Science is my Passion


A remarkable scientist dreamed of extending humanities boundaries. During a test run for his research, he was on the verge of making an astonishing breakthrough, but some of the equipment malfunctioned causing wide-scale disaster. Caught up in the destruction, the scientists’ parting words were filled with optimism and regret.

The God of Earth decides to trade this man’s soul along with several others to the God of another world. Taking pity on the scientist he blesses his soul with a gift.

Tasked with saving another world with his new life, the scientist was reborn in a place of magic, challenging the laws, principles and common sense of his previous world. Skeptical about saving this other world, instead he seeks to follow his passion of science.

Table of Contents

0. Prologue
1. God of Alkrga
2. Being Born Again
3. Meetings & Greetings
4. I’m Sorry… Not so sorry
5. Reckless...
6. Memory Dive
   6.1 SS- Prophecy
7. Returning
8. Getting accustomed to things
9. Learning is…
10. Resolve is key
    10.1  SS – Arend’s Journal 
11. In moments of peace…
12. Expectations
13. Writing in Progress
14. Writing in Progress
15. Writing in Progress
16. Writing in Progress
17. Writing in Progress

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