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Just to keep you guys in the loop of things


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Just to keep you guys in the loop of things. My day to day work life and school life hasn’t changed. I’m still laboring in a metals shop and assisting my senior mechanics, with their work & projects.

For college, I’m paired in a group of 4 for speech class, and we have to make a 15 minute persuasive speech about the environment. My professor wants us to make a convincing speech where, the audience could be engaged to act.

As for Psych class, my immediate assignment due is making a Powerpoint about 3 important people that fit into one of these categories, wealthy, healthy & wise.

Now that, that is out of the way, Family from across the ocean, did a last minute “Hi, we are visiting!!” moment. So this past week has been a little more strenuous for me.

I haven’t started a family of my own, but taking care of my Sister’s kids, has left me more drained that I thought I would be. Those little tykes can run, I swear the amount of energy I exhausted with her kids, is more than my usual workload, at my job.

But as stressful as having kids around can be, they do bring a smile to my face at how inquisitive they are and just copycat what we do. My sister scolded me, how I shouldn’t swear around her kids. Because her son, began parroting some of the bad words that came out of my mouth.

Well that’s just family. Being an Uncle is a learning experience for me. As one day I’ll have to learn how to be a parent someday.

As for my translations this month. I’ll reiterate, last months announcement, that I can only guarantee one chapter for November.

And that will be Volume 4 Chapter 10.

At the moment I have translated 30% of the chapter, which is roughly 65 segments out of 213. I had translated a chunk on November 2nd, but after that, responsibilities popped up.

So with the above things mentioned, I foresee my schedule opening up towards the later part of this month. I think I can get this months chapter released sometime around 23rd – 30th.

Cheers and enjoy the month ya’ll!!

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