Vol 3 Side Story 3 [Ibuki’s folly]

Hello? General Aoba? Ibuki are you there?


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Parabellum’s Highest Command Center, a stronghold on the countries Main Island.

The Headquarters command center operated with various levels of security, dealing with all types of confidential information. But serving another function, the building also had private barracks rooms for its high ranking individuals.

It was on this day, that a specific event occurred….

After the assassination attempt on the President, Parabellum’s Headquarters began renovations to improve its security and defensive measures.

Since this day was a holiday, construction work had been put on hold, and Headquarters main functions were left to run with minimal personnel.

「Hello? General Aoba? Ibuki are you there?」


At Headquarters personnel quarters, escorted by four elite soldiers, Kazuya stood outside Ibuki’s private room.

Hearing news that a majority of personnel were currently on a day off from work, Kazuya made his way towards Headquarters living area, to personally deliver several important documents to Ibuki.

But after knocking on Ibuki’s door and calling for her several times, he didn’t receive a reply, concluding she wasn’t home.

「I guess we missed her somehow. But how could that be?… … On our way to Ibuki’s room, we never bumped into each other in the halls. I probably should have called her before hand. Huh? The door’s unlocked」


Unsure if anyone was home because he didn’t receive a reply, Kazuya became surprised by the unlocked door.

「Would she really leave the door unlocked if she wasn’t home? But I don’t see anyone inside either」


Murmuring under his breath, Kazuya opened the thick metal door, which could absorb an explosion.

「Alright all of you just wait here outside for me. I’ll go check to see if anyone is home」

「Hold on, please wait Mr. President. Allow us to go in and check for you first」

「No, if you guys were to enter and Ibuki was here, you’d be reprimanded. If it were me, she’d probably care less」


Kazuya replies to his escorts half-heartedly, but the elite guards maintained their vigilance, because of the recent assassination attempt from the Monster Kingdom.

「We need to be ready, in case something happens to you. Our orders are to protect you, even if it means being reprimanded by General Aoba, we will accept that punishment」


Answering Kazuya back in a serious manner, the elite guard exuded his diligence.

Agreeing with their comrades words, the other three elite guards nod to his response.

「…. ….Sigh I guess it can’t be helped. Alright Fujisaki, Davis standby at the entrance, Hazuki, Kremy you two follow me」

「「「「Sir, yes sir!」」」」


Compromising with his escorts diligence to their duties, Kazuya positioned two men to guard the entrance, while having the remaining two accompany him, entering Ibuki Aoba’s private quarters.




Wow… … this makes me speechless, her room is…..


Leaving Fujisaki & Davis at the entrance and entering Ibuki’s living room, the three individuals fell silent at horrible sight in front of them.

「…… How do I describe this….」

「…… This is a little too much….」

「Don’t speak of this to anyone. Nobody is perfect, we all have a few bad habits」

「But, Sir… this…. is…」

「Bad habits? Sir this doesn’t look like a few…」



Trying to defend Ibuki, Kazuya was unable to counter his subordinates responses, facing away with a troubled expression.

Sigh Aah~ Ibuki… …

In public your such an upstanding individual, but in private, your room turns out to be such a mess.


Kazuya’s pristine image of Ibuki changed after witnessing the state of her unkempt room.

The sight of used dishes, utensils and cookware were stacked up on a tables, as some food containers still had residue growing on them.

Books, magazines, papers and documents were strewn across the floor, as bags full of garbage were piled in the corner of room. And mountain of laundry so high, that one could hardly step without wading through the mess.

「…… Okay, it doesn’t look like Ibuki is anywhere around here, after we check the bedroom, we’ll leave immediately」


「Should we really be doing this?」


Kazuya wanted to quickly confirm whether or not Ibuki was around, while trying not to uncover any more of Ibuki’s secrets.

「Okay. Hello. Pardon the intrusion…. …..」


While feeling guilty about what he was doing, Kazuya entered Ibuki’s bedroom.

「Huh? This room is spotless, it’s so clean! 」


It was like night and day, Kazuya swung his head back and forth from the living room to Ibuki’s bedroom. Surprised by how clean and organized everything in her bedroom was.

「Wow, even the bed is beautifully made――….? Huh, why are there men’s clothes all neatly placed on her bed?」


While glancing over Ibuki’s entire room, the sight of men’s clothing causes Kazuya to jerk his neck, focusing on Ibuki’s bed.

「… …. …. …. …No way…She’s been seeing someone!? No wait, that can’t be it. I shouldn’t be here, let’s just get out of here」


Trying to put the thought out of his mind, Kazuya decided to leave, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about the men’s clothing laying on Ibuki’s bed.

「She’s not in the bedroom」

「Oh, is that right? Maybe we did pass by one another by mistake, Sir」

「In any case, we need to leave Mr. President」

「Right right, let’s go」


Nodding towards Hazuki and Kremy’s responses, they all decide to leave Ibuki’s quarters.

「――Oh wait, just for a little bit」


In the midst of leaving, a book suddenly fell, opening up in front of Kazuya.

「Sir? Why’d you stop?」

「No, uh it’s nothing…. um it’s just Ibuki’s diary just…. ….」

「Sir!! No matter what, it isn’t right to peep into a woman’s diary!!」

「Mr. President, it’s just as what Kremy said!! Don’t do it, Sir!!」


「… … Sir???」

「Mr. President? Why are you making that face, what’s wrong, sir….sir……?」


While criticizing their leader for peeping, Hazuki & Kremy stop talking, noticing their President freeze in place, his expression turning extremely pale, before turning to face each other.

「We need to leave, NOW!!」


This is bad! Holy shit, this is fucked up, shit, shit, shit, oh fuck, shit!!


Discovering what was written in the diary, Kazuya hurriedly tries to hide the book. While urging Hazuki and Kremy that they need to leave immediately.

「Mr. President? Sir, wait a m――gaugh!」

「Kremy? Hey Kremy, you ok? Huh, what did I step on――aughk!?―― Hyuhk!!」


Unaware that his escorts voices were suddenly cut short, Kazuya was still lost in his thoughts of what he learned.

「I didn’t think of it, but it’s no wonder that it seemed so familiar. The clothes on top of her bed…. … those are actually mine」


Seemingly placed, as though it were an act of god, Kazuya carefully lifted his clothes from Ibuki’s bed, confirming the contents of said diary.

「If Ibuki finds out that I know her secret, things we’ll become dangerous.  I need to leave this place」


Trying to hide the fact that he learned a dark secret,  Kazuya decided to leave just like he thought before.

「Hey Hazuki, Kremy. Time to go, let’s leav――」

Holy fuck!… … ……


Trying to leave Ibuki’s bedroom Kazuya calls out to his escorts.

But just as he calls for them, he freezes once more.

Foaming at the mouth with his eyes white as a sheet, a large thud resounded as Hazuki collapsed on top of a pile of trash.

「Eh?…. ….Mr. President!? Sir!? Wait why are…. … I thought these guys were spies, what’s going on!?」


Having watched Hazuki become choked out from Ibuki’s grasp and then tossed onto a pile of trash, caused Kazuya to become dispirited.

「Ahaha, sorry about that!! I, I saw strangers enter into my room, so I thought they were spies or something!! But besides that!! Ah, this mess here is just temporary, I would never live like this on a daily basis an―― uh..that’s!?」


Realizing Kazuya’s presence, Ibuki immediately apologizes for her actions and tries to explain why her room is in a mess. But after catching sight of what Kazuya was holding, Ibuki freezes, while her demeanor began changing.

「Ka..zu…ya~…..That book your holding onto…. did you…read it? Did you go into my bedroom…. and see “it”?」


Ibuki became expressionless as the air around her turned dark, her voice turned heavy as she questioned Kazuya.

「… …. ….. ……. Ah, Ibuki, I’m sorry for entering your bedroom. It just so happened that, this book fell. I didn’t think it was your diary so I――」


Thinking that it would be useless to lie, Kazuya tells the truth, hoping nothing bad would happen.

「Ah~….so you did read it」


But after Kazuya’s confession, Ibuki’s expresionless smile changed. Her face dropped as if the world had just ended.

In that moment an eerie silence filled the room.

「He knows now, I’ve been exposed… … Everything, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows」


Breaking the silence, Ibuki began muttering to herself like a broken record, repeating the same thing over and over.

「Uum… Ibuki?」


Noticing Ibuki’s awkward & dark figure, Kazuya gulps before mustering up the courage to approach her.

「He knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows」

「I-Ibuki? Ah….Ibuki are you…..ok?」

「He knows, he knows, he knows, he knows, he knows――Huh? Oh Kazuya, it’s ok, I’m fine, I’m fine…」

「Really? Ah that’s a relief」


As Ibuki finally answered towards his second question, Kazuya breathes out in relief.

But he should have realized, that something was truly wrong.

Raising her face to him, Ibuki’s eyes were pitch black.

「Kazuya~ let’s die together~」



All of a sudden Ibuki floated a delusional smile while spouting something dangerous.

「I don’t think I can live, after such an embarrassing secret has been discovered. Which is why~… … the only way to keep it a secret, is for us to die~ together~」


No, that can’t be, Ibuki, what are you saying?


「… …No wait jus――!?」


Stunned by Ibuki’s heavy declaration, Kazuya tries to reply but something sharp flies by, narrowly missing his face.

Behind him, embedded deep into the wall, hung a knife.

After looking behind, Kazuya faces Ibuki only to see her holding her favorite weapons, a Glock 18 and a Walther P22.

「Oh Kazuya~ don’t feel discouraged~ I’ll make sure to end it all in one blow~ so you won’t have to suffer~ and then in that moment I’ll kill myself, so I can follow you right after~」


As Ibuki boldly declared something dangerous, Kazuya understood his dire predicament.


This is bad, she’s really going to do it.

If this keeps up… …I’m really going to die!!


「………..What’s that!!―― Bye Ibuki, see yaaaaaaaa!!!」


Throwing the diary at Ibuki to distract her, Kazuya broke away and began running at full speed.

「Argh Kazuya!! Over there!!」


Knocking away her diary, Ibuki fires her gun in the direction of Kazuya’s escape.

「Is he dead? Damn, I missed!!」


Ibuki’s gone crazy!! I need to get away from her, far, far away!!


Miraculously dodging the rain of bullets, Kazuya makes it out of the living room and darts to the entrance where Fujisaki and Davis were.

「Did you honestly believe that by making it outside, you’ll be saved? I’ve already ordered those guarding the entrance to return back to headquarters!!」


Emerging from Ibuki’s quarters, Kazuya concentrates on trying to escape his predicament, making a mental map within his mind, he runs down the corridor, turning corner after corner, making his way towards the buildings exit.

「Kazuya~ Don’t think, I’ll let you escape from me~」


Kazuya became prey, the moment he revealed his discovery, about Ibuki’s secretly delusional obsessive nature.

Ducking behind a nearby partition, pieces of the wall broke away near Kazuya, as the sounds of gunfire echoed.

「Come on, COME ON!! This has to be lie, right!? Open up, please open!! Pleasse!!!」


Originally designed to prevent enemy intrusion, the buildings recently installed electronic blast doors cut off Kazuya’s escape. Struggling to get away, he pounds on the heavy doors with his fists.

Trailing in the distance, Ibuki’s figure slowly treads towards Kazuya.

「… …. Kaa~zuu~yaaa~」

「Aaahhh-nggghhh!! Wait, stop, just hold on!! Ibuki, why don’t we just talk!!」


Just as Kazuya turns around to face Ibuki, the cold dark muzzle of her Glock 18 is pressed directly on his forehead.

In a final moment of desperation, Kazuya tries to reason his way out of this tragic game of cat and mouse.

「Let’s find happiness together in the afterlife~」

「Ibuki wait, just hear me me out, WAI――」


Kazuya’s voice becomes drowned out by gunfire as his brain matter splatters on the door behind him.

Ibuki stares blissfully at Kazuya, watching his corpse slide down from the door, before turning her handgun towards herself, resting it just below her head.

「With this, we’ll finally be together~ forever~………」


Saying her final words, Ibuki pulls the trigger without hesitation.

And much like Kazuya’s execution, there was a resounding gunshot, just before Ibuki’s body collapsed in a similar fashion.

In the hallways of Parabellum’s headquarters, appearing like a lover’s suicide, Ibuki’s corpse laid on top of Kazuya’s dead body.


「――AAIITT!!…gasping…. …. Oh, Haa~…. it was just a dream」

「Hey are you ok, what’s wrong?……」


Waking up from his nightmare, Kazuya describes his dream to Ibuki, bringing up all the events that transpired.

Appearing to be shocked, Ibuki responds back towards Kazuya’s story.

「There’s no way my room would be messy and full of trash, plus I would never write a diary. Much less steal your clothes, to keep for myself」


Wasn’t it a few hours ago, where’s that delusional figure of you?


Dressed up with kitchen apron over her military uniform, it was unthinkable to believe that the current Ibuki was a crazy delusionally obsessive woman.

「I don’t understand it either… …I don’t get why I dreamt about something like that?」

「Dying together~ with Kazuya~…. …. Maybe you’re just attracted to the idea of us having a lover’s suicide」


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TL Notes: Aw yes, Ibuki’s true nature is revealed. Again this side story was an extra from Volume 5. But it coincides with events following Kazuya’s Helicopter crash and in preparation for Operation Vermillion. Basically somewhere in Volume 3 Ch 12 – 30.