Ramblings 2.8 (Next chapter news)

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First off, here’s September’s 2nd chapter (October’s Chapter)

Vol 4 Chapter 8

Next on the list, I’ll be delaying the re-translations for October, specifically Vol 2 Ch 4.5 & Vol 2 Ch 5. They are less than 4500 characters each, but I have to change the flow of translations for now.

We are heading into November already, so my personal goal is to get Vol 4 Ch 9. I’m still prioritizing College & Work over other things, so please be understanding if November doesn’t have a chapter.

Looking at 6352 Characters doesn’t seem too bad, I will get to translating it when I get to it. I will reference my previous ramblings here, and say that things may go back to the usual 2 chapters a month most likely in December. No guarantees as of this time, sorry. If you want to read a bit of my ranting, it’ll be in my latest Real Life updates post.

Thank you to everyone that passes by and reads my posts, I wish you guys an awesome month!!

Promoting Artwork by Artist Tomiya トミヤ
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