10.1 Side Story

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10.1 Arends Journal    

9th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D. 

It’s been  a few days since Lia left, the children of the orphanage seemed to be wary of me, I guess it was probably due to my past self. Some of the older Kids have been ordering me around lately, but in truth all their telling me to is just manual labor, that’s easy.

11th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

I’ve been learning some of the different plants and animals or I guess monsters that are near our Town of Lankree. It’s amazing really, the creatures are like chimeras of different species back on Earth. I mean they are referred like most Earth monsters and animals, but their actually quite different. Like the Marood are a wolf-like creature similar to wargs, but they have different elemental attributes. They can correspond with water, fire, darkness, etc., but most of all they can change their form, to a reptilian scale-like skin.  Morphing back and forth between fur and scales, it really is interesting. This world can be weird.

12th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

We just had a small History class about the Kingdoms surrounding our town. Currently, we are in the freelands, directions for this world are weird, they don’t talk about north, south, east or west. Everything explained, is mentioned as “in the direction of,”  I wonder how people don’t get confused by this standard

“In the direction of the rising light, we have the **** Kingdom.”
‘That rising light is called a Sun, it’s a star… so you’re talking about towards the east.’

“In the direction of the Twin lights, we have the ***** Kingdom.”
‘Huh, you’re talking about the two moons right? towards the south then.’

“In the direction of the mountains and beyond are the ***** Empire and **** Realm.”
‘Is that north or northwest, the mountain range is really long you know.’

“In the direction of…….”
‘If I could flip a table I would do it right now….’

13th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Urgh… Time on this world is weird. But the way everyone tracks days and nights is just by the position of the Rising Light (Sun) and Twin Lights (Two Moons). Their sense of tracking is archaic, but it’s different from Earth. I did some calculations and this planet has a 36-hour rotation cycle. Is this world really that big?

I tried making several rough time devices, like a sundial or a water bowl clock and a makeshift hour-glass. Now my head hurts, because I’ve come to the realization that my bodies clock is different from my mind’s clock (Mind is still using Earth standard).

Earth is 24 hours, but Alkrga is 36 hours, we sleep for 6-8 hours there, but here we sleep 8-12 hours…… I panicked and passed out from all the thoughts. I had a panic attack while my mind was debating this time crunch issue….

Ultimately, I gave up and decided to move on to other things instead of worry about the time. It’s a new world, I might as well adapt to whatever happens this time.

I made myself a portable sundial, so I can efficiently make use of my time.

19th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Sister Lia hasn’t returned yet, but in the time she was gone, I’ve felt a noticeable change in my physique. From the time I’ve been doing all the older kids, chores and duties, doing the same thing over and over has gotten easier.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to look for ways to shortcut things, but all in all, I feel like I’ve been getting stronger. I don’t feel winded like before and lately, I feel like taking on more duties and tasks.

Working on the small Orphanage Farm has been a bit more easier with a few modifications to the tools I made. We used to dig with our hands and sticks, now that I made make-shift scoops and a rake, weeding doesn’t take as long.

Between taking the orphanage classes and doing people’s chores, I still find myself having free time. At first, it wasn’t like this but after my panic attack over grasping this world’s sense of time, I’ve been able to manage classes and chores.

With my free-time I’ve been reading a lot of the books Orven handed to me, now that I think about it, his assistant was pretty cute too.

21st of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

I am running out of things to read, and I really want to start making potions. I feel like my alchemy set is gathering dust, even though it’s in the magic pouch Orven handed to me.  Plus when is Orven going to teach here?

The classes lately are very similar to each other. I can’t join the servant apprentice class or the basic adventure initiate classes because I’m a child. They keep on telling me that I’m too young, being that my current age is just 7. They won’t allow me to learn until I’m 9, or 8 and half, it’s really frustrating.

I’m going to have to keep myself busy somehow, I’ll be running out of reading material soon.

23rd of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

I’ve literally run out of reading material…. And some of the older kids aren’t giving me chores anymore. I’ve been left with a lot of free time. The Sisters at the orphanage have been very kind to me and have been finding me books to read. But the truth is, they aren’t very useful.

I appreciate them, getting me books, but reading love stories and dramas are not my kind of reading material. The orphanage doesn’t have a big library and everything in it are just regular fantasy stories and tales of heroes. I really don’t feel like reading those.

But with my free time, I’ve had a lot of time to do some thinking. I’m not going to think myself into a panic attack again either. But I feel like I’ve been overlooking something since I’ve come to this world.

24th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Eureka! I totally forgot this was a world with magic. But so far I haven’t seen any magic used on a regular basis here. Why can’t magic be used regularly  if it’s like an abundant thing in this world? I know that Goddess said this world is filled with magic, but why don’t people show it.

I came to the realization that here at the orphanage, none of the kids have been practicing magic or are even taught about magic. But when I recall Orven’s memories, in different adventures, people could use magic to help with their daily life. Why was there a disparity?

In the first place, how does magic even work here? I come from a planet that believed magic was a thing of entertainment. No one really delved into it, unless you were religious….

28th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Since the other day, I’ve noticed something in my sleeping area. It’s not bad…. or actually, it sort of is bad. Someone has been leaving biscuits by my pillow these past few days, during the afternoon before dinner time.

It’s not a lot, maybe 2 or 3 biscuits are wrapped in a neat cloth and placed by my pillow. Food is food so why wouldn’t I be happy, the older kids have been asking for half my plate in the mornings anyway.

But the biscuits are dangerous….. the first time I tried them, they were too hard. I could feel my gums go numb from just chewing a bite. “Too Hard.” So I couldn’t finish the biscuits, that time, rather than putting it to waste I decided to keep it in my magic pouch for a random situation.

“Too Hard.”

So I couldn’t finish the biscuits, that time, rather than putting it to waste I decided to keep it in my magic pouch for a random situation.

The next day, there were biscuits wrapped in a cloth next to my pillow again. This time I tried to squeeze them with my fingers to see if they were hard like last time. But it turns out that they crumble just like regular bread. So I decided to eat it in one bite.  *Choke, Cough, Cough, Hack, Cough, Wheeze. The taste was overpoweringly sour and bitter towards the end.

“It’s sour and bitter.”

Looking at the rest of the biscuits that were left, I just dumped them into my magic pouch and saved them for another time.

After that, another day came with biscuits by my pillow. Rather than eating it, I just dumped it into my magic pouch. Somehow I felt, an angry presence just then, and I think I heard idiot somewhere. But even after looking around no one was around.

There were no biscuits on my pillow after that day.

30th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

I resolved myself and decided to read the fantasy stories of the heroes and all the other random books in the orphanage to kill time. I was also looking into magic and if there was a clue in any of the books here.

From overhearing some of the Sisters, you’re only taught magic from either a wizard or a proper school. Apparently, it’s not that easy learn magic on your own. But still, I want to know what this so-called magic is and how to use it.

Also I received an unexpected present by my pillow, it was biscuits, but they were different. Not the usual 2-3 but 5-7 biscuits were wrapped in a little cloth bundle. This time the biscuits were different too, each had a different size and color. I won’t lie as I was curious about each one.

“Oh wow, this is sweet, this one is nice and tangy too. Wow, this is awesome.”

Whoever keeps dropping biscuits near my pillow has really improved their cooking skills. I guess I’ll save the rest in my pouch again. Just as the biscuits went into my pouch, I felt a weird sad presence, I wonder why…

34th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Strange, I didn’t get anymore biscuits after the bundle. I wonder if the person who’d been giving them to me couldn’t get anymore ingredients.

Well, food aside, I’ve been looking for a place to do experiments. I think I found a pretty good spot, where no one will disturb me or find out. It’s a good distance away from the orphanage and quite hidden. With my free time, I’ve managed to improve some of my physical skills. This world really is amazing.

36th of the 8th Month 1736 O.D.

Today is the last day of the month, Sister Lia hasn’t returned yet and there is no sign of Orven teaching either. The older children have stopped bothering me and the ones asking for my food, have actually been giving me some of their portions. I’m pretty sure this isn’t all of them, but it’s good to know they have lost interest in causing me trouble.

I’ve started to develop a few theories concerning magic, but I still need to improve my hidden base before moving to the next step. Soon I’ll be able to start using my alchemy set.

The biscuits from the other day are still tasty, I wonder how this magic pouch works?

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