Vol 4 Chapter 7

Please, Someone, Anyone!! Help Us!!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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It was the worst thing that could happen as news about how Parabellum’s forces lost their high value target. Furthermore having sent Delta ahead of their main force, it was just like that, suddenly they became cut off and isolated within the blink of an eye.


「Emergency transmission from Delta, they’re requesting for immediate extraction!!」

「Inform Command immediately, we need to get our troops to that castle and rescue Delta now!」

「I see…. We’ll  re-task the 1st Battalion to secure Delta, have the 2nd and 3rd Battalion concentrate on gaining a foothold on the beach」

「「「Understood Sir!!」」」


Soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment move concisely as orders from the top trickle downward. With Delta forces request for rescue, Command reacted to the situation accordingly.


「Hey Brett, it seems that bad feeling you had was spot on after all」

「Huh, ah Wax……. that seems to be the case, but I didn’t think it be like that」


Sergeant Sieg and Sergeant Roofe’s faces go dark, having bantered about the issue before the landing, now that the 1st Battalion was sent to help Delta, what they spoke about before turned into reality.


「Hey you two, it’s time to go!!」

「「Roger that!!」」

「See ya later Brett, don’t get yourself killed」

「I can take care of myself, You better not die either」

「Yeah yeah」


Hurried by their superior officer, the two broke off their conversation, Sergeant Roofe and Sieg gave each other a brief smile before boarding separate up armored Humvees.


「Is everyone accounted for?」

「Roger, 1st Battalion is all accounted for」

「Alright then….. Time to head out!!」


With most of 1st Battalion riding within improved M939 Cargo trucks. Modified with a gun turret on its chassis, a ceramic plate was superimposed on 5mm thick iron plating which encased the gunners seat, which was located in the middle between the driver and passenger. Each gun-truck was equipped to handle twin heavy machine guns as this much firepower was necessary, in order to make their way deep into enemy lines to rescue Delta.


「Be careful out there. Group Attention, Present Arms!!」

「「「「*Soldiers Salute* 」」」」


Soldiers from the 2nd and 3rd Battalion lift their hands to Salute the departing 1st Battalion. Standing by on the sandy shores with arms raised, they watched the column of troops make their way into Gloria’s City.


「…..This place is filled with enemies」


Entering Gloria’s City, various shadows flitted suspiciously as Imperial Soldiers watched the 1st Battalion’s convoy from her alleyways and dark corners.


「Sarge!! Do we open fire!?」


Sitting in his up-armored gunners seat, manning the M2 Heavy Machine gun, Private First Class Grumman asks Sergeant Seig permission to open fire.


「No, even if there are enemies out there, there is still a possibility for regular civilians of this city to be mixed in with the Imperial Soldiers」

「But Sarge!!」

「Don’t do it. Unless they actually turn hostile, it’s illegal to fire on non-combatants」



Towards his superiors reply, Private First-Class Grumman fell into silence as he answered back regrettably.


I wish we could make it to the castle without any incidents.

……But I don’t think that will be possible.


Not entirely optimistic, the battle for the skies was in progress as F/A-18E/F Super Hornet’s and F-35C Lightning II’s flew over their heads. Watching an F-14 Tomcat duke it out with one of the Empire’s Dragon Knights, Sergeant Seig readied his SCAR-H from his passenger window, prepared to fire at a moments notice.

Amidst the storm which raged above their heads, the 1st battalion moved through the eerie city in silence. In what seemed like forever they had to traverse 20 kilometers in order to reach the Palace, but just as they reached a large intersection.


「What the―!?」


All of a sudden, a largely thick wall appeared out of nowhere and blocking Sieg’s Humvee.


「Hey! That’s reckless!!」


Immediately swerving the steering wheel, Private Ritz Carlton, avoided the wall before pressing on the brakes, managing to avoid a collision.


「The hell is this!?」

「That’s, it’s an ambush!! We’re surrounded, there are enemies all over the place!」


Having avoided crashing into a wall, Private First Class Grumman yelled out loud, before locking & loading and opening fire.


His M2 heavy machine gun resounded as Sergent Sieg frantically assessed what happened. The convoy had become divided as the wall had been intended to isolate the invaders ranks.


「Aw fuck, we’re sitting ducks!!―― Get us outta here, go left, left, make a left now!!」


The moment they were stuck, their enemy appeared from windows of nearby buildings and alleys, musket balls, magic and arrows flew toward them as Sieg found it dangerous to keep fighting with just their assault rifles alone.


「Huh!? But Sarge what about our guys on the other side wall!?」


Private Carlton who heard the order was conflicted, he didn’t want to leave his buddies behind who were also caught under the enemies heavy fire on the opposite side of the wall.


「We can’t do anything for them, it’s too late!! Just drive, go go go!! If we stay any longer we’ll be turned into a beehive!! Get us out of here NOW!!」



Soon the sound of the Empire’s Machina could be heard as its footsteps resounded on the other side of the wall, there was an explosion amongst the heavy fire. Segeant Sieg’s gut wrenches as he gives up rescuing Sergent Roofe and his men who rode in the Humvee on the opposite side of the wall, and instead chose to flee the area. 


「Copy that!!」


With the appearance of the Machina, Private Carlton responds back to Sieg, as the Sergeant sprays bullets towards the mech. Enemy magic hits the Humvee’s bulletproof windshield as the driver vigorously nods up and down, pressing on the gas to speed off.


「This is Sergeant Sieg!! Attention to all vehicles behind us!! We’re changing course, we’re getting out of this area!!」

『『『『Roger that!!』』』』


As the convoy of vehicles behind Sergeant Sieg’s Humvee turn tail and follow their lead, they speed off like rabbits, kicking off dust behind them, making a trail for those following desperately behind them.


「What the―!?  Holy shit!!」


Escaping the carnage due to the Sarge’s call, they blew past several damaged vehicles from various intersections along the way.


「Oh my god, oh my god!! If we stayed, would we have died and turned out like that!?」

「Sarge made the right call!!」


Within the convoy, Soldiers within one of the Humvees cried out gratefully, for their leaders quick decision.


「Sarge!? Which way do we go?」

「For now, make a right at the next intersection and we’ll go straight from there!!」


Within the Imperial Army two new guns had been developed by the Otherworlder which had been meaning to seek refuge with Parabellum―― One was firearm which was superior to the musket in terms of power, accuracy and rate of fire. It utilized a special bullet called a Minié ball which took advantage of a firearms rifling. The second gun was a magical tool which compressed a magician’s energy and expelled it forth just like a bullet. Under fire from all sorts of attacks, Sergeant Seig shot back desperately while trying to gain more ground.  


「Roger that!! ――Holy Shi―!?」

「Fuck! Don’t go back, don’t reverse, punch it!!」


But the Empire’s magicians who had been lying in wait, cast magic walling off the oncoming Humvee, preventing Sergeant Sieg from leaving the kill zone.


「Don’t stop!! Press the gas!!」

「Sarge!? Urghーaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!」


Don’t stop, if you do we’ll all die.


Knowing the inevitable outcome, Sergeant Sieg kicks away Private Carlton’s foot which had subconsciously pressed on the brakes the moment the walls appeared. Gassing the accelerator pedal with his own foot, Sergeant Sieg crashes their vehicle into the newly formed barrier at breakneck speed.





Colliding with the wall which had just risen from the ground the Humvee shook with great force, as it blew right through.


「――Don’t ever stop!! Keep on moving!!」

「Yes, Roger ー Sarge!!」


As the enemy was still nearby waiting to ambush them beyond the wall, Sergeant Seig held his foot on the gas, while barking orders to Private Carlton, not to falter.


Shit, this situation is the worst!!


After returning the steering wheel to its driver, the Sergeant grimaced as he saw a militia of civilians and adventurers attacking their convoy alongside the Empire’s Soldiers.


「Get out of our city!!」

「Die fucking invaders!!」

「Death to the heathens that joined hands with demons!!」

「All who disobey the words of God shall be met with the hammer of justice!! 」

「Kill the infidels!!」


Being that Gloria was considered the Empire’s second Capital, there was a large amount of devout practitioners of the Loewen faith.

As a result countless believers carried out unrelenting attacks upon Parabellum’s forces ―― heathens who did not follow the teachings of their religion.


「My God, grant me power. Grant me the power to kill the enemy before me, Dear God. Through your glory, may the Hammer of Justice cleanse the land of these heathens」


Lurking in the shadows of the window on a building’s second floor, a young fledgling adventurer boy, waits as the convoy of vehicles enters his sights.


*Inhale*, *Exhale*, *Inhale*, *Exhale*


Sensing the approaching convoy, hearing the unfamiliar sound of engines, the young adventurer nocks an arrow onto his bow, he breaths rhythmically while raising his concentration to its limits.

As soon as the line of vehicles entered his view, he halts his breathing as he aims out the window, drawing his bow with all his strength, he looses his arrow onto the enemy he targeted.


「Fuck me!! They’re everywhere, enemies all over the place!! Sarge, we gotta hurry we―― Gyugh」


Piercing the neck of Private First Class Grumman, was the arrow shot from the young boy. Having manned the heavy machine gun, his body goes limp in the gunners seat.


「AAAAHHHH!! Hah!? ―― What the!? Hey Grumman!? Sarge, Sarge!! Grummans!!…..」

「What’s wrong!? ――No this can’t be happening…….shit!!」


With the felled Private First Class Grumman laying limply in the Humvees gunners chair, Sergeant Sieg was shocked.

His body was limp with the whites of his eyes in full view, as blood flowed from the arrow which had pierced through his neck.


「An instant kill….. he died instantly…. Sarge!!?」


There was no doubt in the Sergeant mind, that Private Grumman had been killed in action.


「Son of a……. Goddamit!! Those fuckers killed him!! Damn it all!!」


Enraged by the death of his subordinate, the Sergeant returns fire towards the Imperial forces.


「Somebody get on that gunners seat and kill’m all!!」

「Roger, moving Sarge!! Come on! Get some, get some〜 die you fuucking bastards!!! Raaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!」


A Soldier who had been sitting in the back seat, responded to Sergeant Seig’s orders and jumped into the gunner’s seat, racking the heavy machine gun to reload. Griping the gun’s handles, the soldiers thumbs form into the letter “A” as he fingers the butterfly trigger, before pressing down and opening fire.

12.7x99mm NATO rounds fly towards the enemy, as the sound of gunfire bolsters the troops morale and at the same time causing their adversaries to shudder.

 The barrage of bullets dwindle as Sergeant Seig fires frantically out of selfish regret, until he had no more bullets left to fire, but by that time there was no trace of the enemy left in the vicinity.


「Did they stop their attack?」


Entering into a wide open plaza, Sergeant Sieg spouted curses toward the enemy, as the attacks stopped and they all disappeared.


「Their gone…..where’d they all go?」


We broke through their encirclement, did they not have any soldiers left?

…….damn it all, I don’t know what to think anymore.


There was no enemy in sight in the city plaza, all that was left was merely silence.


*Sigh* Thank god…. we manage to get out of that…. what a relief」

「We’re finally safe….. I thought we were all gonna die…….」


In the halted humvee, Sergeant Seig pounded his beating heart, in order to calm himself.


『Sergeant, you have my thanks for a job well done. I’ll be taking things over from here.』

「Copy that, Captain」


Responding to the radio transmission, was his commanding officer Captain Kraut Kirby, the only high ranking person in this area, Sergeant Seig relinquishes his commanding authority to him.


*Sigh*…… You performed well out there. But I’m going to need you do it again this time」


Sergeant Seig pats the back of Private Carlton’s shoulder.


「Ah, thanks Sarge, it’s a pleasure 」


Having been patted on the shoulder albeit roughly, Private Carlton was beaming, receiving praise.


「Alright…. We’ll have to transfer Grumman’s body to another truck to take back home. …….Huh?」


From the incoming static, Sergeant Seig notices a familiar voice coming from their trucks radio, right after theire unit was regrouping in the city’s plaza.


『――*Radio static*― Someone!! Anyone!! Come in, this is *Sksksksk* Wax *sksks* enemies ――*skSksks* got wounded soldi―*sksksk*―they’re everywhe―*Skkss*― pleas―*Skks*―』


What’s that, no it can’t be!?


Even though the transmission was garbled with static, Sergeant Seig was convinced that it was Sergeant Roofe on the other end of the line.


「This is Sergeant Sieg!! Roofe!? Hey respond!!WAX!!」

*Kssshhhh* Please, Someone, Anyone!! Help us!! *KSCHHH*



Sergeant Seig’s voice didn’t reach Sergeant Roofe, as the transmission between the two was bad, even while Seig held the microphone in his hand.


「Sir!! Captain Kirby!!」


Excited to find out that Sergeant Roofe was still alive, Sergeant Seig rushed out of his humvee and ran to his superior, who was also in contact with Headquarters.


「What’s the matter, Sergeant?」

「It’s Roofe, Sir!! Sergeant Roofe is still alive!!」

「I know. Command contacted me not long ago. To be exact, there’s 50 Soldiers who are still alive, that includes Sergeant Roofe」

「Then we need to mount a rescue squad immediately!!」

「……..I’m sorry, orders from higher says to link up with Delta, that’s the priority」

「Then they’ll be sending another unit to rescue Roofe’s men, right?」

「No, they won’t be sending anyone」

「Why….you’re joking…that can’t be…..」


Hearing the news straight from Captain Kirby’s mouth, Sergeant Seig was distraught.


「Our Air forces have eliminated a majority of enemies in the sky, but now we face an arduous counterattack from their ground forces.  The other battalions on the beach are also facing an uphill battle securing the waterfront, and are unable to mount a rescue squad either」

「Then, that’s all the more reason for us to send in a rescue squad to save them!!」

「Sergeant!! I understand how you may feel but…. Sergeant Roofe is roughly two kilometers from our location, do you honestly think we will make it in time?」


Looking at the remainder of forces under his command, Captain Kirby grimaces at their current losses.



「With the current situation, we’ll lose more men in the process of rescuing Sergeant Roofe and it will become impossible to make it to the Palace at all. Our best course of action is to get to Gloria’s Palace, with what we have now」


With the survival of 1st Battalion at stake, things were desperate as they suffered many casualties. In military doctrine, their unit would be considered wiped out, when combat power fell below acceptable limits.


「…….Got it, Sir…… I understand」


At the end of Captain Kirby’s explanation, Sergeant Seig did an about-face, dejectedly hanging his head.


「………*Sulking expression*

「――Incoming Enemy!!」

「What the―!? Get in formation, and prepare to fire!! Don’t fire until they get in range! Let them group up, standby to fire!!」


Looking at his Sergeant, who was filled with regret at having left men behind, not once but twice already, Captain Kirby could only sympathize.


「……Hey what’s going on over there?」

「I don’t know, but its giving me the creeps」


Soldiers grip their assault rifles as they move according to Captain Kirby’s orders, while turning their heads back and forth to the strange actions of their enemy.

From the six roads leading into the City plaza, an innumerable amount of Imperial Soldiers appeared, shuffling around and approaching with slow steps, dragging swords, their guns and other weapons.




Unnerved by the enemy approaching in silence, Captain Kirby ordered his men to fire, assuming they’ve already attracted their enemies attention.

And so gunfire rang throughout the once silent plaza.




But just as the men had begun firing, they stopped just as suddenly to the peculiar situation, as they enemy which should’ve stopped, still kept on walking towards them.


「………No way」

「…….. that can’t be!!」

「………It’s like they’re….」



Soldiers of the 1st Battalion shuddered at the approaching enemies, which continued to walk towards them baring their teeth with wide smiles even after being shot.


「Mujaheddin…… They are like jihadists, sacrificing themselves through their beliefs. Do they think this is some kind of Holy War!?」


Sergeant Seig who had experience fighting in the Middle East, instinctively reacted to these fanatical enemies, these people weren’t just zombies.


「Muja-what!?…. Sarge what the hell is that?」

「Mujahideen, they are combatants that practice Jihad, “to struggle” in regards to their faith. They’re extremist practitioners of Islam, that take up arms against non-believers, fighting even at the cost of their lives, their “Holy war”」

「……So, these fanatics are like those Muja-whatcha-ma-call-it or something?」

「To put it simply, yeah――Shit, they’re charging, these guys are on drugs!!」


As though they were high on drugs, the Empire’s subjects swarmed without the fear of death as 6.8×43mm SPC bullets left Seig’s assualt rifle. In a split second, Sergeant Seig aims high, blowing up one of the heads of their enemies.


「Crap, I don’t have enough firepower!! Without 7.62mm rounds, killing these guys will be a pain the ass!!」


Not long after being shot in the head, the Imperial Soldier took several more steps, before his cranium exploded and buckled over.


「Aim for the head!! They’re high on drugs, even if you fire at their body they won’t flinch, just take out the head!! Heavy gunners don’t even aim, just fire, don’t ask questions, just tear them to shreds!!」

「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


Taking in Sergeant Seig’s words, the Soldiers of the 1st Battalion renewed their attacks with their assault rifles and operators of the M2 heavy machine gun tore into their enemies entirely.

But the enemy, which had suffered through shell-shock from the naval artillery that very morning, didn’t display any signs of retreat. As they had drugged themselves to the point of fighting mindlessly on the battlefield, forcing Parabellum’s forces in a corner. 


「All units get back in your vehicles!! We’re heading to the palace to link up with Delta right now!!」


Unsettled by the enemy they couldn’t possibly defeat, Captain Kirby orders his men to push through.


「――This is the Captain!! What was that!? Roger, understood. Sergeant!!」



Having exchanged a few words with higher command, Captain Kirby calls out to Sieg.


「The situation’s changed!! We’re changing course, our objective is to rescue Sergeant Roofe and his men!!」



After blinking two or three times, Captain Kirby’s words took a while to sink in, before Sergeant Seig responded enthusiastically.


「Let’s do this!! Alright you fuckers, it’s time for us to save our boys, let’s roll out!!」

「…..Um Sarge? Why are we changing objectives, and rescuing our guys?」


Right after Sergeant Seig shouted into the radio to the rest of their men, Private Carlton bothered him with a question.


「Seriously you’re asking that now? We just regained air superiority, and the Night Stalkers are enroute to extract Delta.  Oh and the Captain also requested for close-air support, so higher is sending in some AC-130’s」

「Huh? AC-130’s? We don’t have any airfields nearby, where the heck are they coming from?」

「…….Wait, did you even read the pre-distributed operation memo?   Haha~ Anyway, to think they’d remodel four Forrestal-Class aircraft carriers just for this」

「……What? That’s a lie, there’s no way they could.」

「No, it’s true, they’ll be launching the AC-130’s off an aircraft carrier」

「You gotta be fucking kidding me!?」


Sergeant Sieg laughed heartily as Private Carlton’s mouth was wide open in bewilderment, almost as if his jaw fell off.

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Approximately 50 Kilometers away from Gloria were four Forrestal- Class Aircraft Carriers, CVA-59『Forrestal』CVA-60『Saratoga』CVA-61『Ranger』& CVA-62『Independence』and parked along each of their flight decks was a lone massive aircraft.


「I never thought, the first time we’d try this out would be during Gloria’s invasion…..」

「Well ain’t it peachy? There ain’t no better time and place than now to do this」

「I guess so」


Inside the AC-130U Spooky II, which had been remodeled with special features, the Captain and his Lieutenant were going over their equipment while preparing to launch from the ship.


「Hydraulic Systems, check. Auxiliary Rocket Systems, check. All Systems are green and good to go, she’s ready to fly, sir」

「Alright. This is Witchbird 01, All systems are green and we are ready to launch. Requesting permission to fly, over.」


Patiently waiting for clearance to launch, the AC-130U’s four engines roar as its pilots remain quiet.


『Witchbird 01, this is Forrestal Bridge. You are cleared for takeoff, over …….. Good luck out there』

「Roger that Forrestal Bridge, Witchbird 01 taking off」


As the CVA-59 Forrestal sails towards the wind at 34 knots, the lead pilot of the aircraft returns a short reply before pushing the throttle lever in a calculated manner.

The aircraft’s engines roar with ever increasing power, as the output continues to grow.

But even with all that force, the AC-130U hadn’t moved one bit as its wheels were held in place by wheel chocks.

But all of it was according to plan.


「Engines are at maximum!!」

「Let’s do this!!」


The moment the engines reach maximum output, the Captain throws a hand signal to one of the deckhands, telling him to remove the aircrafts wheel chocks.


「Wheel Chocks Removed!!」


Receiving the Captains hand signal, a deckhand waves his hands downward, as other deck hands waiting beneath the aircraft rush to remove the planes wheel chocks, before moving away from the aircraft.

Slowly the plane begins to roll, before gradually accelerating from the Forrestal’s flight deck.


「……..Not yet….. It’s not time yet…..」


Inside the rattling cockpit, the Captain was trying to get the timing right.



「Auxiliary Rocket system, engaged!!」


The moment they passed the Forrestal’s tower, the Captain roared while his Lieutenant pushed the button for the Auxiliary Rocket System.





 The two pilots were assaulted by the G forces as they sunk into the back of their seats. The moment the Auxiliary Rockets activated, fire burst from their nozzles, accelerating the aircraft with tremendous force. A grand red tail streamed from the back end of the plane




As the aircraft rushed off the Forrestal’s flight deck, which was about 5 meters short of their runway clearance, the plane dove downward as her pilots tried to resist the G forces in order to regain control.




A variant of the C-130 Hercules which was designed with a short-takeoff and landing performance. The modified Spooky II’s for this mission were equipped with a  GAU-12 25mm gatling gun, 40mm cannon, 105mm cannon and extra fuel tanks in reserve.  But now all of this was at stake as they were about to crash into the sea.


「We’ll crash…. No, we’ll make it!! Activate the second Auxiliary Rocket, do it!!」



Just as the aircraft was about to crash into the sea, its second auxiliary rocket which had been kept in reserve ignited.

And just like that, the aircraft forcibly takes to the sky


「The ship….the takeoff….. Success!! Captain we did it, we really did it!!」

「Phew…… That was a pretty dangerous but hey…….We actually did it」


Heaving a big sigh of relief, the Captain beat his chest as their altitude rose higher, which calmed his nerves.



『Hey we’re flying, we’re really flying!!』

『…..I thought I’d piss myself』

『Haha, yeah me too. But that was pretty awesome too』

『………………………..Fuck man, I think I actually pissed myself』



「What are those guys doing?…… No forget it, actually, what happened to all the others?」


Amazed by all the chatter over the radio, Witchbird 01’s Captain suddenly turns and asks his Lieutenant for their current status.


「Um sir….. Witchbird 02 has successfully left the ship……Huh, oh God!?…… Captain, Witchbird 03 crashed after leaving the runway, as for Witchbird 04 its flight was a success」

「I see…..」


Leading the flight, Witchbird 01 was supposed to rendezvous with the other AC-130’s, but Witchbird 03 which had tried to takeoff from CVA-61 Ranger, failed to engage their rockets and crashed.


「……Well, it’s good thing that three of the four planes managed to even leave the carriers safely」


After observing a small patrol boat rush to the downed aircraft and rescue the crew of Withcbird 03, the three Spooky II’s flew onward towards Gloria.


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