chair, Kazuya makes his way towards the rooms entrance eager to see his newly-wed wives.


――  *Knock knock*



「Pardon the intrusion」

「Excuse me」


But the moment Kazuya reached for the door knob, a knock came from outside, right before it opened. Dressed in their bridal gowns, Iris and Karen proceeded to enter into the room.

With an indifferent expression Iris wore a simple pure white wedding dress, while Karen wore an all black frilly Gothic Lolita style wedding dress.


「Huh, Dear brother, what’s wrong?」

「Kazuya? Where you trying to go somewhere?」

No, actually I just wanted to check on how you two were doing…. the both of you came at just the right time

「Is that right? Well, it would have been awful if we missed each other in passing」

「We’re here, so it’s all good then」


Inviting Kazuya to spend some time with them, they head towards the waiting room, where they could relax and chat.


――Well, I guess it can’t be helped then

「Are you really fine with that?」

「Why? Does Dear brother not want to?」

Ah….well you see

「――excuse me, Master. Sorry to interrupt you in the middle of your talk.  But it’s about this evenings party…..」


As if waiting for the right time, Chitose suddenly interrupt’s Kazuya’s conversation between Karen and Iris.

Huh, really?……  was there something like that?….. I didn’t even realize it


Recalling that Canary Kingdom’s corrupt Aristocracy had been removed, Kazuya remembered that only a small amount of upright nobles would attend the wedding’s reception. 

「Yes, it’s quite understandable for Master to forget because you must be tired. I’ll make arrangements to speed up the function, so it will finish ahead of schedule. Will that be fine with Master?」

…….I guess that would be fine, but isn’t this a little bit abrupt?

「Hm-hm!! That’s okay, I think it’ll be better this way, my Dearest」

「Uh-huh!! Yeah, I also think this is a great idea」


Listening to their responses Kazuya noticed Iris and Karen’s flushed faces, as they wholeheartedly push for the party to finish faster.


…… Why are these two blushing? Am I missing something here?


While Kazuya was becoming a little antsy from the two girls behavior, Chitose immediately blew a fuse and decided take these girls down a notch by delivering them a death sentence.


「……You two may be thinking, that you’ll be making wonderful memories on the night of your marriage, but let me tell you something.  Right after the wedding reception, we’ll be returning immediately to Parabellum’s mainland」

「……… Huh?」

「Wait…..what?…. What was that!?」


Struck by Chitose’s words, Iris and Karen’s elated feelings having hovered on cloud nine, had plummeted from the gates of heaven straight in to the pits of hell. 


「……. ……Ah, ah, Dearest Brother….that can’t be…., it has to be a lie, right?」

「Ka,kazuya….. What’s the hell is going on!?」


Expecting to engage in heated activities following their wedding reception, the two women questioned Kazuya for answers.

No, well, its…..I…. I need to return in order to make preparations for a large-scale operation, that will be happening pretty soon….


Unwilling to accept Kazuya’s plea, the two scowled, staring menacingly at him.


「「Ssuuuure~, like that’s the actual reason…..」」


This is bad. Really, really bad.


Repeatedly apologizing and lowering his head towards Karen & Iris, trying to hide his own disappointment Kazuya slouches back into his chair dejectedly.

And it was just at that moment, the two caught sight of Chitose trying to stifle her laughter.




….. this bitch.

….. this whore.


In sync with their thoughts the two realized that Chitose was the mastermind behind the scheduling, intentionally robbing them of their precious time with Kazuya.


….. Right after your wedding, did you really think I’d let you be with Master?

Dream on, losers!! Master is mine, and mine alone.


Looking down on the two newly-wed women with a victorious expression; Chitose’s attitude was all the evidence the girls needed, to figure out that she planned this all along.



That’s right…ThAt’s RiGhT. ThIs wAs aLL hEr FaULt!!


「Ahah~, HAHAHA!!」

I haven’t lost yet, I have plans too!!


Something broke inside the two girls, as they began to laugh manically towards Chitose.


…. … Nnnngh, so scary!!


With their bodies trembling, Iris and Karen began to laugh like broken dolls, causing Kazuya to draw back in fear.


Ah!? What, why me!?

「That!? What are you doing to Master!? 」


Suddenly gripping Kazuya by his arms, Iris and Karen began dragging Kazuya towards the door, rising up in anger Chitose barked at the two brides.


「Dear Brother~, there’s plenty of time before the party starts, right~?」

「You still have some time~ don’t~ you~?」


Raising a small protest towards the two girls, they turned to Kazuya with sinister smiles and pitch black eyes as they ignored Chitose’s outburst.


Oh, um, there’s, uh, three hours, three hours until the reception…..


Getting goosebumps from the two, Kazuya answers them honestly, hoping for a break.


「That’s just perfect~」

「Plenty of time~」


……No way….


A bead of sweat drips from Kazuya’s forehead.


「「Oh~, “Dear Brother/ Kazuya”~, until the time for our wedding, let’s make plenty of memories together~」」


Aha, ah-ha, their not ….joking….


Kazuya’s shoulders drooped resigning himself towards the two girls, floating devilish smiles, their eyes shined with a crazed lust.


「Did you think I’ll let you two get away?」


But before the two could leave the room, Chitose blocks their way.


「….. Move away please, I don’t want to waste anymore time」

「Get out of the way! I won’t let you lessen my special time with Kazuya」

「….. How brave of you…..」


Just as the two girls were about to take Kazuya away and indulge themselves in carnal pleasures―― Chitose pulls out the two katana’s from her waist.


「Why don’t you leave Master here, and go on your way now~」

「You…. Your wasting my precious time….」

「Alright then. If that’s how you want it, let’s just see, whose the one really suited, to be Kazuya’s wife」


In response towards Chitose’s hostility, Iris pulls out a scepter while Karen brings out a dirk which she had concealed.




And thus inside the waiting room, the three girls began a dramatic battle, over (who would be the one to monopolize) their husband.

It was from this point forward, Kazuya began to worry about the future of his married life.

Cornered within the waiting room, Kazuya could only watch as the fight amongst the women intensified, unable to sneak out nor utter a sound. 



Bearing witness to a dangerous battle amongst his wives, Kazuya sighed to himself.

Meanwhile protests broke out within the Monster Kingdom Capital of Belgrade, with many opposing the annexation of their country.


「We will never tolerate the Demon King’s selfish ways!!」

「Amira Rosinger is a traitor to her people, giving up her throne to chase a human!!」

「Our Great Kingdom of Monsters will never bow to filthy humans!!」

「Why must we take orders from a lesser being (humans)!!」


Causing a disturbance at the Demon King’s castle gates, a great amount of proud young monsters of various races gathered. Denouncing Amira for colluding with humans and submitting towards Parabellum’s rule.


「Seriously…. In a single night, this many proud monster-kin all gathered not wanting to submit to human rule. But when out country was on the verge of annihilation, and we called for volunteers to fight, they all hid like cowards.   ……Weren’t these people told, that even the Monster Council collectively accepted to be annexed by Parabellum. Isn’t that enough? *Sigh* These fools…」


On the eaves of the the castle, overlooking the crowd of young monster-kin, talking to herself, Amira recalls several events during the Magical Empire’s invasions. Recruiting for able-bodied volunteers amongst the surviving monster tribes to rise against the Imperial menace, these monster-kin refused to fight, even though they were on the verge of being destroyed. 


「Mother, I’ve finished my preparations」

「I’m ready to go as well, Mother~」


As the mob continued to grow in size, things suddenly turned violent once their outcry reached its peak.

Leading with her daughters at her sides, Amira and her girls were garbed in full battle-dress.  


「If we are going to do this, we’ll need to finish it soon. We can’t have Chiyoda and Kazuya’s people, take away all of our fun」


Unwilling to listen to reason, the crowd begins to riot, all the while, Amira, Feene, Lena and their guards make their way to the Castle’s main gate. 


「All units, once you’ve finished your preparations, you will be free to advance at any time.」

「Understood, get ready, we’re opening the gates now. Once the Demon King moves, everyone will follow and subdue those ruffians」


I can not lose, I will fulfill this mission entrusted to me, from Master.


Chiyoda along with a detachment of Parabellem’s Military Police, stood by within the Demon Kings castle, waiting for the proper time to begin the operation.

Behind the Castle’s tightly shut main gate, supported with a Water Cannon vehicle and a Humvee mounted with the Active Denial System (Energy weapon). Parabellum’s personnel stood in formation equipped with batons and shields. Several members carried taser guns, M870 shotguns loaded with rubber bullets, or a Multiple Grenade Launcher armed with tear gas.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms. Chiyoda」

「You’re here? Have you completed your preparations?」

「Everything is just perfect」

「Is that so? Then let’s wrap things up quickly」

「Right, ‘let’s’ do that」


Confirming Amira’s resolve, Chiyoda gets ready to send a signal, raising her right hand high into the air.


「All units, prepare for battle!!」


And just as swiftly as her hand was raised, Chiyoda chops down signaling the opening of the Castle’s gates.


「Hey, hey look!! The gates―, the gates are opening!!」

「YEAAHH!! That’s good!! Now we can defeat the traitorous Demon Ki――Gyaaaaugghh!!」

「UwaaAAAAAHHHHH!! It Burns, it burns, I’m burning!!?」


The moment the main gates flew open, the riotous crowd stormed through only to be met with Parabellum’s Active Denial System (ADS). Sending high-powered microwaves and agitating the water molecules of its target; those targeted would feel something akin to a burning sensation along with intense pain.


「Let’s go!! All of you, follow me!!」

「「「Yes Ma’am!!」」」

「Alright, let’s go, you two!!」

「Yes Mother!!」


「「「Oora!! (Understood)」」」


Once the Active Denial System finished firing its radiation beam, Chiyoda and Amira left the gates first.  Following after in a procession were the Water Cannons, Feene, Lina, Parabellum’s military police and the Demon Kings guards.  


「Ahhh, Run Awayyyyy――Gyaugh!!」

「Ahh noo.. Ah ah AH! ――Gurrk!」

「What happened!? Where did all that fighting spirit disappear to!? 」

「These are all small fry! They don’t seem to be very smart now!」


Leading from the front the two began to disperse the unruly mob near the gate.


「De..DEMONS!! Can we really win agai――Gyugh!!」



Directly behind them, following after the girls, Parabellum’s personnel marched with Riot shields and batons in hand.


「Wai..WAIT  I!! Ugh. Please, I’m begging you… Help….I!! GYAAH!! 」


Firing a Remington M870 shotgun, one of the riotors had their whole body covered in rubber bullets.


「Gaugh.. No…No more… ugh… I can’t… no….please… no more….」


And then.




Caught by a stun gun’s electric leads, a rioters body convulses as their muscles cramp, paralyzing their movement.


「You’re in the way!!」




Following Amira and her daughters, their personal guards had also mercilessly mowed down the rebellious rioters, taking away their consciousness and having them fall to the ground.


「This wasn’t easy, but they look really miserable right now」


It was about 5 minutes after the Castle main gate was opened, the ravenous mob of monster-kin which wanted overtake their ruler were now laid out on the ground, heaps of bodies lay strewn all over, like the dead on a battlefield.



「…..It hurts…」


Unable to endure the pain small groans and moans came from those lying dead on the ground. Those responses at least confirmed that these rebellious folk weren’t dead.


「…… This was anti-climatic. Data suggests that Monster-kin have exceptional abilities, or did we miscalculate their strength?  Negative, these people are just too weak?」


While contemplating the strength & abilities of her opponents, Chiyoda reverted from Battle mode to normal, storing away her weaponry within her arms and legs.

And it was just like that, the large mob of rioters who were opposing the Demon King and the annexation were suppressed. Amira and Chiyoda were both in high spirits, as Amira was satisfied being able to rampage and throw rioters with an over the shoulder technique she had learned. Chiyoda on the other hand, held her enthusiasm secretly, having completed a mission entrusted to her by Kazuya himself.  



With the annexation of the Canary & Monster Kingdoms, marrying Amira and her daughters, the winter weather had begun to recede, as snow began to melt in various places.


Inside the Presidential Oval Office, Kazuya looked over plans for the upcoming operation. Based on several intelligence reports from their spies hidden within Alsace’s Magical Empire, it was projected that in four weeks they would be capable of invading nearby territories. A proclamation for Parabellum’s naval fleet to embark towards its designated location would be also happen in three weeks time. As the ships leave port one after another, the production of battleships should also finish by then, joining the fray by the tail end.


「Operation Vermilion」


・What is Operation Vermillion?

This is large-scale counteroffensive aimed at the Alsace Magical Empire’s destructive policies and halting their expansionist agenda.

The objective of this assault does not target the Empire’s vast territory or its abundant resources, such gold, silver and other such treasures.


Plan of Action

・ Confirmed enemy fortifications will be targeted with: Ballistic missiles equipped with specialized & non-specialized warheads, as well as Kinetic weaponry (Rods of God) from Orbital Platform ‘Keranos’ 

・Strategic Bombers and Air raids will target, specific military facilities and strongholds.

・An expeditionary fleet will be deployed to capture Port City Gloria (a City-State of the Empire). Its geographic location is in proximity to three seas (The Zeuro Sea, Kairós Sea & Tael Sea, its configuration is actually quite similar to Earth’s Mediterranean Sea). 

・ The combined assault force, advancing into Alsatian Territory will be comprised of Parabellum’s Military as well as former members of the Canarian Military. The assault forces  will assemble within the Fortress City Nashist, a former Canary Kingdom border stronghold.

(※ The purpose for this combined assault is to serve as a decoy, diverting the Empire’s attention. These forces will advance towards the nearest Imperial City, halting at about 100 – 150 kilometers before forming up into a defensive posture. After sieging the city & eliminating the Alsation military, the combined force will tactically withdraw from the region.)

・By gaining a foothold with Parabellum’s Navy, capturing the Empire’s Port City Gloria, expeditionary forces will have a straight shot towards Alsace’s Capital.


Silently thinking to himself, Kazuya looks over the various detailed plans and strategic maneuvers over and over and over.


This large scale operation uses a great deal of Parabellum’s miltary combat power, there will be much at stake here. I hope this operation goes smoothly…..

From other reports, it seems the Empire is developing a new type of firearm and bolstered their research into new weaponry…..

Those couldn’t be accomplished by ordinary means.

…..Is this really all that we can do here?


In the three weeks before Parabellum’s counteroffensive, Operation Vermillion would begin.  Kazuya’s troubles continued, as he worried over the plans success.

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