Back to the drawing board

well just as my title, I grew a bit frustrated with myself. And I’ve had quite a mindful of stress built up.

Relationships are important, so my time has been used to at least maintain my social life, to a decent extent. (I dont want to grow old alone).

Well I’ve been rummaging through a handful of my notes and I’ve also been working up different character profiles.

I’m going at this with at least an hours worth of time, to write, revise, add & change my stories.  I’ve been bugged again to concentrate on a single story line for the time being. But when I can’t help but run into a block, I jump to a different story.

So im currently in to rewrites. and without further ado, please enjoy yourselves.


Chiming in

So, I’m quite depressed as of late. I’m boarding with a couple people, and we are renting this place. We came to an agreement where we all were in charge of some type of payment. I said I would cover utilities.

Well, to make a long story short. My last few utility bills, basically dwarfs, my buddies combined rent. Hence why I’m upset.

I was really looking forward to my paycheck, and picking up a few things. To inspire my writing and some hobbies. But now a vast majority of my check, will go to bills.

I’m laugh-crying because after all my bills and stuff, I will have a pocket money of $68…

*sigh* now I’m going to have to stretch that for the next two weeks, until my next paycheck.

Okay, now for stories. While I’ve started several projects, I’ve only focused on 2 this past week. I’ve revised the stories several times and I’m currently on a 3rd draft. Once it meets my liking I’ll post it up once more.

To give you guys an idea how jumbled up some of my projects were. Think of a story that keeps time jumping and has flashbacks, but it sorta confuses the reader.

Yeah well, I don’t recall what my original train of thought was. Maybe it made sense then, but after rereading my work I realized how weird the chapter came out.So I’m in the middle of revisions, snipping parts and adding parts here and there.

So I wish everyone the best, have an awesome week, and take care!