Vol 2 Chapter 1

Parabellum? I’ve never heard of that name before


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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About 20 vehicles were staged, waiting for the signal to depart.

「Colonel Katayama, We’re ready to depart」

「Understood, Master we’re ready」

「Hm-hm alright let’s go」


From the time Kazuya came into this world, roughly two months have already come and gone.

While overcoming various engagements, Kazuya pushed himself to the limit, stockpiling numerous supplies, producing weapons within his home territory, the island base.

He would go about annihilating monsters within the vicinity while expanding his reach amongst the surrounding islands. Since Kazuya had been confined to just his territory alone, something which couldn’t have been helped, as he was the sole provider of his army. He decided to go on a trip on the continent, along with a platoon of guards, commandeered by his adjutant Chitose.

Also, Chitose who had initially been a Major, had been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in advance. Since the number of Soldiers Kazuya could summon increased to the size of a full blown battalion.

……But the true reason for her promotion, was due to certain circumstances that Kazuya faced, right when he was about to summon another commanding officer.
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「Alright, how about we summon a bit more soldiers?」

「That should be fine」

「Then the position for Lieutenant Colonel is……」

「Huh?……Isn’t that position….for your executive officer? ………Master, are you getting rid of me already?」


A grand smile was plastered on Chitose’s face, but a heavy foreboding aura surrounded her as, her eyes lost all light.


「Ugh, this, ah!? It’s different, Chitose, it’s not what you think!!」


Initially Kazuya didn’t realize the meaning behind Chitose’s words, but the moment he saw her dangerous smile, he realized his mistake.


「How is it any different!? Has Master, gotten tired of me…..?」


Closing in towards Kazuya’s figure, Chitose mumbles her dangerous feelings.


This is dangerous, this is really bad……


But the distance remained the same, as Kazuya slowly backed away from Chitose who had been exuding a dangerous aura.


「That’s the thing!! It’s not like I’ve become tired of having you with me, Chitose!! It’s just that you’ve busy with a lot of military engagements, and I just thought of summoning more commanding officers, to make it a bit more easier. ――What the!?」


Ack, why is there a wall!?


Step by step, Kazuya made up excuses as he backed away, but suddenly he had backed himself into a wall with no were to turn.


「Such consideration is unnecessary…..」

「Ah, let’s, um…. we’ll….let’s talk it out!! Chi-Chitose?」


Placing both of her hands on the wall behind him, Kazuya’s eyes dart from side to side, panicking as Chitose closed of his escape.

Bringing her face close enough to were their noses could just touch, Chitose’s dark eyes stared straight into Kazuya’s own eyes.


「If you say you’re not tired of having me by your side, then you’ll promote me to Lieutenant Colonel. Isn’t that right….? 」

「You’re promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, please stay with me from now on!!」


Right after experiencing the unbearable aura coming from Chitose with her soulless eyes, her demeanor totally changed immediately from Kazuya’s tense reply.


「Good. Thank you Master」


Chitose’s smile was pure as it could be, but her eyes still remained dark.


――This was how Chitose was promoted to become the Battalion Commander.


「Please take care of things here on base, Lt. Colonel Miller」

「Thank you sir, please leave it to me」


Leaving Lt. Col Miller as the base commander in charge while their away, Kazuya and Chitose leave the base through a secret underground passage.


「Time to depart」

「All vehicles move out!!」


The engines of the convoy roar in response to the command, as 8 military vehicles packed with Soldiers and supplies move in a single line. Guarding the convoy were three jeeps equipped with either a M20 75mm Recoilless Gun or the M2 Heavy Machine Gun, along with three M8 Greyhounds (Light armored car) and four military bikes with sidecars. With 18 vehicles in total and a personal guard of 60 men, these Soldiers were handpicked by Chitose herself.


「We’re almost there」



As the underground passages elevator nears its end, its doors open, bringing the group towards the surface. 

Coming to a stop the elevator, levels itself with the ground outside, the forests woods as well as the highway leading into the Canary Kingdom were in sight.


「This is the Command vehicle. This is a precaution to all Soldiers. I’m sure you already know, but I’ll be saying it again, we only have small amount of information regarding this world. So be careful not cause any trouble interacting with the local denizens of the world, due to the difference in our cultures.」


「Now then, onward we go!!」


At the end of Kazuya’s speech the convoy of vehicles departs for the nearest city.


「Master, is it really a good thing for us to be using vehicles? We’ll stand out far too much, the most common form of transportation is by horse carriages.」

「Ah well, it’s not like we can help it. In actuality its more efficient for us to travel in our vehicles than using this world’s carriages, considering what were bringing along with us, that includes our weapons, ammunition, food, medical supplies as well as everything else our group of 60 men brought along with them.

Furthermore, the restrictions placed on my abilities prevent me from summoning during actual battle. Even if we used carriages, we wouldn’t be able to obtain additional weapons or supplies if we were ever attacked by monsters or even bandits. Which is why, its much better to bring all that stuff along with us from the very get go.」

「Ah, I see….」

「And if anyone asks, we’ll just say they’re magical items. I mean we’ll be using modern weapons from now on, so we’ll be standing out no matter what」


As Chitose was expressing her concerns to Kazuya about them drawing on unnecessary attention, the radio in their vehicle had gone off, causing Chitose to immediately pick it up.


「……Alright, I got it. ―― Master, that was a report from our B-29 Superfortress, which was surveying the area. They informed me that there are several carriages being attacked by a swarm of monstrous insects along the highway approximately three kilometers in the directing we are traveling. What do you think we should do?」


With the radio in one hand Chitose points out the location of the incident on a map before Kazuya.


「……. Hmmm….. I’d feel really bad about abandoning those people, so let’s help them out instead.  Chitose, hand me the radio」


「All units which are still in top condition. I received a report that there is a carriage ahead being attacked by a swarm of monstrous bugs. Now is the time gain some experience, so get ready for battle」



As soon as Kazuya hands the radio back over to Chitose, he also prepares himself for the oncoming fight.

And so Kazuya and his men hurry to save the group which is being attacked by monsters.


「Oh no, they’ll be overwhelmed!!」


Increasing their vehicles speed Kazuya rushed towards the location of the report, and was with quite a sight. Silver armored knights equipped with spears, swords and shields all circled and defending a luxurious carriage, while monsters encroached upon them.

As several monsters were held back by knights, magicians in robes cast various spells from their wands and canes towards the restrained monsters.

But those actions were meaningless as more monsters appeared from the forest near the highway, gradually cornering the defending knights closer to the carriage.


If I don’t help them now, it’ll turn out extremely bad.


Confirming the severity that the group of Knights were in, Kazuya immediately sprung into action.


「Target the swarm of monsters!! Use canister rounds and open fire!!」


Contacting the two M8 Light Armored Cars via radio, Kazuya barks out orders.


『Understood Sir!!』

『Sir, yes sir!!』


The 37mm M6 anti-tank gun mounted on the M8 Greyhounds rotate at the same time, turning to face their right side, from Kazuya’s orders.

Once the canister rounds were loaded both vehicles opened fire at the swarm of monsters.

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The canister round entered the forest where a monstrous bug appeared, it was a long legged insect roughly 2-3 meters in height, it’s body curved like a sickle resembling a scorpion-like creature. Piercing its exoskeleton, the insect monster dies with its blood and insides spilling out.



「――Don’t freeze up!! Don’t miss this opportunity, everyone fight back!!」

「Y-yes Captain!!」

「Got it!!」


With a thunderous roar monsters were shredded one by one as these bugs were instantly blown away, splashing blood all over the place, the group of Knights froze, surprised by such a sight, that their commander rebuked them for standing still.


「Don’t hit the friendlies!!」

「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


As countless bugs stream from the forest Kazuya makes sure that none of the Knights are caught in the crossfire, while his men use their 37mm Anti-tank gun or alternating with the M20 Recoilless rifle. Striking the monsters which would harm the Knights with their military vehicles, Snipers were deployed around the M8 Greyhound and would pick off targets.


「Enemy bug closing in!!」

「Open fire」


Kazuya noticed a strange roar coming from one of the bugs as it charged at the group which killed its companion. But before it could take its revenge Kazuya orders for its death as it was bathed with gunfire coming from the Soldiers rifles and the M2 Heavy machine gun. Stopping before it could reach them, blood poured from every orifice on its body.

「Ceasefire!! Ceasefire!!」

The line of M8 Greyhounds fire a third canister round as the surrounding insect monsters are annihilated. The smell of smoke and blood mix as corpses of dead bugs are strewn all over the place.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve come into contact with the residents of this world.


Once the battle was over, Kazuya came to the realization that this was his first contact with the inhabitants of this world. Moving his command vehicle at a slow pace, he tried not to provoke the knights coming towards him.

Hmm? Looks like two people are approaching us.


As Kazuya moved closer towards the other groups carriage, two knights came forth to meet him.


「Stop over here」


「Chitose, follow me」

「Yes Master, Let me accompany you.」


Halting the jeep right in front of the two Knights, Kazuya and Chitose exit the vehicle to interact with the approaching Knights.

In the background, they had a sniper posted, ready to shoot the knights if something were to occur.


……Is that Knight a woman?


While approaching the knights, Kazuya was surprised that these two were surprisingly female.


「Thank you for your assistance. My name is Phyllis Gardening and I am the Captain of the Canary Kingdoms Second Knight Order.  This is my Adjutant, Beretta Zara. May I request to know your names?」


With a steadfast expression the leader of this knight group spoke first. Introducing herself as Captain of the 2nd Knight Order, Phyllis Gardening exuded a warrior-like aura as her golden blonde hair was braided all the way to her waist. 

Meanwhile her second in command, Beretta Zara stared at Chitose and Kazuya with curiosity. Her Beast-kin ears twitched while her tail swayed leisurely in anticipation for their response.

Although he was caught off guard by the stares of these two beauties, Kazuya promptly responded in return.


「My name is Kazuya Nagato.  I’m the leader of this party of adventurers, we’re called Parabellum. Beside me is my assistant, Chitose Katayama」


Kazuya manages to finish his self introduction after becoming excited to see a beastman for the first time.

But as for the beautiful knight who heard his introduction, her expression clouded filled with doubt.


「……..Parabellum? I’ve never heard of that name before. Beretta, how about you?」

「No, I don’t recall anything like that」

「…… Well, they are a party of adventurers which can eradicate a swarm of monstrous bugs, surely their names would be more well known. What’s strange is your moving metal boxes, which you ride and the weapons you shoot, a gun was it. I’ve heard the rumors of a nation that uses such strange weapons, from across the ocean….the Regals Empire. Are you people from the Regals Empire?」


Looking inquisitively at the M8 Light Armored Car, Phyllis presses her question.


「No, we aren’t affiliated with the Regals Empire」


Right when Kazuya denied his affiliation to the Regals Empire, a knight had run up from one of the carriages to inform their leader of something.


「Captain, there’s something――」

「Is that right? Ok I understand. Can I ask you for a favor?」


After exchanging several words with the knight, Phyllis turns to face Kazuya with a pleading expression.


「――Sir Kazuya, it’s painful for me to ask this from you, but can you help us take care of our wounded? We sustained quite the amount of casualties from that battle and we do not have enough people to spare」

「Not a problem, doing that much is a minor task」

「Are you sure? Alright, then with this, we are in your debt」


Expressing relief on her face, Phyllis along with Beretta bow deeply towards Kazuya.

But even after asking Kazuya for help, Phyllis was shocked by Kazuya’s powers which fully healed the wounded as well as the medicines and medical techniques his people possessed.

In part the reason why medical knowledge didn’t progress in this world is due to the fact that magic is used to cure illness and heal injuries.


「Amazing…. I’ve never seen such medical treatment like this before. I’ve never heard of magic pills which subdue pain or even the technique of stitching the skin with a needle and thread to close a wound. But the healing power that Sir Kazuya used was incredible, with that kind of ability you could become a Grand Wizard exclusive to the Royal family…… Who the hell are you people?」

「We’re just simple adventurers. Nothing more and nothing less than that.」

「……I see」


Not wanting to probe Kazuya any further, Phyllis knew she wouldn’t be able to get him to reveal any more secrets.

Once the treatment of the wounded finished as well as the burial for their dead, Kazuya decided to say farewell to Phyllis.


「With this, everything should be just about taken care of. It’s about time for us to go our separate ways」


Just as Kazuya and his party were about to leave, Phyllis calls out to him.


「Sir Kazuya, please, just a moment of your time」

「Hmm, is there something else?」

「I have request for Sir Kazuya and his adventurer party, Parabellum….」

「Well…. it depends, what are you planning on asking?」

「My request is for you to escort us to our Kingdom’s Capital city. As you already know, our group won’t make it to our Capital with just our strength alone」


Turning to face her own forces, Phyllis gazed at the Knights who were left, the dead horses, destroyed carriages and the injured who were still groaning in pain.

Following along with Phyllis’ gaze, Kazuya assessed that they indeed would have a hard road to the Capital.


What to do….. what to do?……


As Kazuya was silent in his thoughts, Phyllis panicked a little before opening her mouth.


「Ob-obviously, if you escort us to the Capital safely, you’ll be rewarded immensely, which will be separate reward from the time you saved us」

「…..Let me discuss this with my men first. Just wait for a bit」

「Hm, okay I understand」


Moving to the side, Kazuya consulted with Chitose over the matter, seeing they could gain several benefits out of this, they decided to accept Phyllis’ request and escort their group to the Kingdom’s Capital.

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 BMW R75 Motorcycle w/sidecar
 M8 Greyhound
 M20 Armored Utility Car
(Command Vehicle)
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 Jeeps with Recoilless Rifle


 M2 Browning (HMG)
 M20 Recoilless Rifle
 37mm Gun M3 (M6 variant) 


 B-29 Superfortress

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