Vol 4 Chapter 9

We’re already moving as fast as we can!!


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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「How far is it until the crash site!?」

「There’s about 3 blocks left!!」

「That far? Argh this is fucked up!!」


Following Captain Kirby’s orders, Sergeant Seig took 20 Soldiers with him as they wafted through the dust-laden streets of Gloria, while taking out any enemy Soldier that approached them.


Their purpose was obviously to rescue the crew of the downed Sweeper 06.


The reason they didn’t use any Humvees as a means for moving was due to the narrow roads and alleys, the most direct route had to be on foot. What’s more, they didn’t want to attract more attention than necessary while moving to the crash site.


Had they ridden their Humvees, they’d have to take a detour which would have taken much longer to arrive at the crash site.


『Brett Squad, this is Hawkeye 01. We’re reading movement of a large group of Soldiers and civilians encroaching on Sweeper 06’s crash site. Currently, Sergeants Rush Dighart and Terry Gordon rappelled from Sweeper 02 and are fighting back, but they are severely outnumbered. Get your butts into gear!!』


「Roger that, moving!!」


We’re already moving as fast as we can!!


Answering back to Hawkeye 01’s status report, Sergeant Seig couldn’t help feeling bitter, while trying to pick up the pace.


「Stop, wait…… group halt」


Feeling something unsettling at the next corner, Seig orders his squad to halt, raising his left hand and balling it into a fist, alerting the rest of the men to come to a stop


「…………..*Spit*  Fuck!! I got shot at!!」


Trying to peek his face out slowly from the corner, Sergeant Seig is met with countless projectiles.


「Ah fuck this…. We’re in a hurry dammit!!」


Bringing up his assault rifle around the corner, he opens fire onto the enemy soldiers who’re trying to ambush them, making them scream in turn.


「Throw grenades!!」


「Here we go」


As the enemy became flustered, Sergeant Seig orders his men to throw grenades, in which they immediately chuck MK3A2’s.

And following their release, the grenades explode killing off the enemies which had been hiding around the corner.


「…… All right, let’s go, move out!!」


Peeking his head around the corner and confirming the eliminated enemies, Sergeant Seig began to move with his men in tow.




But as soon as Sergeant Seig began moving, one of his Soldiers called out to him.

At that moment everyone reflexively dropped to the ground, overhead a fireball which had been launched by a magician flew as it landed near Sergeant Seig and exploded.

The blast created a shockwave causing some debris to scratch Seig’s face.


*Cough*!! What the hell, how was that an RPG!? That’s a fuckin fireball!!」

「Isn’t it fine, you understood the meaning behind it anyway!!」

「―― ……. *Grumbling* Rrrgggghhh. Fuck it! Call it whatever you want!!」

「Sarge, that magician ran just now, should we give chase?」

「Leave that bastard alone, we have somewhere to be, let’s go!!」

「「「「Roger that, Sarge!!」」」」


Barking back at his men, because of the misleading term they used. His men stayed silent as they made their way to the crash site, not even bringing up the magician that had cast a fireball at them and disappeared.


「There it is, I can see it!!」


In the middle of enemy territory, Sergeant Seig advanced towards the crash site, while fighting off enemy surprise attacks.

He could see their allies desperately fending away their attackers as they were surrounded by countless Imperial Soldiers and armed citizens.


Shit… The situation looks damn dangerous, but at least there’s some cover in the area. 


The site of the crashed Black Hawk which carried PFC Park, was an area where houses and building were still under construction.


「Kearns!! Take half the squad and protect the crash site from the east side!!」

「Understood, you 10 over there on me, hurry up follow!!」


Having divided the squad, Sergeant Seig orders the rest to guard the crash site, while calling out to another Soldier to follow him.


「All of you will take care of any enemy combatant that comes through here, we’ll guard the Black Hawk. Oh and Disk you’re coming with me」

「「「「Roger that, Sarge!」」」


As enemy projectiles fly towards them, Sergeant Seig and his medic, Lieutenant Disk, dash towards the crashed Black Hawk.


「I’m a Ranger, don’t shoot」

「Haha, well aren’t we saved. I was just about to run out of bullets」

「Heh….. Looks like you guys made it just in time. By the way, how many people you bring with you?」


The moment the two Delta operatives saw Seig, they sighed in relief, as they had been the only ones fighting until now.


「I brought 20 with me. There will be a separate squad in Humvees coming here to pick us up a while later」


Joining Sergeants Rush Dighart with his M14SE Crazy Horse rifle and Terry Gordon with his Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle on the side of the downed Black Hawk. Seig would occasionally fire back towards their enemies while conversing with the two Delta Operatives.


「So are there any survivors?」

「There’s just one person. The rest are all dead」


While Sergeant Gorden answered, Seig looked at the Black Hawk which was laying on its side.


「Nnnn…..*cough*….the army……Sarge?」

「What the!?….. Park, is that you!? You’re the survivor!? Ha, as long as you’re alive, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day」


Sergeant Seig had been looking at PFC Park laying on the sand next to the downed aircraft, his eyes staring straight into PFC Park’s, “There’s no way in hell I’m letting you die”


「Hahahaha, I made it somehow…… I seem alright…. but Sarge, I can’t seem to feel my legs…… I can’t move」

「……. Don’t worry bout it…. we’ll take care of it. Just be quiet over here, alright. ―― Lieutenant Disk, I leave the rest to you」



After watching the Lieutenant dive into the downed Black Hawk, Seig moved off to the side with the two Delta Operatives. 


「So Lieutenant, how’s Park?」

『One moment let me move away…. Sergeant here’s the thing, his life isn’t at risk right now, but its his right leg which is caught, that’s the problem. Without a large tool to move this wreckage, it’s not possible to do this on our own』

「I see. Then there’s no other way, than to wait for the cavalry to get to us」


Having moved to take cover away from the Black Hawk, Sergeant Seig finished his conversation with Lieutenant Disk, right after, he received a transmission from Corporal Kearns.


『This is Kearns, reporting in. Sarge, we’re observing enemy movement――huh? The enemies towards the south are parting to the sides….. There appears to be some kind of Old man approaching, probably a civilian』


Appearing within Seig’s view a new enemy appeared, alone splitting the masses, even though they were in an advantageous position.


「…..Isn’t that!?….. That’s not a civilian, he’s wearing some kind of armor and he’s holding a cane of some sort, he’s definitely a combatant. The hell…. I’m getting a bad feeling from all this. Everyone we’ll open fire as soon as he’s in range, lock and load and get ready to attack」

『『『『Roger that』』』』


At about 150 meters away, the man’s cloak flapped as he walked majestically towards them, Sergeant Seig began issuing orders to his men to attack.


「Wait, let me take him out in single shot」


But before Sergeant Seig’s men could open fire, Sergeant Dighart interjects and tries to handle the enemy himself. He sets up his M14SE and hones in on his target through his scope which was mounted on his picatinny rail.

The moment he centered his target within his scopes cross-hairs, he pulled the trigger of his Crazy Horse rifle.


With a simple and smooth motion the chamber echoes as the 7.62x51mm NATO bullet exits out of the muzzle.




Having felt the kickback of his surefire shot, Sergeant Dighart knew his bullet was on a direct course with its target.

Flying at supersonic speeds the 7.62x51mm NATO was in line to pierce it’s target’s forehead, but just before it could a wall of sand prevented it from happening.


「This is fucking bullshit…… Hey man, what kind of bastard are we up against」

「I’ve got a bad feeling about this…..」


Sergeant Dighart frowned after witnessing the enemy block his fatal attack, he couldn’t help but feel that their opponent wouldn’t be defeated that easily.

Sergeant Seig who knew how problematic this kind of opponent would be, drooped his shoulders.


「I am Count David Terrace!! I am Gloria’s strongest Magical Knight and Protector of this city」

「Open Fire」


Right as the Old man began to speak, Sergeant Seig cut him off by having his men attack at once.


「RUDE!! What an ill-mannered way to block someone from speaking!! Nevertheless… what a weak attack. At this rate, there’s no way I can lose」


The moment the attack began, Count David had created a wall of sand, forming it into a sphere around himself, belittling Sergeant Seig’s attack as if he was dearly amused by it, while stroking his beard.




All of their bullets were being blocked by the wall of sand.


I don’t know if this will be enough….. But maybe if we had a rocket launcher, or some kind of anti-tank weapon, it should be easy to take it out.

But we don’t have any on hand, what should we do?


It was while Seig was contemplating how to kill the Count, that something began to happen.


「Argh, whatever we do, we need to do it soon」


Bored of the simultaneous barrage he’d been receiving, Count David began to play his next card.


「――Dagius  ~ Sand Doll」


Chanting under his breath Count David waved his cane and dozens of sand dolls in guise of Imperial Knights sprung forth from the ground.


「Go, my greatest creations. Kill all these inferior beings who can’t use magic!!」


The moment Count David gave the order, the Sand Dolls began to move at once.


「Adjust fire!! Aim for the sand dolls!!」

「「「「Roger that!!」」」」


But even after ordering his men to target the Sand Dolls, their bullets had no effect in stopping them, as these things weren’t actual living creatures but sand manipulated by Count David’s magic.


Ah shit…. this is bad.


Sweat begins to bead and fall on Seig’s forehead as their bullets have no effect on their enemies made of sand.


We’d be better off to retreat for the mean time, but we can’t abandon the Lieutenant and PFC Park.

Can’t we request for fire support to take this guy out?

No way that would…… Even if we did, it would take at least five minutes to get Air Support.


「Sergeant Seig!! What should we do!?」



With the developing situation becoming dire, all the Soldiers look toward Seig in desperation.


「……I need one or maybe eight of you, I have an idea. Can you two help me out as well?」

「Well, about fucking time」

「If you had an idea, you should’ve said something earlier」


With the assistance of Delta’s two members, Sergeant Seig began to implement the decisive strategy he had planned after requesting for air support as insurance.


「Well, it appears someone is coming forth….. Ahahaha….. You plan on casting aside your firearm and challenge me with a puny blade like that? Muahahaha, may you be a worthy opponent for the likes of me!!」


Peering through his sand barrier with his magical tool, Count David could see Sergeant Seig raise his combat knife towards him as if declaring his intentions for battle, and in reply he raised his cane up high while gloating.


「Come at me, I will handle the likes of you!!」


Sergeant Seig breaks into a sprint as if he had been beckoned by Count David’s remark.


Ha, so you’re going to ignore my pawns? *Scoff* Stop him!!

Don’t ignore the power of my magic!!


Ignoring the Sand Dolls which were around Count David, Seig rushed as the Sand Dolls converged centering on him.

But this was all part of Sergeant Seig’s plan.

The moment the Sand Dolls gathered to block Seig’s path, his subordinates had readied their 40mm grenade launchers and fired on the grouped Sand Dolls


「Oh no, why!? Was that his goal!?」


The Count immediately realizes his mistake the moment he sees a 40mm grenade explode and erase his sand dolls without a trace.


「Did you think I can not create any more sand dolls, I can make as much as I pleas――huh? Where did he go?」


In that moment of trying to replace the Sand Dolls which had been destroyed, Count David had lost sight of Sergeant Seig.


Hmmm…. this has become disconcerting.


Due to the restraints of the magical tool, he could only conjure his magic only within his field of view.  With the dust scattered all over, he was unable to see beyond his sand wall to search for his enemy.


「Huh? What is this smoke!?」


Trying to search for Seig’s figure, while maintaining his sand wall to prevent bullets from harming him, his view becomes obscured by an M18 smoke grenade, which landed near him without noticing.


「Tch, did you really think you can approach me in this time by sealing away my vision? This is just too sweet!! Gulua~ Nagi~ Seima――」


It was right when Count David began chanting to bring out a new technique.

Bursting right before the sand wall covering Count David, TH3 incendiary grenades had been thrown.


*Scoffs* You think you can destroy my defense with this measly degree of pow―― what’s this!?


His prided sand barrier which had stopped bullets and blasts―― Count David who had great confidence in his magic, became speechless as his sand wall melted as though it were bathed in molten metal.


Hmph, that’s a TH3 incendiary grenade which can melt even steel frames, it shouldn’t have any problem melting through your sand wall.

Isn’t this great?


The smoke screen which had been blocking both the Count’s and Seig’s views cleared with another round of MK3A2 grenades.

Lurking within the Count’s blind spot, Seig flashed a fearless smile, as the Count tried to sense him.


「What……How? No this isn’t…..how――WHY!?」


In the middle of Count David’s questioning response towards the unexpected event, two 7.62x51mm bullets had pierced his chest.


*Cough* this is…. how stupid…. How could I…. you’re all just an inferior species *cough*…. I can’t… fall…. here….」


After being shot in the chest by Delta’s snipers, Count David collapsed to the ground with frustration.


「I hit my target, he’s dead, I got’m」

「You can say that again….. that guy was making me nervous」


A breath of air escaped Seig, having beat a devious enemy.

But he couldn’t relax just yet.


「―― Gema ~ Belite~  Don’t look down on me…. *Cough* ahaha….sand….Sand…Needles!!」

「Ah shit!!」

「「Ah fuck!!」」


Having fallen to the ground and he furthered his demise as blood flowed forth from his wounds, squeezing out the last of his life force, in one final moment.

The moment his gory cane shook, conical spires of sand extended from the ground, centered around Count David.

Following his will, as if it was Count David’s only obsession, thorns stabbed into everything it touched.


「Kahaha!! Repent……」


But as Count David had poured the rest of his energy into this action, his body had already stopped, unable to maintain its shape the sand thorns collapsed.


「Hehe, hahaha….. Oh fuck me…..」


If that old man were alive for two more seconds, I would have been skewered to death.


Experiencing Count David’s power firsthand, he would’ve died even if he had nine lives. Sergeant Seig began to apply pressure on his cheek, having been grazed by one of the sand thorns.


「Sarge!! Are you injured!? Sarge!!」

「Hey you guys get back here」

「Sarge!! Your fine, right!?」

*Sigh* We made it somehow……」


Sergeant Seig raised up his hand to stop his men who had come running up towards him. Moving away from cover they bring him his SCAR-H, which he had left behind.


「……Wait hold up, there’s still a few things we need to do, before our boys arrive」


Right after Sergeant Seig defeated Count David Terrace, he had his men build a simple hasty defense in preparation for the oncoming enemy. Shortly after several Humvees which had taken a detour came towards the crash site.


「Hey Brett, you doin alright!?」


Sergeant Roofe, comes down from a Humvee and runs up to Seig.


「Oh I don’t know, you tell me」

「I get it…….. Hey Brett, by the way, things aren’t looking too good right now」


Sergeant Roofe shrugged in relief knowing that Seig was alright, but his expression suddenly became dark.


「Why, what’s wrong?」


Sergeant Seig began to probe Sergeant Roofe, as they watched the Soldiers carry large tools over to the downed Black Hawk, in order to set free PFC Park, who was trapped.


「Actually, you know how the Marine Corps was supposed to land, well they aren’t going to anymore. And ah, here’s the thing, the Expeditionary fleet will be temporarily withdrawing from Gloria」

「Ha, hahaha! Hey that’s a joke right!? Why now!!」


Towards such wonderful news, Sergeant Seig couldn’t help but grab Roofe’s collar and tighten his grip.


*Gulp* Hey, calm down…..Can’t…breathe… You idiot!! *Cough* *Cough*

「Ahh, Sorry, my bad!!」

*Cough* *Cough* Fuck man, at least listen until the end dammit」

「I said I’m sorry, but spit it out already!!」

「……As long as you know, whatever, its fine. First off, there is an unidentified giant creature that just appeared in sea approximately 100 Kilometers away from our Expeditionary Fleet, and appears to be heading towards our fleet at breakneck speeds. This is why the Marine Corps landing has been setback, and it will resume once the gigantic unidentified creature has been slain」

「There’s no way that can be real….」

「Hey I’m not finished yet, Next, there appears to be another unidentified gigantic creature in the vicinity of the Corrad Plains, and another one in the air 250 Kilometers from Parabellum’s mainland, right now all the higher ups are scrambling」

「So from this point on….. what’s going to happen us?」

「…….Heck, I don’t know」


Sergeant Seig and Roofe look up to sky with anxious expressions.


With Gloria’s invasion in jeopardy, the degree of chaos increased several fold.

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