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Here’s the next installment in the re-translations of volume 1

Volume 1 Chapter 5

And here’s your chapter analysis for volume chapter 6

Yes with 12000+ characters, this is definitely a revised chapter. And I may have to extend my assumption on how long this could take me to translate. I thought I could finish this all by Friday, June 14. I was wrong, I could probably finish this by the 21st instead.

As for Volume 4 Chapter 5, that chapter has roughly 8000+ characters, I will try to knock that out before the month ends, if I’m late, it’ll come out in the beginning of July.

On another Tangent, I’ll be taking a vacation from electronic life, around August-September, so I won’t be translating during that period. Thought I’d put this out as a reminder.

Thank you for all your support so far and I hope to provide you guys more content in the future!! Enjoy your week!!

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  1. Enjoy on your vacation. Moderation is good for your health, especially from electronics, Remember to get enough sunlight and exercise. Also, try to get enough sleep to make up for the times you didn’t get enough of it.

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