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Here’s the next installment in the re-translations of volume 1

Volume 1 Chapter 5

And here’s your chapter analysis for volume chapter 6

Yes with 12000+ characters, this is definitely a revised chapter. And I may have to extend my assumption on how long this could take me to translate. I thought I could finish this all by Friday, June 14. I was wrong, I could probably finish this by the 21st instead.

As for Volume 4 Chapter 5, that chapter has roughly 8000+ characters, I will try to knock that out before the month ends, if I’m late, it’ll come out in the beginning of July.

On another Tangent, I’ll be taking a vacation from electronic life, around August-September, so I won’t be translating during that period. Thought I’d put this out as a reminder.

Thank you for all your support so far and I hope to provide you guys more content in the future!! Enjoy your week!!

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