Website & Platform updates


Its a New Year and I’ve put off site maintenance for a while now. So there’s a bunch of things I had to go and tweak for WordPress 5.0.2 Gutenberg.

The block publishing system, means a lot of manual coding for certain features. But for simple design it is efficient. Also certain plugins aren’t compatible with Gutenberg yet, so in a future update I may be able to reconfigure features again.

Current WordPress theme is “Heart & Style

Improvements/ Additions to the site:

  • Night mode is operational
  • Streamlined Header Menu (Project title)
  • Discord Server has been created
  • Redesigned Logo
  • Social media platform following links (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Scribblehub)

Drawbacks from the changes:

  • With the installation of some plugins, certain other features around the site had to be disabled for workability.Featured images will no longer be hosting artwork via third-party platforms in upcoming updates.
  • As of this post chapters & blogs with artwork with
    © will have the artwork removed.
  • Watermarks & hidden text from previous chapters will be modified to accommodate Day & Night mode
  • WordPress “Likes” errors, Gutenberg is giving me issues, its still a work in progress.
Example 1 Like feature not responding on WP admin
Example 2 Likes feature is stuck on loading…
Example 3 Same for comments

Moving on here’s my next venture

Official HIscension Discord Server

You’ll be sent to #arrivals, follow the #read-me-2-enter for server access.

3 Main Categories

[Welcome To HIscension]
# announcements
# read-me-2-enter
# arrivals

[Adventurer’s Hall]
# tavern
# rowdy-pub
# bazaar
# bard-stage
# *hidden* given after using a special command
# reception desk
# rpg-quests

# no-spoiler-discussions
# yes-spoiler-discussions

Voice Channels
# general chat
# music cafe
# music cafe 2

Well that’s the overview, for more details please refer to the read-me.

Well this is pretty much the end of my Holiday break from work (12/30-1/5). I go back to my regular 12 hour shifts, translations should pick up around middle of January somewhere. I’ve spent a good chunk doing some overall maintenance for this website and for other social media platforms.

Also if there are issues with the site, it would be faster to bring it up to me on Discord, since I can probably react to that notification faster, than an email alert (pending I’m not already busy on a project).

Thank you for stopping by and I hope I can deliver as much content to you guys this year! Cheers!

Kaivon – Your Eye