Ramblings 2.55 (Chapter Status)

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Promoting Artwork by Namacotan
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If your reading this you may be wondering when will my next release be. And to be frank, It will be towards the end of this month. Quite a bit of stuff came up with my day-to-day life, one of which is my work schedule.

I mentioned this a lot in previous ramblings, that I work as a metal worker, fabricating various metal projects, whether they be structural foundations or what not. Pretty much what ever my big bosses say a client wants.

Long story short, my usual work times is like 530am-230pm & Overtime is till 530pm (Day shift). Due to the lack of manpower on nightshift, because people retire or go on vacation, my bosses are moving me over to nights. Starts at 200pm-1200am, overtime is till 200am.

So I’m working on transitioning my sleep schedule around and conditioning myself towards a different rhythm. The process is not easy, and I’ve been fatigued as of late, so I haven’t been able to spend some time on translating.

Right now I have 50% of Volume 4 Chapter 6 complete. Once the weekend rolls over, I’ll be working to wrap things up.

Volume 2 Chapter 1 will follow right after. At best I want to finish its before the 22nd. Worst case, it’ll be out around the 28th-31st of July.

All in all thank you guys for your time and for your understanding! I wish you guys an awesome month and enjoy your summer!

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