Vol 3 Side Story 2 [Celicia’s Diary]


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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7th Day of α Month

I was rescued from the brink of death and have been reborn anew.

It was from the healing hands of my savior Kazuya Nagato.

Ah~ today is such a wonderful day.

But even now… … as I write in this diary of mine, reminiscing of the warmth from Kazuya’s magical power, gets me so excited.

But being that I’m a prisoner of war, I won’t be able to dedicate myself to him.

It looks like I’ll be having another sleepless night, just like always.

9th Day of α Month

Ugh, I can’t stand this any longer.

In order to get close to Kazuya as soon as possible, I decided to bring everyone together and convince them of working together with Parabellum.

10th Day of α Month

For now I’ve convinced about ten people about Nagato’s greatness, from now on they are now loyal followers only to Kazuya.

They were already drawn towards Kazuya, so it was quite easy to pull them in.

11th Day of α Month

Unlike what happened yesterday, today I’ve been able to speak with all the people who’ve become prisoners of war.

And after talking with everyone, all who came understood Kazuya’s brilliance and splendor.

After all, Kazuya, truly is a magnificent person.

Still, it was difficult at first, there were those who couldn’t understand Kazuya’s grandeur from my words alone.

Only after educating them a little bit more, it wasn’t much of an issue anymore.

But… … After my sermon ended, why did the spark in everyone’s eyes disappear altogether?

17th Day of α Month

Today is the day!! Kazuya is coming all the way just to see me!!

We were told he was looking for someone who was well versed in wielding magic.

I have never appreciated my magical ability until this very moment.

And in exchange for using my magical abilities for various experiments, I would be given the status of becoming one of Kazuya’s subordinates.

Some of the prisoners accused me of betrayal, calling out curses and stared at me with jealous eyes. But I don’t regret anything, because I was now one step closer to Kazuya.

Ahahaha~, the wails & whines of those losers, just felt, so~ refreshing.

3rd Day of β Month

After assessing my cooperativeness, they took me to a room full of research in Kazuya’s home country ―― A laboratory within the military nation, Parabellum.

But this isn’t enough, I need to do even more for Kazuya.

I need to keep working hard.

5th Day of β Month

Today I managed to hide a special potion of mine that I made from the laboratory in that special vehicle that Kazuya rides, I think it’s called a helicopter.

I had a bad premonition the other day, so this is just in case something happens.

Hopefully it’s just a passing worry and my hard-work doesn’t have to be put to use.

11th Day of β Month

Today I was able to convince half of the prisoners on the island into allies and supporters towards Parabellum.

Everyone has such radiant smiles and they feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Since we are all together it is still my duty to lead everyone on the right path, towards salvation.

But there are still those who shy away from Kazuya’s greatness, they spend most of their days with expressions full of fear.

That’s fine, soon they will embrace salvation.

Oh, but there was one things that worries me… … Just the other day when a physician visited the island he mumbled to himself「….this facility is full of patients with a dissociative disorder」with a pale expression.

What is a dissociative disorder?

15th Day of β Month

I’ve been putting up with it for awhile… … but I’m starting to reach the limits of my patience.

My underwear is such a mess, it’s becoming harder to walk recently.

21th Day of β Month

I can’t… … I can’t maintain my sense of reason

Thoughts of Kazuya keep repeating in my head over and over and over.

My body, it feels, so hot~.

22th Day of β Month

Aah~ Kazuya, Nnngggh~

Your meat, its soo good.

23rd Day of β Month

… … I can’t remember anything of what happened yesterday.

But Kazuya, why does your face look so guilty, even though I’m lying naked beside you?

….. … The Diary abruptly trails off from here.

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TL Notes: Originally this Side Story was released by the author around Volume 5 Chapter 24.