Independance Day (r.l.-1.3)

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Featured artwork is by Mibu No Ookami
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A holiday where I can relax and eat barbecue and light some fireworks with family and friends. It’s some good times. And while I do understand the history of what makes this day so significant, I am just thankful I’m alive to live and experience a blessed life.

A country built on principles and privileges for its people. Just the reflection of history and the minds gathered to enact such a country. That is pretty cool in my opinion.

But I’m not here to give a History course or to preach my views. I just wanted to say have an awesome day. Whether you work or not, whether you live in America or another country, are from a different culture and religion. I wish you guys well and hope you guys have an awesome week!!

That’s about enough of me rambling, so I’ll be posting pics of various artists below.

Artwork by Nick Savino

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Artwork by Abigail Jones

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Artwork by Diniece Henderson

ArtStation | Facebook | Deviant Art | Tumblr

Artwork by kisagi1317

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