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Here’s the start for Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World Volume 4, enjoy!

Volume 4 Chapter 1

edit: Here’s the next chapter for the Discarded Hero

Ep 2: The Unreliable God 

Here’s the next chapter analysis

7025 Characters or approximately 6703 words.   Oh and also assume this will have another slight info dump of sorts. 

Now as for “The Discarded Hero wants to go home”, I won’t be doing chapter analysis for this web novel. I’ve browsed through several more chapters within the first book and there are typos’ here and there. The Author even mentions that some of the chapters will have grammatical errors and stuff.

So even if I did a chapter analysis on how many Japanese Characters there are or words, it won’t be beneficial because I should expect errors throughout, his writing.

This Webnovel is the authors 1st and 2nd draft, before it was turned into a light novel and manga for that matter.

I will translate his work to the best of my abilities and if I come across issues I’ll add those in my TL Notes.

As for a set schedule, for this series, I apologize but I can’t promise anything. I’ll release a chapter when I finish translating it. I won’t make a news post for it, the chapter will go up when its done with edits and stuff.

Thank you for the support and I wish you guys and awesome weekend!!

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