Real Life Updates 1.6

I’m still learning to balance my life, with priorities and stuff


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Yeah…… Not too long ago I vented on forums and on Wujigege’s site if you want to check out the article. Partially because I felt overwhelmed with my day to day load. There were days where I did wish, I could clone myself and do multiple things at once, but that’s a dream. A lot of thoughts are passing through my mind right now, so this blog may be all over the place.

Here’s some screencaps from Discord this past Sunday, why I haven’t been on lately.

I may be putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself, but at the same time, I have a lot of desires, dreams, aspirations and goals. I’m still learning to balance my life, with priorities and stuff, I just wanted to share a bit of hurdles I’ve decided to take on.

I always want to improve myself whether it be my technical skills, physical ability, mental intelligence & artistic ability. And in a way I wanted my actions to encourage others, that no matter what path you walk in life. You can still pursue your hobbies (passions). You can do many things if you focus on the important things of your life.

I may not be the shinning example of this, but I wholeheartedly wish the best for people. And its why I’m grateful for the small audience of readers that come to my corner in this world wide web.

So everyone, don’t give up on yourself. No matter what setback you experience, another day will come. As long as you face forward, pick yourself up, and take a step to your goal, I’m sure you will get to your destination. Cheers and enjoy your week.

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8 comments on “Real Life Updates 1.6”

  1. You are such a workaholic… that’s a good and a bad thing.

    As a reader I appreciate all your efforts. And it shows in this site you made.

    But having read your work for over a year now, I also feel like you should get some body to help you out.

    You dont have to one-man-army this story.

    You translate, you edit, you proofread, you format the post to your website, you show your process.

    If you didn’t regularly say you have a full-time job or that you go to college, I’d have believed you do this depending on your mood.

    I’m annoyed at you, but at the same time I can’t really fault you.

  2. You’ve translated 56 releases, 7 chapters from your teaser project and the rest is MWFW.

    You don’t host any ads and your not asking for blatant donations either.

    Well I think you deserve something for all the time and effort you provided to this community.

    I enjoy reading your translations but I’d feel really bad knowing you put your health at risk just for a hobby.

      1. I appreciate the sentiment, but I’m not really into Patreon. Maybe at a later date I’d make a donation page. but for now I’m fine with the status quo.

      1. It’s on the “Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World” page.

        At the bottom of Volume 1 links. There’s a downloadable pdf of the revised chapters, by Kuro.

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