Ramblings 2.5 (July Chapter News)

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Here’s my plans for this month’s scheduled releases. I will be working on Volume 4 Chapter 6 and Volume 2 Chapter 1. Below are the Chapter analysis for both projects.

Vol 2 Chapter 1 will be from the revised raw from March 26, 2016. So with 5314 words to go through, I would project this chapter to be done in a weeks time.

Vol 4 Chapter 6 Chapter analysis here, given that this is double than the other chapter, I’d probably take a week and half to go through this.

And I know your probably wondering which one I’ll be doing first. For now I’ll be handling Vol 4 Ch 6, because it’s the one with the most workload, then I’ll do the re-translations for Vol 2 Ch 1.

That’s the general idea for this month. If I have extra time on my hands I’ll work on an extra chapter or two, it most likely be a re-translation or my teaser though.

Still thank you for all your support and readership, I enjoy the discussions you guys have on my Discord server as well as on the comments on my site. I haven’t really been hard on moderating comments for my site lately and I usually have my filters take care of it. But I guess I haven’t really laid out a general commenting policy for my site, so here’s my general thoughts.

For the comments on my site, if you are trying to post videos, links or pictures, please have it relate-able to the post topic/ chapter/ story. Right now I’m using Akismet Anti-Spam & Jetpack for my comments.

Pictures Video’s and Links in posts are manually moderated, by me. Sometimes I can do it on mobile, but most of the times its when I’m on my desktop.

I haven’t used other commenting apps/plugins like Disqus mainly because I’d have to teach myself the system or its because I need to make an account in order to use it.

Okay, so back to commenting, I encourage discussions, assumptions, praise, helpful feedback, and safe for work type stuff. You’re free to speak your mind, just don’t be discourteous to people you reply to.

I have a discord server, I just made it in January during my website maintenance (Jan announcement) And the server is welcomed to all to see just read the house rules thing and you’ll get access to comment after typing in a command.

Thank you guys for being with me and reading my work, I wish you guys an awesome month!!

Promoting Artwork from Artist Sean “Raiko” Tay
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