Real Life updates 1.4 (Vacation)

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I sort of mentioned this before (ramblings 2.3) and I’ll be on vacation from August 10, 2019 – September 14, 2019. Why the month long break? I’ll be starting Fall Semester of college soon, I want to recharge myself before going back into study hell mode.

What that entails, I’ll be staying away from major tech and social media. I may check my emails or messages but that’s just about it. Which also means I won’t be translating during this period.

What are my plans, well enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, going to the beach visiting places with my family & friends, those kinds of things. What’s more my 1st class reunion is during my vacation so I want to enjoy myself for a bit. I made a bunch of plans, but unless I have multiple bodies I don’t think I can go to everything.

So I’ll be taking everything in strides and if I’m tired, maybe laze around for a day. Because the next time I will probably get a break is during the winter Holidays. So enjoy your guys end-of-summer and I wish you guys the best!!

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