Vol 3 Side Story 1 [Chitose’s Diary 2]


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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11th Day of △ Month

A few days ago we sent out a B-29 Stratofortress and several P-51 Mustangs for an air raid from our temporary base. Bombing a monster breeding ground and razing it until nothing was left. From that Master was able to increase his abilities.

We planned to reorganize the troops and sort through our old and new weapons, once we returned to our temporary base.

And since our flight would take several hours, I spent some alone time with Master, I was able to replenish my lady-like needs.

12th Day of △ Month

Thanks to Master’s improved abilities we were able to reorganize and upgrade our units weapons and armaments. Master also developed production facilities at a rate that breaks many peoples common sense.

Later on, we will have our Soldiers take care of our supply production.

But for now, we have to rely on Master, in order to supply our armies needs.

Because in the end, all of us, are only here for Master’s sake.

We don’t want to become a burden for Master.

13th Day of △ Month

It’s Morning.

We managed to return to our mansion in the Canary Kingdom capital.

I went to rest with Master, because we were both exhausted from restructuring our units and their weaponry.

And this works out, because I get to see Master’s adorable sleeping face without him noticing.

… … I don’t think I can hold myself back, I really want to be next to Master.

Unfortunately, Master woke up and he had to firmly punish me for being too rowdy and disturbing him~

It’s lunchtime.

After leaving the bedroom with Master, our subordinates reported something strange.

Apparently they had discovered a secret door behind one of the Mansion’s storage houses.

It was just as we suspected after hearing about the previous owner of the mansion from the guild, it seems that person had a secret room made.

But, what we found in that secret room, was just too cruel.

Inside we found mutilated bodies of tortured slaves and the decomposed corpses of slaves who were left abandoned.

Witnessing such a scene was too much for Master’s gentle heart.

But in the midst of such a miserable atmosphere, several survivors were found amongst the dead.

Evening time.

We found seven survivors from the secret room, Master used all his power to completely heal those seven, saving their lives.

And after exhausting himself past his limit, Master had to be carried to his bedroom, while leaving me in charge of the survivors care.

Well as for these seven, I’ve decided to educate them properly in order for them to serve Master faithfully. But first things first, I’ll need to track down the previous owners.

It’s all my fault for neglecting to inspect this place and for showing Master an unsightly event. I don’t want Master to be burdened by this, I’ll make sure to clean it up perfectly.

Capital punishment is in order.

After all, there’s no way such a people should stay alive after this.

I’ll make sure to exact the same amount of punishment, for the crimes already committed.

…. … The Diary abruptly trails off from here.


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TL Notes: Originally this Side Story was released by the author around Volume 5 Chapter 35.