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This should make up for the missing chapter from back in January


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Technically this is February’s 2nd Chappy

Volume 3 Chapter 29

This should make up for the missing chapter from back in January. And I should be in line to finish Volume 3 by next month. Dun dun dun. Adding onto that, once Spring Break rolls around (mid-March), I can knock out a few more translations too.

Here’s Chapter 30 Analysis

Approximately 283 segments which equate to roughly 8542 words. Truthfully, I guess I can say this is normal to me now. While I’d love for shorter segments, the drawback would be a smaller chapter for you guys.

So now I’m also at a crossroads, because a part of me would like to continue forward (onto Volume 4). But I’m also bothered with the consistency of Volume 3, mainly Chapters 1-5. With respect to Chronon’s hardwork, personally I would like to make my own version of those chapters.

If any new reader is joining me and my translations, just know I re-create the wheel. I don’t really follow or reference a previous translators work, I start from scratch and read the Japanese Characters in my own sense. Just because each translator has their own bias. And so the content I share with you, is my understanding of the Author’s writing styles.

Again everything is up in the air, as these are just my current thoughts. They’ll change again later as I go along, either once I just translate or work on my own original story. Or maybe after I play some video games or something, so just take my ramblings with a grain of salt.

Thanks for all your support so far, and the comments/discussions on the chapters to this point. Cheers and enjoy your week guys!

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