Ramblings 1.6 (v3ch30 News)

This should make up for the missing chapter from back in January


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Technically this is February’s 2nd Chappy

Volume 3 Chapter 29

This should make up for the missing chapter from back in January. And I should be in line to finish Volume 3 by next month. Dun dun dun. Adding onto that, once Spring Break rolls around (mid-March), I can knock out a few more translations too.

Here’s Chapter 30 Analysis

Approximately 283 segments which equate to roughly 8542 words. Truthfully, I guess I can say this is normal to me now. While I’d love for shorter segments, the drawback would be a smaller chapter for you guys.

So now I’m also at a crossroads, because a part of me would like to continue forward (onto Volume 4). But I’m also bothered with the consistency of Volume 3, mainly Chapters 1-5. With respect to Chronon’s hardwork, personally I would like to make my own version of those chapters.

If any new reader is joining me and my translations, just know I re-create the wheel. I don’t really follow or reference a previous translators work, I start from scratch and read the Japanese Characters in my own sense. Just because each translator has their own bias. And so the content I share with you, is my understanding of the Author’s writing styles.

Again everything is up in the air, as these are just my current thoughts. They’ll change again later as I go along, either once I just translate or work on my own original story. Or maybe after I play some video games or something, so just take my ramblings with a grain of salt.

Thanks for all your support so far, and the comments/discussions on the chapters to this point. Cheers and enjoy your week guys!

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4 comments on “Ramblings 1.6 (v3ch30 News)”

  1. I do respect Chrono’s work for starting this but you should translate those 5 chapters if you want to for consistency’s sake.

    It’s not like the chapter of chrono would be gone.

    I hate going to another site just to read like 2 chapters and then go to another site to read the rest.

    For readers that not ideal. It’s inconsistent unless they linked those chapters together.

    Also I heard that there was an extra story about the commander that was missing in volume 1 and was responsible for blowing the enemy camp (the time kazuya was in karens castle and rescued her town.).
    But never got translated.

    1. Thank you for the honest feedback. Looking forward, I will translate what I feel like translating once Chapter 30 is complete. I think after that’s done I’ll make up my mind on where to proceed.

      As for missing chapters with Volume 2, I’ll take a look into them and If I have extra time on my hands, I’ll see what I can do.

  2. You know, your understanding of Japanese is refreshing to read.

    But I guess the real value of your translation, is you keep it grounded with westerners in mind.

    I’m not good reading Japanese, and MTL gives me migranes.

    And either way, going onto volume 4, or retranslating Vol 3 1-5. I’m still going to read it.

    Just do you, I’m a leecher anyway. Keep up the good work

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