Real Life Updates 1.5 (College & Stuff)

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I’m technically back from my vacation, and am using this week to get all my stuff in order. So yeah my 4th Semester has begun and I’ll be moving around more. Commuting to work, commuting to college and doing a bunch of stuffs in between too.

My vacation from a world filled with technology was refreshing, I won’t lie and say I wish it wasn’t longer. But then I have obligations waiting for me, and to let those things pile up, would probably lead me to stress out even more.

This semester I have lectures and essays again, with Psych & Public Speaking. Meh, public speaking isn’t my strongest suit, I’m an introvert most of the time. But life is life and you never know how good you’ll perform until you’re out there doing the action.

On another note, I’ve pretty much adapted to working nights, ever since my job mandated my shift change. I pretty much come into work when the regular morning shift finishes work and when I finish my job, I pretty much clean up and close shop.

Looking back on this lifestyle change, I did have to tweak some habits. Adjust my exercise schedule to mornings before work, than doing my workouts after I finish work.

And I also noticed I saved more money now, just because when I finish work everything else in my locale is closed. Since I get off my shift at around 11pm, the only thing open are late night restaurants or bars. And if its overtime till 2am, then only the 24 hour shops are still up.

I’d have like to grab some grub, but most late night places either don’t make good food or are expensive to eat out. Those 24 hour convenience store, like 7/11 has stuff but you get bored of it after awhile.

*Sigh* so yeah, that’s just my feelings on that topic.

Now in regards to me translating, I know this will be a big thing for my readers, but forward looking, I won’t actively translate by 2021. That is roughly 2 years from now.

Well right now, I’m in the planning stage. But that year is another milestone for me, in terms of careers. It will be the year I complete my apprenticeship as a metal trades craftsman and become a Journeyman Mechanic.

And that is where the fork in the road opens up for me. After attaining a permanent job position (I’m still in a temporary position as an apprentice), I’d be given more options to advance my career and make more money.

One branch is to go into Admin & Management, another option is to continue as a mechanic and slog through that until I become a Senior Mechanic. There are other opportunities by that time, and I’m just planning.

But after the year 2021, I can’t guarantee I’ll be translating at a consistent schedule. I’m mentioning this now, more so as a reminder to myself. But at the same time, inform everyone my plans for the future.

The future is not set in stone, and its possible that I’ll continue translating past 2021, but until that time, I’ll work to provide you guys as much content as I can.

For everyone that’s been with me this far, Thank you! And I wish everyone the best out of life, may you guys reach your goals and go far in life!