Vol 2 Chapter 2

It’s great that you can say something like that, but with this, I owe you again


Bringing Modern Weapons to a Fantasy World

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Becoming their escort after rescuing the 2nd Knight Order from the swarm of monstrous bugs, Kazuya set off to the nearest city which was about 20 kilometers away, but as the sun started to go down they were forced to break for camp.


「After all that happened, I’ll be indebted to Sir Kazuya for everything…..」

「What was that?」


Having finished her meal, Phyllis lifted a stainless steel cup with tea to her mouth as she leaked several words in turmoil.


「I’m just glad that Sir Kazuya’s people came」


Her group of knights were nearly destroyed, they had lost more than half of their warhorses against the swarm of monsters. Their wagons had been used as shields during the fight and in the process they had lost much of their food and supplies.  What’s more even after dealing with monsters corpses (which were mowed down by Kazuya’s weaponry)

Phyllis was unable to recover what was left after the battle, thus hindering their progress. Unable to reach the Capital in this state, much less the nearest city they were forced to camp by nightfall. Which was why Phyllis was worried about the rations that Kazuya provided to her group of knights.

This was what lead to her mumbling her worries as she drank her tea.


「Don’t sweat it, we’re not that much different, its obvious to help others in times of trouble」

「It’s great that you can say something like that, but with this, I owe you again」


In an attempt to acquiesce Phyllis’ dejected mood, Kazuya changes the subject.


「Anyway, what do you think about the meal you’ve just had?」

「Huh? Oh that the curry dish, it’s something I’ve never eaten before, but it was very delicious.  Oh especially that little treat after the meal, chocolate was it? That chocolate has such and addicting flavor」

「I’m happy you think so」


Curry rice and Chocolate is what Kazuya shared with Phyllis and her group of knights.

Both were things they’ve never eaten before, at first they were hesitant to touch the curry rice, but after tasting it once, they all began to fight over each other for more.

Pleased by their response towards the meal, he also noted that Phyllis’ group of knights were composed of women, he decided to serve them chocolate for dessert. But at that time Beretta burst out with

「Where did you get all of this food?」

Excited by the treats it turned into an event where serious questions were being thrown towards Kazuya, but unable to get a straight answer from him, the girls could only droop their shoulders crestfallen.

After finishing their meals, the atmosphere around Kazuya’s group and Phyllis group became more friendlier.  And soon after Kazuya’s relationship with Phyllis and Beretta became much closer that they began to refer to each other in a casual and friendlier manner.

(But off to the side somewhere, the moment Phyllis and Beretta told Kazuya that he can call them more casually, a chill ran down their spines. Turning to face the person right next to Kazuya, Chitose was staring at both of them with dark scary eyes)

Anxious over something have sat around the bonfire for some time, Kazuya asks Phyllis something.


「Come to think of it, why would Phyllis and your knights be out here? And whose in that carriage over there?」


Looking over to the only carriage left, Kazuya spoke his thoughts.


「…….I can’t tell you much about it, only that we’re here on a mission. As for who is in the carriage, just that they are noble of our kingdom」

「Hmmm, I guess that’s fine… It seems that Phyllis has a lot to deal with」


It seem because their circumstances were quite complicated, Kazuya decided to stop prying for more information.


「Anyway, Kazuya, why were you guys here? The place you guys came from the “Forest of No Return,” there shouldn’t be anyone there besides the monster nests」

「It’s kinda hard to say, a lot of stuff just happened」



What was that? No way the “Forest of No Return” is just monster territory. I can’t tell them I’ve set up a base without asking the Canary Kingdom for permission, things could turn out ugly.


「Ah, it seems we’ve been getting full of ourselves this late at night, we should be turning in to rest」


As they were prying information from each other, Kazuya decides to end the conversation by claiming it was time to rest, not wanting to reveal any more secrets, leading to an awkward situation.


「…..Oh right, it is late.  Good night, Kazuya」

「Have a good night, Sir Kazuya」


Understanding Kazuya’s intentions, Phyllis and Beretta say a few words before taking their leave.


「Shall we turn in for the night?」

「Yes Master」


After Phyllis and Beretta left, Kazuya and Chitose both went to bed.




「….. …..nnnnngh…. … … … … I can’t sleep!!」


Having lain down on the floor to sleep, Kazuya couldn’t keep his eyes closed and decided to get out of the tent and find something to drink. 


「Oh it’s kind of chilly out here…..Huh?」


After exiting his tent, Kazuya casually glances towards the carriage, the door opened just a little bit and a small shadow suddenly exited and landing on the grass below it.


Who was that just now…..?


Apprehensive towards the small shadow, Kazuya un-holstered his pistol (Walther P38) before chasing after the shadow.


The sound of grass rustling is nearby…. it’s over there.


Quietly making his way through the brush he catches sight of the shadow, several meters away from him, Kazuya decides to confront the shadow by calling out to them.


「Hey, don’t you know it’s dangerous to be out here by yourself, you should be with your guards」



Curious about the person who had got of the carriage, Kazuya broke the silence, before him was a young girl in white dress.

…….. but the timing at which Kazuya approached couldn’t have been any worse.


―― Pissssssssss


「D-don’t look at me!!」

「Ack, I’m sorry!!」

「Wa~a~a~a…. I can’t make it stop……」


Having endured being cooped up within the carriage, the sound of a certain action became audible and didn’t stop for some time.


…….Crap, what do I do now?….


Kazuya felt like leaving this place, but despite there being night patrols by the 2nd Knight Order close by, he couldn’t just leave the young girl by herself. Making up his mind Kazuya waited nearby for her to finish while facing away.

It felt as if time had become extensively slower as the sound ebbed before disappearing.


「Wa~ this is…..I can’t….」


Pulling out several pocket tissues, Kazuya handed them to the young girl, while still facing away from her.




The girl’s face grew hot as she took the tissues from Kazuya who stayed silent, making a slight rustle as she cleaned herself up.


「…..Y-you can turn around now」


Slowly turning around at the sound of her voice, Kazuya was met with a beautiful young girl with a crimson face all the way up to her ears.


「Ah, I’m really sorry, I didn’t think you were taking care of business」

「No, it’s my fault. I was wrong for getting of the carriage without telling anyone…….」


The girl whose face was still flushed red spoke in fluster while taking glancing towards Kazuya with her blue and green jewel like eyes.


「I’m relieved to hear that 」


A while after that exchange both became silent for quite some time.


Errr, what do I say at a time like this?


Kazuya became bewildered as the silence around them grew.

But it would be the young girl who would open her mouth first, unable to endure the silence.


「Um, my…..Could you be….. Aren’t you afraid of me?」

「Huh, why do you think that―?」

「……Because I’m a detestable child」

「…. I don’t get it, sorry, but could you tell me why that is?」


Looking at the young girl who spoke with a heartbreaking expression, Kazuya couldn’t well leave her alone and decide to hear her out.


「―― Well the thing is..」



In this country, people who are born with different color eyes are regarded with disdain and are considered impure. That’s because people with different color eyes have a great capacity of magical power, often times if they can’t master their power it goes out of control harming those around them. And due to that stereotype, they’re either despised or treated with aversion.


*Sigh*, is that right?」

「That is the case…..」


Having told the reason to Kazuya herself, the young girl knocks her head back as a matter of fact.


「But still to treat those with different color eyes with disdain, its not like they wanted it…. I don’t see why they would despise a pretty young girl like yourself….」

「….. You’re only person to actually say that」


It was the first time anyone has called me pretty in my life….


Kazuya’s words were like a breath of fresh air, the young girl couldn’t help but blush with a smile.


「Ah, speaking of which I didn’t get to hear your name?」

「Oh my, how rude of me. My name is Kazuya Nagato. I’m the party leader for this group of adventurers, we’re called Parabellum」

「Kazuya…. Nagato, that’s quite an uncommon name」

「Is that right? Well we’ve been away from camp for some time, shouldn’t you head back to where the carriages are? I don’t know who the Knights are guarding, but don’t you think there would be a commotion if they find out that a noble’s attendant has gone missing?」


Having heard there was a noble riding on the carriage from his conversation with Phyllis, Kazuya believed that the girl in front of him was just the noble’s maid, just getting off the carriage to take care of her business.


「What? Noble’s attendant? You mean――」


Suddenly placing both hands on her mouth she stops herself.


「Huh? Did I say something wrong?」

「N-no, it’s nothing. Um, the noble who is riding in that carriage should be safe, and the person in there won’t wake up easily once they fall asleep. So why don’t we stay outside like this, just a little bit longer」

「I guess that’s fine」


….. Since she’s a maid to the noble inside that carriage, she must’ve been in there for a long time, it might be a good change of pace for her to enjoy some time outside.


With that in mind, Kazuya decided to go along with the young girls whims.

Changing locations, Kazuya and the young girl went to a small lake close by the camp.

The full moon was reflected majestically on the surface of the lake as the night sky opened up.


「……So pretty…..」


A grand scene reflected in eyes, like something straight out of a painting.


「Is it alright for me to come here?」



Finding two decent sized stumps nearby the lake, the two decided to sit down.


「….. Come to think of it, I didn’t catch your name. What do I call you?」

「Ah, um, right, uh…. my name….」

「What’s wrong?」


Right when Kazuya asks for her name the young girl becomes flustered before answering.


「Uh, my n-name is…. I-iris… You can call me Iris」

「Nice to meet you Iris」


When Kazuya casually responded with Iris’s name, she smiled with glee.


「For a change of pace, want to hear a story?」



Some time had passed as Kazuya had iterated a few fairy tales from his home world, while Iris’s attention alternated with the ebb of the lakes shores, before fully becoming engrossed with his stories.


「The stories which dear brother speaks of are really interesting」


Instinctively Iris’s cheerful laughter involuntarily makes Kazuya smile, before bringing up something else.


「……We should probably head back now」

「Muu, can’t we stay here just a little bit longer?」

「Isn’t it starting to get colder? If we stay out any longer you might catch a cold」

「…..If that’s the case….. Here, with this, it should be fine 」


Getting off the stump she was sitting on, Iris casually plops herself onto Kazuya’s lap, cuddling up next him.


………..If it’s just like this, he’s too defenseless


Surprised by Iris’s abrupt behavior, Kazuya turned rigid.


「Hehe……it’s warm…..」


Pressing her cheeks onto Kazuya’s chest, Iris’s mumbles in bliss.


「I guess this is fine, for the young miss」


Regaining his strength from being very tense, Kazuya spoke jokingly as he patted Iris’s blonde head *Pat pat*




Iris narrowed her eyes before accepting Kazuya’s response with a happy expression.


Sitting like this is a little awkward. But whatever, I’ll just go with it.


And just like that, time passed slowly, before…..




「……We should head back to the camp」



After hearing Iris’s cute sneeze, Kazuya felt it was time to return back to the camp.

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Artwork from Mobile Game “Brave Nine

TL Notes: Simple chapter with no additional weapons references. Also this re-translation comes from the revised raw on 2014/12/09.

Empress Iserna of the Karian Empire

I know people don’t really play the game, but I thought Iris’s character resembles Iserna. And if anything I think Phyllis resembles Astrid from the game.

Astrid “Iserna’s Guardian Knight”