Ramblings 2.6 (Next Chapter News)

I’ll only being doing one chapter for August


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Re-translation for Volume 2 Chapter 1

Re-translation for Volume 2 Chapter 2

Re-translation for Volume 2 Chapter 3

Plans for August Chapter is a re-translation. I’ll only being doing one chapter for August, and that will be Volume 2’s Chapter 2. Below is a chapter analysis.

Having dealt with chapters with 8000+ characters, it feels refreshing every once in a while to do something short. Volume 1 was like this for Chapters 1-5, Chapter 6 on the other hand was like a sucker punch with 12000+ characters. But I digress.

Edit (2019/08/07): I actually had time to spare and did Volume 2 Chapter 3 in the process, it was pretty fast.

Yup with 3528 Characters, it felt quite breezeful. I haven’t done short stuffs in a while but enjoy everyone.

As for Volume 4, I’ll be getting to that after my vacation. So in September I’ll be doing Chapters 7 and 8 instead of the alternating scheme.

I know it seems like I’m rushing a few things, but time does fly when your not paying attention to certain things. Here’s my blog about it.

Other than that I wish you guys an awesome week and I look forward to giving you guys more content.

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