Vol 1 Chapter 6

Can you seriously read my thoughts?


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Meeting with Chitose and the rest of his female officers, Kazuya decided to address his policy for their future.

Well, there was a bit of some issues here and there, but its best to discourage this kind of behavior from now on.


「It’s okay Master, I understand」

「……Chitose, it’s rude to assume what people are thinking without asking them」

「But I already know what Master is thinking」



It feels like ever since Chitose took advantage of me, her obsession for me grew in more ways than I can think of. 

…….Ahhh I should stop thinking about these things.

Speaking of which, I wonder if my level increased?


Verifying if his level indeed rose, Kazuya opens up his menu screen.


[The First Trial from God]

・ The First trial has been cleared.

Congratulations your level has increased to 19.

Ability restrictions have been modified to reflect level up.

[Summon Limit & Force Composition]


・ 1000 (A Single Battalion)







Naval Vessels



※ In the case for Artillery, Vehicles, Aircraft & Naval Vessel summons, the required amount of operating personnel will be summoned alongside.

※ Logistical Combat Support personnel  (Combat Engineers・Maintenance/ Mechanics ・Communications Specialists・Supply & Food Specialists・Medical Soldiers・etc.) are not included towards the Infantry summon limit, currently the available summon limit of LCS personnel is equivalent to a division sized element.

※ There are no restrictions for summoned small caliber weapons or heavy weapons that require 2-3 soldiers operate.

It seems like my level rose by a lot. Well, I guess its only natural since we killed all those monsters.

With all these upgrades, I should be able to build up my war potential and have a fully functional base up an running.

I guess I’ll do it here―― no wait, I shouldn’t.

This forest is basically the border between the Canary Kingdom and the Alsace Magical Empire, I should make my base somewhere else.


「Say, Chitose ―」

「Master, If you want to build a base――」


……..Can you seriously read my thoughts?


Taken aback from Chitose’s response, Kazuya began to fear her skill at reading his mind.

After discussing where to build their base, Chitose and Kazuya decided to create their military complex on a deserted island approximately 400 kilometers from where they were.

「So should we build up this place or fortify the existing natural features?」

Making full use of his ability Kazuya summons a naval Destroyer to traverse the sea, arriving on the deserted island he goes to work on making his dream facility.

Developing the land, building structures and fortifying the area with unimaginable speed, any sane person would call his actions, cheating.

Walking all over the place, Kazuya created a Naval port with its own shipyard, an airfield and a Headquarters for all command operations. Summoning the foundation for his military facilities and lining them all together. He proceeded to develop artillery & anti-aircraft emplacements, radar sites, dugouts, flak towers as well as an underground silo complex.

In addition to that,  Kazuya also summoned recreation facilities for his subordinates welfare & entertainment.

Within the belly of the island, Kazuya summoned an underground nuclear bunker as well as production and storage complexes for a variety of supplies, armaments & ammunition. Kazuya wanted to maintain his stockpile of weapons and munitions without relying too much on his actual abilities.


「……It’s all done」

「Thank you for all your hard work, Master」


And just like that, what would normally require a huge investment and manpower to build, Kazuya manage to complete within the blink of an eye.


「Well, that should be fine for now. Did Master want to improve our base located on the main continent?」

「Yeah, that actually sounds like a good idea」


With his island stronghold completed, Kazuya sets off to upgrade his first base, and began turning what was once just a military outpost into a full-fledged military complex. 


「Let’s just make a scaled-down version of our main base over here. We wouldn’t want to attract the attention of major powers」

「Your right, if we make it too big the the Alsation Empire or the Canary Kingdom might make a move」


And similar to their home base, Kazuya summoned an appropriate amount of military buildings and facilities to maintain its operation. In preparation for an emergency, Kazuya had also disguised his facilities that when viewed from above, they would blend right in with the surrounding forest.

At this time Kazuya had made two bases with his ability, but due to its restrictions he could only allocate 500 Soldiers per base, with an additional 10,000 support & logistical personnel. Trying to make up for their deficiencies in defense capability with the lack of armaments and equipment, all production facilities were in full operation to meet that demand.


「Our situation right now isn’t that great…..」

「Your right, our only saving grace right now is that no major power is hostile towards us, but if an enemy were to strike, its only a matter of time before our defenses would reach their limit and either base would likely fall」


In the midst of conversation, Kazuya reviews the report, breaking down the combat power of each base. 


Hmmm, even after all this, our weapons and soldiers still aren’t enough……

Our home base, is largely composed of naval forces, while on the other hand the other base is mainly made up of ground assets.

I wonder, what should I do?……


Deep in thought about each bases combat power, Kazuya tried to think of something for his forces weaknesses.


Two weeks have passed

What was once a deserted island, Kazuya managed to fortify and build his base on it within a single day ―― it be hard for anyone to believe such a thing as Kazuya’s summoned people went about their duties like it was normal.

「Wow……this is so awesome……」

In the mean time, going out to examine the other unexplored islands in their vicinity aboard the Imperial Japanese Navy’s first Yamato-Class battleship, the Yamato herself, Kazuya became wrapped up in his own world, expressing his excitement.

「Master, please calm yourself, even just a little bit」

「But Chitose, something like that is impossible for me, this has been one of my greatest dreams as a military geek (nerd)」

「I can understand what you may be feeling…… but your causing a scene right now, in front of all your subordinates」


Even though it was like Kazuya’s lifelong dream to explore every meter of the Yamato, Chitose imposed her troubles while he was in high spirits.

Contrary to her admonishing words, there was no hint of anger or disdain, rather Chitose’s expression held a motherly conviction as if overseeing a delighted child.


It’s only natural for him to be like that, he was just a high school student not that long ago….  My master, who’s excited like an innocent child is good too, hehe.


Lost in her own thoughts as well, Chitose had been drooling with her mouth wide. Noticing her blunder she vigorously wipes her mouth and and smiles back towards Kazuya.


「Hm? Is something wrong?」

「No, it’s nothing. *Cough* *cough* ah Master. I think we should head back to the bridge soon」

Feeling an imposing strange air directed towards him Kazuya, looked back only to see Chitose smile unabashedly at him. Replying in a quick manner, Chitose reminds him that they should return to the bridge.


「*Sigh* I guess your right…..well I did see most of the ship, so should we head back?」


After having explored the Yamato for quite some time, Kazuya decides to return to the ships bridge after being reminded by Chitose.


「―― Welcome back, Mr. President. So how was your tour of the Yamato?」


Having taken the elevator to the Yamato’s navigational bridge, which was the starting point of Kazuya’s tour. Captain Kōsaku Aruga hails Kazuya with a pleasant greeting.


「I only have a few things to say, it was the greatest experience ever」

「Hahaha, that’s good, really good」


As Kazuya holds a thumbs up with an ecstatic smile, Captain Aruga’s expression breaks out into a proud smile towards Kazuya’s reaction.


「Besides touring the ships exterior, I was left entranced by her three triple 46cm gun turrets. I was surprised by how loud engine room was as its 12 boilers were in full swing powering the 4 steam turbines and pumping out 153,553 horsepower. The whole experience was quite numbing.  I couldn’t help but dance when I saw the cannons and anti-aircraft machine guns that lined the ships sides. There’s so many things which I can’t describe in mere words―― Oh and how long until we reach our destination?」

「It should roughly be about 30 minutes」


Right when Kazuya was turning into a military geek rambling without end, Captain Aruga had made an obvious glance towards the clock. Immediately answering Kazuya’s question about the time to prevent him from speaking any further about his experience.


「Oh, 30 minutes…. I guess I’ll go look around the ship from the bridges weather deck」


Originally planning on exploring the ship if there was time, Kazuya decided to move to the bridges weather deck to get a good view of things, only because there was about 30 minutes left until they’ve reached their destination. Outside together with Chitose, Kazuya was awed by the ring of ships centered around the Yamato.


「But this is really quite breathtaking. This really feels like a dream, being able to take in such a sight」

「Master, this is certainly not a dream. More so, since all of these ships belongs to Master alone」

「To have been the one to summon all this…. It just feels unreal」


Casually replying to Chitose, while taking in the oceans breeze, Kazuya looks towards the 15 naval vessels surrounding the Yamato.

As one of the heaviest battleships with the largest naval artillery ever fitted onto a warship, it was the second in line for Yamato-class battleships the Musashi. In the battle of Leyte Gulf she took on an onslaught of attacks from more than 20 aircraft, an estimated 17 bombs and 20 torpedoes. 

Next was the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy the Nagato equipped with a twin 41cm gun, she was one of the “Big 7” dreadnought battleships in the world along with the United States and Great Britain. Truly it’s actually just a coincidence that Nagato was Kazuya’s surname.

The Kuma-Class light cruisers Kitakami and Ōi were modified with ten quadruple mount torpedo launchers and could fire the 61cm Type 93 “Long Lance” which was an advanced oxygen propelled torpedo.

There was the  Atlanta-Class light cruisers, the Atlanta and Juneau which were fast scout cruiser with an effective anti-aircraft defense.

Unmatched the Shimakaze was hailed as one of the fastest destroyers in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

With the AkizukiTeruzuki and Suzutsuki surrounding them, these Akizuki-class destroyers primarily were used in anti-aircraft roles in the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Hailing from Sasebo Naval Arsenal the Yukikaze was the lone survivor of the Kagerō-class destroyers. Along with the Shigure a Shiratsuyu-class Destroyer, these two had developed a reputation for being lucky or unsinkable.

 The United States Navy commissioned 175 Fletcher-class destroyers between 1942 and 1944, more than any other destroyer class in its time. And with him, Kazuya had the Fletcher, Radford and Jenkins, the first three destroyers in its class.


「No matter how many times have I seen this…..it’s still awesome…..」


Under Kazuya’s excited gaze, he took in the sight of these 15 naval vessels sailing the seas of another world. 


「What can I say, to be able to experience such a magnificent view…… Maybe dying was worth it after all――」


Basking in the euphoria of the moment, Kazuya was muttering to himself like this was all some dream.


『Mr. President! Something’s wrong the Tsukushi and the Soya which were out doing oceanographic surveys of the sea and marine life are in danger!! They claim their being attacked by an unidentified large creature!! 』


「What was that!?」


Hearing the seriousness in Captain Aruga’s voice, Kazuya’s mind returns back to reality as he listens to the situation through the ships voice pipe.


What should we do!?

「Understood, I’ll take care of it. Tell all hands to battle stations!! Change the formation of our ships, we’ll go and rescue the Soya and Tsukushi!!」

Aye aye, Sir!!

「Master it’ll be difficult to direct the situation from here, let’s return to the bridge」

「Your right, we should go」


In order to respond better to any unforeseen circumstances, Chitose coaxes Kazuya to return.


「What’s the situation!?」


Upon entering the bridges command in control with Chitose, ships personnel along with Captain Aruga were finalizing their battle arrangements.


「Sir, approximately 50 kilometers from our position the Soya and Tsukushi were attacked by an unidentified organism, they’ve succeeded in temporarily fending it off, but they are still being chased by it. Right now, neither ship has taken damage. According to a report from Soya this unidentified large creature resembles an octopus, a  cephalopod of the molluscan class in taxonomy」

「An Octopus? How is that….so you’re telling me we are up against……」


Suddenly a certain name came to mind, something that can only appear in the sea.

Predicting what they were about to face, Kazuya kept silent, rather than reveal its name.


「That’s correct. That unidentified creature which the Soya and Tsukushi came across, is the one which was passed down in legends ―― a Kraken」


While Kazuya was secretly burning with a fierce spirit for battle, Captain Aruga’s words cause the rest of the crew to lose moral.


「That’s……. is it really a Kraken?……」

「How do we battle that kind of monster, it’s impossible….」

「In the first place, can our weapons even work against a Kraken? 」

「No matter what we do, we’re up against a legendary beast. We might not even make it out ourselves」

「Everyone shut up!!」


As the rest of the crew began turning tail at the thought of facing an unpredictable enemy, Chitose couldn’t stand their cowardly attitudes and retorts back at them.


「You are all Master’s Soldiers!! Why are you being pathetic!? So what if the enemy is some kind of mythical beast!! A Kraken? If it gets in our Master’s way, then we just exterminate it!! Don’t forget the reason behind our existence, we were brought here because of Master, and it’s our duty to serve!!」

「「「「Ye-yes Ma’am!! Please forgive us, we were wrong!!」」」」


With Chitose’s fervent speech and frightening demeanor, everyone on the bridge besides Kazuya and Captain saluted her.


「Now, Master. If you will―」


Blowing away the fears which had nestled in the hearts of the crew, Chitose reset the mood in preparation for Kazuya’s address.


「Ahem. Thank you for that Chitose. ――All of you listen to me. Our enemy is as you would’ve guessed a Kraken. If this were a time where we could avoid fighting, then maybe I could make that choice, but it’s as if we are cursed by God……  Right now the Soya and the Tsukushi are being threatened by this Kraken, chasing them even. This is something I can’t overlook.

When our friends are in trouble, there’s no way we can abandon them. What I’m saying may sound like sweet nothings, and some of you may think that I am unfit to be your Commander. But know this, I am only one person. So I am asking you all. Lend me your strength. Lend me your power so that we can defeat this Kraken!! So that we can save the Soya and Tsukushi and beat that bastard hard for daring to attack our comrades!!」



Subordinates which never paid attention to Kazuya, now began to recognize him as a true leader. Turning their waning morale and causing it to burn with passion, so much as it revived their fighting spirits.


「……Do you think that was good enough?」

「That was admirable, Master」


Hesitant with his beliefs, Chitose reassured Kazuya with her praise.


「Thank you for the compliments, Chitose. But I don’t think I can ever get used to giving out formal speeches or commands like that」

「Well Master, you should start getting used to it from now on」

「Alright, I guess Ill try. ――….oh Chitose and by the way, please get in touch with Captain Ibuki Aoba, who I left in charge with the Aircraft Carrier fleet back at our home base, tell her we need air support」

「Yes Master, it’s already done, I’ve made the arrangements for air support and have also received a status report」

「You finished it…….Chitose sure works fast」

「As Master’s aide, something like this is only natural」


Chitose smiles proudly from Kazuya’s praise.


「Then for now we’ll just have to wait until we face the Kraken」

「Yes, Master」


Finishing up their preparations for the battle ahead, Kazuya hurries to link up with the Soya and Tsukushi.

「Receiving a report from one of our seaplanes! The bombardment has no effect, the target is alive and well.  Changing from attack to reconnaissance, will relay observations」

To cut the distance between the Soya & Tsukushi, Kazuya had the Yamato and escort vessels change their ring formation into a double column. Speeding up their approach, they were only 38 kilometers away from linking up. 

Launching their ship-based aircraft the Yamato, Musashi & Nagato sent off their seaplanes using their explosive catapults ―― They managed to launch their Type Zero Observation Seaplane 4 which carried a 60kg payload and the Navy Type Zero Reconnaissance Seaplane 5 which could drop a 250kg bomb over its target.

Trying to draw the Kraken away from the Soya and Tsukushi they tried to injure it.


But even after the aerial bombardment, the Kraken continued to pursue the『Soya』and『Tsukushi』maintaining a certain distance unimpeded by what transpired.

「We’re getting a reading off the radar, its hiding within the shadow of the Soya and Tsukushi

Using the radar equipped on the Yamato they picked up a blip hiding beneath the Soya and Tsukushi after the aerial attack.

 As the ships enter the Yamato and Musashi effective firing range, Kazuya becomes relieved after hearing the radar report.

「…….Huh, what happened? One of the blips disappeared from screen….」

But the situation that Kazuya feared became a reality.

「You there, what’s wrong?」

Directing the course of the battle from the command in control of Yamato’s bridge, Kazuya questions the Radar operator who was confused by what he had seen

「Um, it’s just……the blip for Tsukushi seems to have disappeared, sir…….」

……No way


Hearing the radar operators reply, Kazuya imagined the worst.


「Reporting!! The Tsukushi has been lost!! It’s silhouette looks like it has been dragged down to the sea floor by the Kraken!!」

An his worst fears became realized as Kazuya listened to the rest of the report.

The Tsukushi was a Japanese gunboat designed for surveying the ocean. It was lightly armored mainly for its own defense as its primary task was for reconnaissance and patrol. But on her patrol through this world, she was gripped tightly by the large tentacles of a Kraken and crumpling her in half and dragging her down into the depths of the sea.

At 31 kilometers away from the Yamato, the 128 crewmembers of the Tsukushi along with 65 support personnel were deemed lost at sea. With a total of 193 subordinates perishing along with her, the Tsukushi was considered Kazuya’s first naval vessel loss, from the ships he summoned to this fantasy world.


「We were too late…..」



The room turns silent from the news, as Kazuya’s shoulders became tense, he begins to tremble while tightening his fists.

But there was no time to grieve for those who’d been trapped and helpless.

「There’s a report from one of our seaplanes! The Kraken has reappeared on the surface and is wrapping itself around the Soya

Having already sunk the Tsukushi the Kraken’s next target became the Soya.

Entangled by the Kraken’s tentacles the Soya was unable to utilize its heavy guns, but her crew tried to resist by employing the rest of her arsenal, from machine guns to rifles they fought back. But even that proved useless as it didn’t faze the Kraken one bit.

「――Prepare our main guns!! And fire at the Soya!!」

Unwilling to see the same event which happened to the Tsukushi, Kazuya orders his men without hesitation.



Both Chitose and Captain Aruga became eye-wide with surprise, when told to fire upon their allies.

「Why aren’t you carrying out the order? Did you not hear what I just said?」

「But Sir, what your saying is……」

「I know what I said is unreasonable, But with the way things are now, this is the only way to save the Soya. I’m not trying to sink her, I just want you to fire around the Soya

「So you’re not trying to scuttle the Soya? 」

「――Master, so what your saying is to aim our guns at the Soya and fire them without actually hitting her, purposefully causing something like a near miss?」


Chitose who had deduced everything, caused Captain Aruga to feel embarrassed for not realizing Kazuya’s intentions sooner.


「That’s right. I want to peel off the Kraken from Soya with a near miss barrage」


Kazuya nodded stiffly towards Chitose, who realized his thoughts instantly.


「But….. You’re asking us to use our main guns to fire a long-range attack in a precise manner, just operating the turret is extremely difficult as it is.  What if one of our rounds don’t actually reach the target, or worse yet hit our ally?」


「Well, we can only hope for Soya’s good fortune. And I believe in your guys skills and training 」


「Heh, Hahahaha *sigh*……Your faith in us, will be an enormous undertaking, sir……―― Radioman, hail the Soya!!」


Captain Aruga’s laughed heartily towards Kazuya’s honest expectations of them, taking a professional tone, Captain Aruga turns to direct the crew.  


「Aye aye, sir!!」

「Inform the Soya that we’ll be firing upon her. Tell them to maintain their course and speed. That is all!!」

「Understood, sir!!」


Readjusting his hat, Captain Aruga orders his comms personnel to get in touch with Soya.

「Gun team prepare to load!!  Load the Type 91 Armour-piercing shells!! Rotate our main batteries toward the Soya, and make sure not actually hit her!!」

「Aye aye!!」

Receiving their Captains orders, gun crews began to rotate their turrets, moving 2510 tons of steel, these triple 40cm 45 caliber Type 94 naval guns revolved towards the Soya.

Inside these gun turrets, crews began loading the Type 91 Armour piercing shells into the open barrel hatches, lowering the barrel elevation to just about 4 degrees.

Finalizing its rotary movement into position, the shells traversed from the turrets supply chamber and were prepped for loading. As the Type 91 shells were fitted into their respective slide loaders for each of the 3 turrets three guns, a rammer was used to set each projectile in place.

Having set the armor-piercing shells within their barrels, 6 powder bags had been removed from their containers and primed ready, utilizing the rammer to fit them into the chamber.  Finalizing the loading procedure, the barrels hatch is closed and secured, ready for duty.

With her main guns able to pierce 430mm of armor from 30km away. Yamato’s guns adjust to the required angle elevation, part of their firing solution based on the information from their recon planes.

「Commence Firing!!」

「Commence Firing, aye!!」


Following the Captain’s orders, the Yamato’s 46cm guns fire all together.

Trying to save their allies, black smoke arose as three salvo’s resound with a roar as nine shells left their barrels. 

「5, 4, 3, 2, 1……..Impact!!」

Within the command and control, looking at his clock, the Gunnery chief counted down the time it took until the rounds struck.

「―― Report from one of our recon planes!! Trajectory as follows far, far, near, near, near, near, close!! One round was caught and one round had struck the Kraken’s tentacles underwater!! It has released the Soya and is diving away from the area!!」

Following the recon planes report, the command room burst with joy.

「We managed to do it from this far, and struck it inadvertently……. one of the rounds had been caught too」

In a miraculous attempt to save their allies, their artillery barrage successfully struck the Kraken from 30km away, even though it was merely accidental. Kazuya who had instructed his subordinates of his intentions, expressed his relief and disbelief.

「Incoming transmission from the Shimakaze, they are able to assist and are requesting for orders!!」

「Understood, reply back to the Shimakaze and have them meet up with the Soya. Once they’ve met up, have them escort the Soya to safer waters!!」

「Aye, will relay, sir!!」


Returning to the situation at hand, the battle is still ongoing, as Kazuya has the radio operator relay his commands to the Shimakaze.


「Send a broadcast to all ships, we’re changing course, we’ll pursue the Kraken and drive him towards a deserted island at our 10 o’clock! We’ll defeat it there!!」


Despite being battle ready and her crew itching for combat, the Shimakaze races at a full speed of 39 knots, in order to meet up with the Soya.

In a response to the broadcast, Kazuya’s 1st Fleet turns their formation and sails towards avenging their lost comrades.

「Incoming emergency transmission from the Radford!! They’ve detected the Kraken off their sonar!!」


Having sunk the Tsukushi and wrecking the Soya, the Radford a Fletcher-class destroyer had managed to detect the Kraken utilizing its sonar, allowing Kazuya’s fleet to chase after it.

「What is its location?」

「It’s currently 3500 meters in front of the Radford. Their bearing is 60 degrees starboard from our bow and 12km away from us」

「Great, that’s exactly where I want it. Notify the Fletcher and Shigure to come from the right flank, and the Yukikaze and Jenkins to come from the left, we’ll build a semi-circle to net our target. As soon as those four get into place, we’ll have the Radford chase it to the deserted island.  The Akizuki, Teruzuki, Suzutsuki, Atlanta and Juneau will trail in the gaps of the semi-circle and provide support. The Musashi, Nagato, Kitakami and Ōi will sail ahead and standby at another specified location」

Reviewing the report from the radio operator, Kazuya devises a way to stroke the flames of retribution, directing his ships and commanding his subordinates.

「Aye, aye sir」

Transmitting Kazuya’s order to the rest of the ships within the 1st Fleet, they follow Kazuya’s strategy which he meticulously thought off before they began chasing after the Kraken.


「Master all our ships are in place. They’re ready to move at anytime」

「Nice. Then, it’s time to display the terror of what modern weapons can do to a monster from this fantasy-like world. ―― Start the operation!!」


Having finalized their formation, Kazuya’s 1st Fleet takes the opportunity to flush out the Kraken which had hidden itself somewhere along the sea floor.

Beginning the operation the Radford utilized it’s Anti-Submarine Projector, the Hedgehog, launching spigot mortars into the water before it.

Twenty-four Mark 10 mortars which had been cased in the hedgehog would fire at 0.2 second intervals from a spigot which held them in place. With their safety devices removed and contact fuses enabled, these live armed bombs would detonate on mere contact. Flying past the ship they form a 40 meter diameter ring and sink into the water, falling towards the sea floor.

Hiding along the sea bed the Kraken notices the falling objects and mistakes them for prey. Gliding across the reef it spreads its tentacles along one of the hedgehog’s bombs wanting to satiate it greedy appetite.

But the moment the Kraken fully wraps its tentacles around, the bomb explodes due to the change in pressure applied to its surface.

Surprised by the sudden explosion the Kraken immediately tries to get away, but not before the remaining 23 bombs explode, due to the shockwave released from the first explosive.

As a result the Kraken was able to take a beating from the Radford’s anti-submarine weapon.

But while there was merit in successfully striking the Kraken the overall damage of the anti-submarine charges was lacking. Comparatively the explosives within each mortar depth charge was small, thus not making a severe impact on the Kraken.

On the other hand because the explosive charge is quite small, it doesn’t interfere with the ships sonar capabilities. As the shockwaves from the explosions recedes the Kraken’s position was picked up once more on sonar and Kazuya, pursues on with his next plan of action.

Since the hedgehog was a small weapon compared to most standard depth charge weaponry, it was possible to mount more of it onto a ship. Setting the precedence for the attack, the rest of the ships in the net began to fire their hedgehog’s as well. Both the left and right flanks engaged along with the center, showering the waters with explosives. And in this manner the Kraken was driven towards the deserted island without resistance.


「Great, it’s finally at the beach」


As columns of water rose due to the shockwaves of the explosives underwater, it was like a scene of water boiling all around on the surface in front of the ships.

Unconsciously escaping towards the deserted island, the Kraken made it up to those desolate shores, reeling away from the attack.


「Time to wrap this all up」


Having waited for this moment, the muzzles of of the ships turrets dialed in towards the Kraken, which lost its superior advantage having left the sea.  Now that it has surfaced on land, a grand barrage ensued.

Realizing its plight, the Kraken tries to return to the waters amid the myriad of weapons aiming at it, but it was just too late.

The protagonist in this scenario is using the might of modern naval warships developed by man, to destroy a monster from another world and bombarding it to oblivion.


「 I want the Yamato, Musashi & Nagato to maintain the bombardment by alternating fire amongst all three battleships. Also to supplement the bombardment I want all anti-aircraft weapons to concentrate their fire on the target. How long until our reinforcements arrive?」

In order to maintain a continuous barrage between the three battleships main turrets, they employed their smaller anti-aircraft guns to shell the mythical beast. As for the remaining vessels in the vicinity, they also joined in to keep up the firepower and pressure.

As Type 3 artillery shells were fired one after another, sealing off the beasts movements, the main guns of their light cruisers and destroyers aimed towards the Kraken’s main body, further impeding its ability to move around.

Within the blink of an eye, the whole beach turned into a firestorm of hellfire as smoke and debris from the explosions reverberate further damaging the mythical beast.

In addition to Kazuya’s 1st Fleet assaulting the Kraken, reinforcement from the 1st Air Fleet arrived ―― the Akagi, Kaga, Sōryū, Hiryū, Shōkaku, Zuikaku all launched their Zero fighters¹, Dive bombers² and Torpedo Bombers³

From their home base, they had launched their long-range bombers, like the Mitsubishi G4M, Kawanishi H8K, B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-29 Superfortress for a large scale bombing raid. 

The wave of bombs dropped onto the beach, changed the topography of the land.

「――Master!! It’s running away into the sea!!」

Even after a massive bombardment the Kraken survives, struggling as it makes its way into the sea, grasping at straws, scraping away to live.

「I know!! Signal the Kitakami  and Ōi!!」

Sending a signal to the two naval vessels he kept in reserve, Kazuya realizes the tenacity of a Kraken’s vitality.

The light cruisers Kitakami and Ōi which had been held back, just in case. Began to move in accordance to Kazuya’s signal. 

Appearing from the shadows of the island, where they had been waiting, both ships fire their long lance torpedoes at the escaping Kraken.

In contrast to other torpedoes of its time during World War II, the type 93 61cm oxygen torpedoes were overpowered in terms of range, speed and explosive payload, having targeted the Kraken, it was only a matter of time before it was hit.

Immediately following their launch, the long lance torpedoes explode with roughly 780kg worth of explosives. Compared to the Yamato’s high explosive 46cm shells, its power was 23 times more powerful.

Tearing into the Kraken, the explosion blew away four of its tentacles in a grand water column which rose up into the sky.

Falling with the force of gravity, the Kraken looked gruesome having lost half of its tentacles, its body burnt black and red as it lay exposed on the nearby beach.

Instead of roaring back, only the gentle sound of the waves echoed amidst the battle.

「……. Well I suppose we should take care of this soon. Change our armament from the standard Type 3 shells to the Type 0 shells and put an end to that thing!!」

Despite its wounded state, the Kraken still tried to escape, but with the remaining half of tentacles left, it could only creep towards the water in desperation.

Watching its feeble attempts, Kazuya orders for the Kraken’s death.


「Commence fi――what was that?」


Right when Kazuya was about to give the command to fire their main guns, the Yamato was rocked as something exploded on her hull.

「Give me a report!!」

「We’ve been hit, our port rear machine gun nest #8 has been struck!! It’s on fire!!」

「We’ve been Hit!? What are you talking about!?」

「There appears to be black smoke coming off the Kraken’s head!!――Something’s appearing from the smoke!!….. It’s a 12cm/ 45 Type 10 naval gun!! Why does it!? There’s two pairs of guns, for a total of four!!」

「What was that!?」

Hearing the report from the radio operators lips with a dubious expression, Kazuya grabs binoculars to confirm if that report was true.


「That’s a lie……How can that be possible?」

「Master whether you choose to believe it or not, those appear to be the guns from the Tsukushi…….」

「Chitose, you’re probably right about that…… but what I’m asking is why are they merged on the Kraken’s head?….. Can it equip weapons of the things it eats?」


The twin guns which had been apart of the Tsukushi, looks like a pair of horns growing out the the sides of the Kraken’s head.

No one would ever think that the guns mounted from the fallen Tsukushi would ever be incorporated into this mythical being.

「The Kraken fired again!!」

「――The Yukikaze and Shigure have been struck!! But there doesn’t appear to be a fire!! They were hit with an unexploded ordinance!!」

「Fuck!! thank goodness that shell was a dud….. Even though the caliber of shells are small, it wouldn’t be good for a destroyer to take any more hits. I’ll give you what you want real soon!! Have our main guns return fire!!」

「Commencing fire!!」


Receiving the nicknames of “lucky” and “unsinkable” it seems that the Yukikaze and Shigure proved that title true, bombarded by the Kraken’s fire, both ships were struck with duds.

But even if the Yukikaze and Shigure were hit with duds, the fact they were attacked, caused Kazuya to retaliate, ordering to return fire.

In order to put an end to this farce of a battle, the Yamato’s 46cm guns roared.  Nine standard Type 0 shells soar through the sky.

Unlike the standard Type-3 shells which had been fired until now, the Type 0 shells held high explosive charges. Directly hitting the Kraken’s head causing it to blow up into dust.

After the explosion, the only things left were the remains of a grilled octopus.

「It’s finally over….」


And this concludes Kazuya’s first maritime battle in the seas of a different world

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